Mukesh Ambani – Quality precedes Quantity

The country’s most valued company RIL’s Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani today said time has come for India to think of economic growth in qualitative terms.
Observing that India is capable of achieving double-digit growth, he also said, “The power of youth and energy is driving India’s development today. No one doubts India’s ability to achieve double-digit growth on a long and sustained basis.”

“Today, much of India’s growth is being described and debated purely in quantitative terms and I believe that having achieved 8-9 per cent growth, the time has come for us to think in qualitative terms,” Ambani said at the IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award function here.

He further pointed out that the country was paying insufficient attention to the quality of development that it ought to achieve. “We are aspiring for bigger but we are not focusing enough for better,” he said, adding that health and education are the two key developmental indicators.

India needs to address and improve the quality of education as it will be the backdrop on which growth aspirations can be realised, Ambani said.

“After all, if India can produce world-class businesses, why can’t India also produce world class universities. It should be our ambition and our determination to show that the new Stanfords, Harvards and Oxfords in the 21st century will be Indian universities,” Ambani said.

The Reliance Foundation has decided to establish a world class university in India.

“We as a nation must make the transition from company- wide focus on quality to country-wide focus on quality. We can achieve this by linking the quality of India’s development to national pride,” he said.

Today, Indian products and services are far better than foreign brands and the country had achieved world-class in many sectors, he said.

“Dalal Street is as good or better than Wall Street in terms of functioning of the capital market. Bollywood has emerged as a strong competitor to Hollywood. All these have certainly added to our national pride,” Ambani said.



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