Reliance, Tata, Adani bought 4830 hectare of Gujarat government land in 3 years

Mukesh Ambani‘s Reliance, Tata and Adani Group have emerged as the largest government land buyers of the state.

Together they have bought 4,830 hectare land from the state government in the last three years valued at Rs377.97 crore. This fact came to light in a written response given by revenue minister Anandi Patel to Congress MLA from Kalupur, Mohammed Farooq Shaikh.

Patel informed the state assembly that Reliance had been allotted 1,333 hectares of land for its SEZ in Jamnagar in addition to 57 hectare for marine tank farm and 1225 sq. mt for a refinery related project.

Tata Group has been provided 1,476 hectare, which includes 1,031 hectare for its ITproject in Gandhinagar and 445 hectare for much-hyped Nano car project in Ahmedabad. Tata has paid Rs11.35 crore for IT SEZ land; however, they have not paid any money for the prime land given in Sanand for the Nano car project.
Adani Group has been allotted 1,964 hectare of land for SEZ project in Kutch. “The Gujarat government has earned over Rs377.99 crore revenue by way of land allotment to these industrial giants,” the minister stated.



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