Reliance TimeOut in association with Harper Collins launches ‘Lanterns on their Horns’

The Reliance TimeOut store in Gurgaon saw the debut of the novel ‘Lanterns on their Horns’ by bestselling author Radhika Jha. The new novel, set in the hinterlands adjacent to Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, is about technology and transformation, poverty and politics.

Jha’s ‘Lanterns on their Horns’ has been launched by Harper Collins in association with Reliance TimeOut. Deepinder Kapany, the business head of Reliance Timeout said, “We are thrilled to have one of the bestselling authors, Radhika Jha in our store to launch her new novel, ‘Lanterns on their Horns’. I am sure readers will love her book and relate to it.”

Radhika Jha is careful to give us a cross-section of the things wrong with rural India. In the process, she offers academics and students in literary studies several ‘issues’: superstition, caste, gender, poverty. The basis of her story – the transformation of Nandgaon, is problematic in such that technology does not solve basic problems if there isn’t education and equality of access. That village life is as complex as the urban, we know from Jha.

‘Lanterns on their Horns’ showcases a wide cast of characters in this with playful irony and humor to lay bare an India that struggles daily and in innumerable ways with the overreaching issue of modernization – the ethics of it, and its impact on traditional social structures.

The audience at Reliance TimeOut was in for a treat as the launch was followed by reading session by Radhika Jha herself. The book reading was followed by a discussion, of the novel where Jha interacted with the audience and shared few interesting essentials from her new novel. The audience enthusiastically responded with questions and a few also shared their own views.

In the typical trend of launches and events of Reliance TimeOut, the books, magazine and music specialty format of Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Retail audience engagement was at its zenith. As Deepinder Kapany’s claims, “It is the aim of the Reliance TimeOut to constantly have exciting and engaging book readings, launches and events at the store and this is another event in that direction.” Like her previous bestseller ‘Smell’ and now ‘Lanterns on their Horns’, Radhika Jha will consider launching her next bestseller at Reliance Timeout as well.



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