RIL Acquires 3 Software Solutions Companies

February 28, 2019

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), the oil-to-telecom conglomerate led by Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani, has acquired three software solutions companies. These companies are Surajya Services Private Limited (Easygov), SankhyaSutra Labs Private Limited (SSL), and Reverie Language Technologies Private Limited (Reverie). RIL made these acquisitions via its subsidiary Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings (RIIHL).

Impact of the acquisitions

As a result of the acquisitions, the RIL shares gained almost 1 percent on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in the morning trade on February 25, 2019. At the time, the RIL stock was quoting at INR 1,236.05 up by 0.28 percent or INR 3.45.

Investment in Easygov

On February 22, 2019, RIL stated that its subsidiary, RIIHL, had made an agreement to acquire equity shares of Easygov. It is a data solutions and software service company. The acquisition was to the tune of INR 18 crore. RIIHL will also make an additional investment of INR 50 crore.

Once the investment will be completed, the total equity stake in Easygov will be 76 percent on a fully diluted basis. This total investment is expected to be completed by March 2021.

Investment in SSL

RIIHL has also made an agreement to acquire the equity shares of SSL. It is a software simulation services company. The investment was to the tune of INR 16.02 crore.

RIIHL will make an additional investment of up to INR 200 crore. This will amount to approximately 83 percent stake, on a diluted basis, in the equity capital of SSL. The investment is expected to be completed by December 2021.

RIL has stated that this investment will boost the group’s initiatives. These initiatives include enterprise-standard high-end computing analytical solutions and tools.

Investment in Reverie

RIIHL has also acquired the equity shares of Reverie at a cost of INR 190 crore. RIIHL will make an additional investment of up to 77 crore. RIL has stated that after the investment is completed, it will own, on a diluted basis, 83.30 percent of the equity capital of Reverie.

Reverie develops end-to-end voice technology stack to deliver a full multilingual experience for the user. It had a turnover of INR 7.6 crore in the financial year 2018. Reverie will also collaborate with the RIL ecosystem to help integrate its services in the group’s several existing digital consumer platforms.

About RIL

RIL is a multi-faceted consumer organization that offers services in retail, content, health, education, e-commerce, Cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and media and entertainment. With technology at its core, it has introduced plans to engage customers in an effective manner. Research into wearable tech, smart home appliances, immersive content, and ‘predictive homes’ is already underway since years. Incepted by the late Dhirubhai Ambani, and with Mukesh Ambani at the helm, it aims to use software and digital ecosystems to transform India’s digital landscape.

Summary: RIL has made agreements to acquire stakes in three software solutions companies—Easygov, SSL, and Reverie. It has made these investments through its subsidiary RIIHL.

Reliance Jio Collaborates with Ciena to Make Optical Network Future-ready

February 26, 2019

Reliance Jio, the telecom wing of the Mukesh Ambani -led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), is collaborating with Ciena, a US-based optical transport company. The aim of this is to make the telecom company’s national transport network ‘future-proof’. To achieve this, the transport software-defined network (SDN) capabilities will be implemented.

Statement of Ciena

While speaking about the collaboration, Ciena stated that this new initiative lays the foundation for an adaptive network. With high efficiency, this network is scalable. In addition to this, it can adapt as and when needed to application demands and quick-changing capacity requirements. The deployment of this technology would boost Reliance Jio with a highly resilient and high-speed mesh network that has an unparalleled scale. This will help in supporting its subsequent data explosion that results from a growing subscriber base.

Ciena also stated that its multi-terabit optical technology powers Reliance Jio’s network. To support the telecom company’s pan-India 4G network, this comes with a control panel and offers a self-healing service restoration capacity. According to Ciena, this new architecture will provide seamless integration with Reliance Jio’s automation engine. This will facilitate an important step towards realizing the full potential of multi-layer closed-loop automation.

Ryan Perera, the Vice President and General Manager of Ciena India, stated that Reliance Jio’s unprecedented subscriber growth has necessitated quicker, more resilient, and automated networks. Ciena and Reliance Jio share a vision on how to support this complex surging traffic growth.

Ciena also stated that the new framework of the network will also provide the telecom company with more flexibility to launch new services. This may even enable the company to achieve automation capabilities to custom-build use cases.

Impact of Reliance Jio

The telecom company began operations in September 2016 by offering commercial 4G voice calls and internet data services across India. Over time, it has covered nearly 90% of the country’s population, acquiring over 280 million subscribers to date. It is currently the third-largest operator in India. With strategic pricing, it has led to an industry-wide cut of data rates by over 90%. Today, it is fueled to boost India’s digital progress with affordable content services.

Reliance Jio’s foray into the broadband space

The next step of the Mumbai-based telecom company’s adaptive journey is to foray into the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and enterprise market. Ciena and Reliance Jio are, therefore, collaborating to deploy transport SDN architecture. Reliance Jio is aiming to deploy the FTTH network for both enterprise business players and customers across over 1,000 cities in India.

The President of Technology and Procurement of Reliance Jio, Jyotindra Thacker, stated that Ciena’s reliable, scalable, and self-healing Connect Network Platform (CNP) helps Reliance Jio concentrate on the front end of the business and provide the best end-user experience possible.

Thacker also stated that the introduction of automation capabilities is an important step in the network transformation journey. This will lead to an adaptive network to facilitate higher network intelligence and scalability. In turn, this will cater to the customer’s changing digital lifestyle.

Summary: Reliance Jio is collaborating with US-based optical transport company Ciena. The aim of this is to make its national transport network ‘future-proof’.

Reliance Jio Launches Loan Genie Video Call-based Bot

February 21, 2019

Reliance Jio, the telecom wing of the Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), has launched the Loan Genie. It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered loan assistance product, which will be integrated within the MyJio app. By using this video call-based bot, the 270 million plus Reliance Jio subscribers can find answers to all their loan-related questions through engagement and interaction. They can also use it to apply for the loan on this platform.

Details of the Loan Genie

The Loan Genie has been launched in collaboration with two entities. The first is Axis Bank, which is the sponsor and third largest private lender of the country. The second is RupeeBoss, which is a loan aggregation platform that has helped develop this product.

Founded in 2016 by P N Shetty, RupeeBoss is a fin-tech start-up. Currently, it is associated with over 58 Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) and banks. Furthermore, it has dispensed loans worth over INR 12.50 billion during the financial year 2017-2018.

Statement of Prasanna Devadigga

Prasanna Devadigga, the Head of Product and Online Business of RupeeBoss, stated that the Loan Genie video bot has a database of approximately 13,000 questions. These questions are related to the varied products offered by different NBFCs and banks, like credit cards, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) loans, retail loans, rectify credit, credit score, mutual funds, and elite services, among many others.

Devadigga also stated that it is easy to use the video bot. The user must ask a question to the bot. Once the bot recognizes the relevant answer from its database, it plays the relevant video.

Features of the Loan Genie

The video bot possesses a feedback system. If a user is not satisfied with the provided answer, then he/she can inform RupeeBoss about the same. This will help RupeeBoss improve the video bot product.

The Loan Genie service utilizes a powerful AI-based platform. It is capable of listening to the user’s query and responding to the same in a very appropriate manner. The Loan Genie also sports an auto-learning feature. This allows it to improve the accuracy of its answers.

Once the user’s query has been answered correctly, he/she can apply for the loan, which will be facilitated by RupeeBoss.

How to use the Loan Genie

To use the Loan Genie, Reliance Jio subscribers must download the MyJio app. After this, they must click on the option called ‘JioInteract’, which is present in the app’s burger menu. Finally, users can begin the video call and chat with actress Nimika Ratnakar.

About Reliance Jio

Since its inception in 2016, Reliance Jio has created an accessible 4G network across the country. It has helped millions of Indians adopt a digital life by providing quality services at affordable prices. The telecom company is dedicated to transforming the digital landscape of India with constant innovations.

Summary: Reliance Jio has launched the AI-powered Loan Genie video bot. The purpose of this is to help Reliance Jio subscribers answer their loan-related queries and apply for loans.

RIL Sets Up Research Center in Estonia to Study Its Digital Society

February 14, 2019

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), the oil-to-telecom conglomerate led by Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani, has opened a research center in Estonia. The aim of the center is to understand the digital society in the Baltic nation. The research center was established after Ambani became an e-resident of Estonia in addition to other Indian nationals, like Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Union IT minister.

Statement of Estonia’s e-residency program

Estonia’s e-residency program released an official statement on February 13, 2019. It stated that RIL has set up a research center in Estonia for Reliance Jio. The purpose of the research center is to understand the digital Estonian society and the different ways it can benefit India and Indian citizens. It also stated that Mukesh Ambani has always appreciated the advancements made by the country in the e-governance space. Ambani also, very recently, made a strong pitch for data localization. This was after the announcement of RIL’s plans to foray into the e-commerce space via a hybrid model. This model will utilize merchants on the ground.

Taavi Kotka, the former chief information officer of Estonia, is heading the center. He is also one of the founders of the e-residency program.

Details about Estonia

Estonia has a population of 1.32 million people and is part of the European Union (EU). It has a single identity that is utilized to avail of many diverse services. Today, Estonia is one of the most digitally connected societies across the globe. In this country, nearly the whole citizen-government interface takes place in the virtual space. This includes aspects like buying drugs for personal use and insurance renewals, among others.

Expert analysts have stated that the concept of Aadhaar may help replicate the same success in India.

About Estonia’s e-residency

Estonia is the first country of the world to have offered e-residency. Through this concept, foreign nationals may avail of a virtual identity that can offer business and trade across the EU.

Estonia has, so far, enrolled more than 2,174 Indian nationals as e-residents. These e-residents have created nearly 286 companies. These include location-independent entrepreneurs and freelancers as well.

Arnaud Castaignet, the head of the e-residency’s public relations, stated that in 2019 the goal is to attract approximately 300 new companies from India.

Mukesh Ambani’s views on digital media

Mukesh Ambani stated that the advent of business media and digital technologies have transformed the dynamics of the media space. He further stated that the Indian masses have become owners and producers of media. For this, he gave the example of social media. Ambani believes that the biggest friend of democracy is digital media. He further stated that India is generating a considerable quantum of data. The country will soon spearhead the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the world, contributing to the next wave of global economic growth.

Summary: RIL has opened a research center in Estonia for Reliance Jio. The purpose of the center is to understand the digital Estonian society.

Mukesh Ambani Tops the Hurun India Philanthropy List 2018

February 12, 2019

Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), has topped China’s Hurun Research Institute’s list of top-ranking philanthropists in India. This list contains the names of those philanthropists who have donated INR 10 crore or more from October 1, 2017, to September 30, 2018. Last year, Mukesh Ambani had also topped the Hurun India Rich List in September 2018, with a net worth of USD 44.3 billion.

Details of the donations

According to China’s Hurun Research Institute, Mukesh Ambani donated INR 437 crore between October 2017 and September 2018.

In this list, 39 Indians were included. Together, they donated an overall amount of INR 1,560 crore. The average contribution per philanthropist was INR 40 crore. The top three sectors where donations were made are education, healthcare, and rural development. Out of the total amount, 12 percent was donated to healthcare, 10 percent was contributed to rural development, and the majority was donated to the education space.

List of India’s top 10 philanthropists

The second position on the Hurun India Philanthropy List 2018 is held by Ajay Piramal and the Piramal Group family, who made a donation of INR 200 crore. At the third position is Aziz Premji and family, who made a contribution of INR 113 crore. Following this, Adi Godrej and family ranks on the fourth position by making a donation of INR 96 crore. At the fifth position is LuLu Group’s Yusuff Ali, who made a philanthropic contribution of INR 70 crore. At the sixth rank is HCL’s Shiv Nadar, who made a contribution of INR 56 crore. Next on the list is Savji Dholakia from Hari Krishna Exports, who ranked seventh, with a donation of INR 40 crore. On the eighth and ninth positions are Cyrus Pallonji Mistry and Shapoor Pallonji Mistry from Shapoor Pallonji, who made a donation of INR 36 crore each. Lastly, the tenth position is held by Gautam Adani from Adani Enterprises, with a donation of INR 30 crore.

Statement of Anas Rahman Junaid

The Managing Director and Chief Researcher of Hurun Report India, Anas Rahman Junaid, stated that the philanthropic landscape of the country was evolving and changing due to the active contribution and participation of India’s top entrepreneurs. He also stated that some of the best wealth creation stories of the world will be from our country. He further stated that there will be an expected increase in philanthropic activity from India in the next five to ten years.

About RIL

RIL was founded in 1966. At that time, it had only one employee, who was the Late Dhirubhai Ambani, and a capital of INR 1,000. As of today, with Mukesh Ambani at the helm, RIL is a multi-faceted organization with forays into the health, education, retail, telecom, and media and entertainment sectors.

Summary: Mukesh Ambani tops the Hurun India Philanthropy List 2018. According to China’s Hurun Research Institute, Ambani made a donation of INR 437 crore from October 2017 to September 2018.

All Known Details of the Reliance JioPhone 3

February 7, 2019

Reliance Jio, the telecom wing of the Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), is gearing up to launch the Reliance JioPhone 3 in June 2019. According to some speculations, the telecom company will choose the June-July period to announce this phone, as this is when the company’s Annual General Meeting is usually held. It is also speculated that the Reliance JioPhone 3 will be having a full touchscreen display.

Details of the Reliance JioPhone 3

The Reliance JioPhone 3, which will be the third edition of the 4G-enabled feature phone, may come with a 5-inch screen. According to a report by GSMArena, the Reliance JioPhone 3 will no longer have a physical keyboard like its predecessors, the Reliance JioPhone and Reliance JioPhone 2. According to some reports, the phone will also feature more powerful hardware.

An executive from Reliance Jio revealed that, unlike the previous two Reliance JioPhones that have smart functionality, the Reliance JioPhone 3 may be powered by Android Go.

Speculations suggest that the phone may be priced at INR 4,500.

Specifications of the Reliance JioPhone 3

Apart from the 5-inch full display touchscreen, the Reliance JioPhone 3 will also have 64 GB of internal storage, 2 GB of RAM, and support microSD capability. In terms of cameras, the phone will have a 2 MP camera on the front and a 5 MP camera on the rear.

Like its predecessors, the Reliance JioPhone 3 will be sold with a Jio SIM card. Using this, customers can gain access to many smart features like WhatsApp chats.

Data from Counterpoint Research

According to Counterpoint Research, the Reliance JioPhone accounted for 47% of India’s overall feature-phone shipments from April 2018 to June 2018. Currently, the Reliance JioPhone is the market leader in this segment.

The Counterpoint Research data also revealed that the feature-phone market of the world grew by 5% year-on-year to 111 million units from April 2018 to June 2018. Reliance Jio was a leader in this market and had 18% of the share. This means that, for the aforementioned quarter, the Reliance JioPhone shipments were in the range of 20 million.

The progress of Reliance JioPhone

Reliance Jio has stated that voice commands being used on the Reliance JioPhone platform are surpassing those on smartphones by approximately five times. Users of the 4G-enabled feature-phones are spending more time utilizing the Internet and apps than smartphone users. Recently, WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has been introduced to the Reliance JioPhone platform as well.

About Reliance Jio

Launched in 2016, after two and a half years of operations, Reliance Jio has acquired 250 million plus wireless customers by offering high-speed internet connection and an engaging digital ecosystem. It offers a variety of post-paid and pre-paid data plans at affordable prices to meet the varied needs of Indian mobile phone users.

Summary: Reliance Jio is gearing up to launch the Reliance JioPhone 3 in June 2019. According to many speculations, this will be an Android Go 4G-enabled full display touchscreen feature phone and cost INR 4,500.

All You Need to Know About the Reliance JioGigaFiber Service

February 5, 2019

Reliance Jio, the telecom wing of the Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), is all set for the commercial rollout of the Reliance JioGigaFiber service in 2019. This broadband internet service was announced in August 2018. Since then, the telecom company has announced a rollout in select areas in cities across India and a preview offer. For months now, several users across the country, including many RIL employees, have been utilizing the preview offer.

Release of FAQs

The telecom company has not announced an official release date for the service. However, it has recently published a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) on its website. This answers many queries that customers have regarding this high-speed fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) internet service.

Details of the installation process

To apply for the service, interested customers may register for the broadband service via the MyJio app or The telecom company will contact the customers who applied, once the commercial rollout is ready for the area in question. Since the telecom company has not yet detailed the service plans yet, all the new connections being currently offered by Reliance Jio are given under the existing preview offer. It has been reported that the commercial rollout and announcement of the plans will coincide.

Under the preview offer, customers must make a payment of INR 4,500, which represents a refundable security deposit for the Gigahub Home Gateway. This is an optical network terminal (ONT). Customers are not charged any deactivation, activation, or installation fees. They can also ask for disconnection for any reason and avail of the refund of INR 4,500. It should be noted that it takes up to 45 days for the refund to be processed.

Details of the plans and prices

Under the preview offer, the Reliance JioGigaFiber service is completely free of cost for the first three months. Customers can avail of 100 GB of data per month at a speed of 100 Mbps. Once this limit has been exhausted, customers can avail of free 40 GB top-ups via the MyJio app or The telecom company has stated that the service is currently prepaid. However, there will be post-paid options as well in the future.

How to get a connection right away

There are many Reliance Jio executives already making rounds of the areas where the JioGigaFiber infrastructure is in place. Interested customers may approach such representatives and ask for a new broadband internet connection. The refundable security deposit of INR 4,500 may be paid via JioMoney, credit card, debit card, or Paytm. Customers must supply the representative with address documentation and a passport-sized photograph. After the payment is cleared, Reliance Jio will confirm it with a text message. A few days later, customers can decide when they want the installation executive to visit their home. Once the technicians set up the Gigahub Home Gateway and wiring, the service will be activated. Customers can then start using the Reliance JioGigaFiber internet service.

Summary: Reliance Jio is all set to launch the Reliance JioGigaFiber service across India. It is currently conducting a preview offer by providing 100 GB data per month at 100 Mbps.

Reliance Jio Introduces Jio Rail App for JioPhone Users

January 31, 2019

Reliance Jio, the telecom wing of the Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), has launched the Jio Rail App. It is a new mobile app for all Reliance JioPhone and Reliance JioPhone 2 customers. Using this app, Reliance JioPhone users can cancel and book Indian Railways tickets at the click of a button.

Details of the new app

This new app can be downloaded and used on the Reliance JioPhone and Reliance JioPhone 2, which are 4G-enabled feature-phones. By using this newly introduced app, the users of these phones can manage their Indian Railways tickets in a hassle-free manner. The app can be downloaded from the Jio App Store. With it, users can avoid standing in long queues or paying agent fees to book tickets.

Via this app, users can pay for their booked tickets through a range of options such as debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallets. In addition to canceling and booking tickets of the Indian Railways, Reliance JioPhone users can check other train information, their Passenger Name Record (PNR) status, seat availability, routes, timings, and many other services. It should be noted that the PNR status can only be viewed on the app if the ticket was booked via the app.

How to book tickets via the app

To book train tickets via the new Jio Rail App, Reliance JioPhone users must go to the app and click on ‘booking’. After this, users must select the details of the journey, like the date of the journey, from-to stations, and the like. Once this is completed and all required details have been provided, users can pay for the ticket via the aforementioned payment options.

According to a press release issued by the telecom company, in addition to these features, the newly introduced app will soon offer enhanced services like PNR status change alerts, food orders, and the feature of locating trains.

Details of the ‘Tatkal’ quota

The newly introduced Jio Rail App also enables Reliance JioPhone users to book train tickets via the ‘Tatkal’ quota, in case they have any end-moment plans to travel. If users do not have an Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) account, they can first create the same using the app. After this, they may proceed to book the train ticket.

Latest app additions to the Reliance JioPhone

Reliance Jio has also added popular apps to its feature-phone such as YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook. These apps together have a market share of approximately 80%. After these apps were introduced, there has been an increase in the traction of the handsets among users.

About Reliance Jio

Launched in 2016, after two and a half years of operations, Reliance Jio has acquired 250 million plus wireless customers by offering high-speed internet connections and an engaging digital ecosystem. It offers a variety of post-paid and pre-paid data plans at affordable prices.

Summary: Reliance Jio has introduced a new Jio Rail App for the Reliance JioPhone platform. With this app, users can book and cancel Indian Railways tickets, among other tasks.

RIL Receives Approval to Expand Refinery in Jamnagar, Gujarat

January 24, 2019

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), the oil-to-telecom conglomerate led by the Chairman and Managing Director, Mukesh Ambani, has received approval for the oil refinery expansion in Jamnagar, Gujarat. The company has secured the support of a pivotal appraisal committee in the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate change. With this backing, it will expand its export-oriented refinery located in Jamnagar, which is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The expansion will be of 5.8 million tonnes (mt).

Details of the expansion

The company’s planned expansion will increase the SEZ’s installed capacity from 35.2 mt to 41 mt. In addition to this, the total overall capacity of the refinery complex in Jamnagar will increase to 74 mt.

Views of the Economic Advisory Council (EAC)

The EAC approved of the expansion after much deliberation and studying the terms of the EIA Notification 2006. It exempted the expansion from a new environment impact assessment study and a public hearing. The EAC also recommended the expansion for grant of environmental clearance for a year. There were additional terms as well. This included the environmental clearance’s (issued on March 30, 2010) prior transfer to the original entity that applied for it. The transfer had to be made from Reliance Jamnagar Infrastructure Limited to RIL.

History of the refinery

A unit of RIL, Reliance Petroleum Limited, had first built a refinery at Jamnagar. It had an installed capacity of 18 mt. However, later it was increased to 27mt.

In the financial year 2018, the Jamnagar refinery processed 69.8 mt of crude. Its installed capacity was 68.2 mt. The company could meet the growing demand of transportation fuels owing to this high refinery utilization. From April 2018 to December 2018, RIL refined 52.3 mt of crude.

Details of the capacity utilization

RIL further expanded the petrochemical complex and Jamnagar refinery capacity to 59.7 mt. After this split, RIL (33 mt) sold almost all of its products in local markets, whereas Reliance Petroleum (26.7 mt) was only an exports refinery unit.

Reliance Jamnagar Infrastructure Limited further increased the SEZ refinery’s capacity from 26.7 mt to 35.2 mt. Speaking about this expansion, the Secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, MM Kutty, stated that there is a necessity for refineries to increase their efficiency.

Kutty also stated that the refining industry has been constantly progressing with over 100 percent capacity utilization. With this, all major performance parameters have been improving. He further stated that the refining capacity of the country, today, is 249 mt per year. According to a ministry report, by the year 2040, the refining capacity requirement will be a little over 530 mt per year. This is necessary to meet the domestic demand. However, the demand will be almost 670 mt if there is to be an export surplus of 25 percent.

Summary: RIL has received approval to expand its oil refinery in Jamnagar, Gujarat. This expansion aims to increase the installed capacity of the SEZ refinery from 35.2 mt to 41 mt.

Latest Developments of the Reliance JioGigaFiber Service

January 22, 2019

Reliance Jio, the telecom wing of the Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is preparing to roll out Reliance JioGigaFiber, its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband internet service. While the telecom company has not yet announced an official roll out date, it has confirmed that the broadband connection will first be made available in 1,100 cities across India, depending on the number of requests for registration.

Details of the Reliance JioGigaFiber registration

The telecom company has confirmed several details regarding its latest broadband internet service. For instance, Reliance Jio has confirmed a JioGigaFiber Preview Offer, wherein, for the first three months, subscribers can avail of 100 GB free data at 100 Mbps. Additionally, to get the new JioGigaFiber connection, subscribers will be required to pay INR 4,500. This amount represents a refundable security deposit. The telecom company has also confirmed that many people from cities across India have expressed interest in the broadband connection.

Latest developments of the Reliance JioGigaFiber service

Reliance Jio has stated that it has received a strong interest from customers in 1,400 cities who are interested in the Entertainment, Home Broadband, Enterprise, Wireline, and Smart Home Solutions services. Furthermore, the telecom company has confirmed that, at present, it is connecting homes with the broadband technology based on the requests it has received. The company is also focused on optimizing its service offerings.

The telecom company stated that it will leverage its investments in Hathway Cable and Datacom Limited (51.3 percent stake) and Den Networks Limited (66 percent stake) to empower the business model of 27,000 Local Cable Operators (LOCs) across 750 cities in India. Using this collaboration, Reliance Jio will be able to provide its broadband internet service to 50 million subscribers in 1,100 Indian cities, since all last mile connectivity challenges have been resolved with this collaboration. Existing Hathway and Den subscribers will be able to receive an affordable upgrade to the Reliance JioGigaFiber network at a reduced price.

Features of the Reliance JioGigaFiber service

With the help of the Reliance JioGigaFiber FTTH service, subscribers can avail of many features.

Subscribers can view Ultra High Definition Entertainment on large screen television. They can use Digital Shopping and Virtual Reality Gaming in a platform of immersive experiences. They can also enjoy Multi-Party Video Conferencing from the comfort of their homes. With the help of Smart Home Solutions, subscribers can control a variety of devices from both outside and inside their homes. These devices include home appliances, security cameras, switches, and even lights.

Furthermore, subscribers can utilize Artificial Intelligence via voice-activated virtual assistants, who must perform tasks that subscribers command. Lastly, subscribers can also make use of end-to-end services on an integrated network via Fixed Mobile Convergence.

The introduction of these advanced services can help transform the digital landscape of India. This is in line with Mukesh Ambani’s vision of making India a technologically savvy nation.

Summary: Reliance Jio is all set to roll out JioGigaFiber, its latest broadband FTTH internet service. The telecom company has received strong customer interest for the service from 1,400 Indian cities.