Reliance Timeout Host to Kara 4 Kids Story Telling Workshop

Kids are the wonders of god. Who would not fall in love with these lovable and innocent mischief-makers! And when Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Retail’s subsidiary Reliance Timeout got an opportunity to welcome an army of toddlers home, how could they defer.
Reliance Timeout at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon utilized the dying art of live storytelling with the help of a team from Kara 4 Kids, Gurgaon’s premier extended preschool and daycare centre. The Kara team of early years’ practitioners narrated a meaningful tale regarding respect diversity; a grown up concept, presented in an age appropriate format.
Learning can take place in the most unexpected ways and keeping this in mind, the jungle scene was set, the audience was in place and the animals were chomping at the bit off stage; time for the performance to begin.
For the team from Kara 4 Kids it was also an amazing experience to have the attention of so many innocent moldable minds. And so commenced “The Jungle Rumble”, a tale of friendship and cooperation.
The response which the team received was tremendous. The children were simply bowled over as Kara’s trained teachers stepped onto the TimeOut stage in full costume to introduce Zeba the Zebra; The Elephant; Jiffy the Giraffe and the Cheeky Monkey.
To further reinforce these values, children were provided with the chance to explore their creativity through a selection of multi-sensory learning opportunities, including making masks, puppets and more. These were further complemented with a range of at-home extension activities, including cold cooking Jungle Energy Bars and making a Jungle Rainstick, thus completing Kara’s customized approach to early childhood teaching.
As regards feedback from the parents, the smile on their faces said it all, as mobile phones and cameras were whipped out to record every moment of their child’s experience, albeit interacting with Kara’s teachers as they revisited the concepts taught by making a giraffe puppet and an elephant mask, or carrying home their Kara good-bag full of their creative handiwork.


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