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Antilia – A Feather on Mukesh Ambani’s Cap

October 22, 2010

Antilia is the new face of Mumbai and pretty soon, we would be singing laurels about the man who gave us this one of a kind residence to talk about. India is none the less a nation filled with hypocrites. When we see a man driving a Porche, we wonder if he is a politician. We wonder if he has connections with the underworld, and we wonder how in the world did he gets so rich.
We are so immensely curious that we may even click pictures and post it all over the internet to show the world how rich people spend their money. But think for a second. Are we any different? Do we share our wealth with the poor or do we splurge the money on a luxury that we needed since god knows when. But, when someone who can truly splurge on his own dreams, we do not cease to detest the actions of that individual and blatantly deem it a crime to society if nothing more.
Since time immemorial, the prejudice against the rich and powerful has prevailed in India. Even the Indian cinema has followed suit to our perception of the rich and the influential, thus portraying the rich as bad and the bad as always rich. Our cinema used to revolve around a broke protagonist on a quest to achieve name, fame and fortune. The bad guys, “The Rich” get in the way as the protagonist discovers that they smuggle goods to get rich quick while the hero slogs at a dock to make ends meet. With this picture firmly pasted in the minds of Indians, we always seen to meddle up the reel with the real world and hence we fail to see the difference.
Mr. Mukesh Ambani is a man of honor and grace who has the right to chose the way he spends his hard earned money. I am no employee of reliance nor am I a close associate of Mr. Ambani himself. I am just a man who values the constitution and the respects the right of expression that it provides. So what if it’s an expensive home? Mr. Ambani’s Reliance feeds the stomachs of thousands of people who serve his great empire. Being the second largest value creator of the world is no joke and no one has the right to judge a man of his caliber and question the way he spends his money.
The real picture remains hidden always, why do the politicians of India always get away in-spite of them clawing away wealth from the common man. Why are their kids studying in UK while the people they are chosen to serve rot in a hell hole? Why are the people who should be pointed at the ones who pointing fingers? In a place where people like Kalmadi and Lalit Modi are making news while the common man is being squished under the weight of inflation, corruption and population alike, there exists at least one man who has earned his way to the top rather than simply taking from the poor.


Mukesh Ambani: The Man in the House of Business

October 14, 2010

Mukesh Ambani, was born to Kokilaben and Dhribhai Ambani on 19th April 1957. Little did one now back then that this small baby playing in the outstretched arms of his loving parents would eventually be the global representative of Indian business. Currently, Mukesh Ambani is the Chairman and managing director of the largest private sector enterprise in India. Reliance Industries, which has been included in the list of fortune 500 companies.
Reliance was started by Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani, more popularly known as Dhirubhai Ambani. The story of Dhirubhai is nothing short of a “rags to riches story”. He was a man of great caliber and had unmatched business acumen. This is the reason why he is till date known as the polyester prince of India. Soon he went on to create Reliance Industries Limited which is now handled by his son Mukesh.
Since Mukesh Ambani took over the family business, the company has only grown by leaps and bounds. This has made Mukesh Ambani one of the most popular and successful entrepreneurs of recent times. His company reliance Industries also contains a horde of subsidiaries, the most popular of which is Reliance Retail.
Mukesh Ambani is married to Nita Ambani. Nita Ambani runs the Dhirubhai Ambani International School which is one of the premier institutes for learning in India. This is just one of the many areas of responsibilities that have been bestowed upon her.
Mukesh Ambani is the business role model for young Indians. It is for these young minds of India that Mukesh Ambani has come up with a new book where he will pen down is thoughts and business philosophies for the world to understand the intricacies of business and be more informed about his journey in Reliance.
Reliance Industries have also entered the Indian hospitality sector with a 14.80% stake in the EIH Company. Nita Ambani is soon to be on the EIH board as the representative of Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Industries. Hence, Reliance have forayed into the luxury segment with a bang and already to greet their guests into the lavish suits and exotic cuisines that await them, giving them the true taste of what Indian hospitality is all about!
Mukesh Ambani is truly a man of varied colors. He runs a very large successful company and still has the time to pen down his thoughts about his journey in Reliance. On one hand he interacts with the biggies of the business world abroad and on the other he believes in the fact that India is the land of a billion opportunities. He believes in the youth of India and feels that this could be the major driving force of new India very soon. He is a man who is both respected and admired for what he has accomplished. Mukesh Ambani will always be the guru of business and the idol of every young Indian who aspires to match his capabilities.

Reliance Retail makes the little ones smile

October 5, 2010

There is no doubt that toys are a normal part of childhood. It is quite true that toys play a significant role in the development of the child. How do you know what toys are the best for your baby? A new parent can spend a fortune on baby toys and chances are your baby will not play with half of them! But there’s one brand of toys that kids can never say no to, Toys “R” Us. Reliance Retail, the India largest organized retail company with Value & Special formats, is planning to bring the world’s leading Toy retailer Toys“R”Us to Indian cities.

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries retail arm Reliance Retail is near to sign a Joint Venture to unwrap Toys“R”Us’ stores in India. Reliance is still working on the nitty-gritty of the joint venture and is expected to close it in the next few months

Reliance Industries retail outlet Reliance Retail already has joint ventures with UK’s apparel retailer Marks & Spencer , Dutch optical firm Pearle Europe, US stationery chain Office Depot , Italian men’swear brand Ermenegildo Zegna Group and US-based Apple Inc, among others. Reliance Retail is expected to bring a number of international brands across consumer product segment into the country as it looks to take full advantage of the boom in consumer demand.

Reliance Retail has grown into an organization that caters to needs of millions of customers, thousands of farmers and vendors. Based on its core growth strategy of backward integration,
Reliance Retail has made rapid progress towards building an entire value chain starting from the farmers to the end consumers. Reliance Retail currently operates 15 formats such as Reliance Fresh, Reliance TimeOut, Trendz and Digital and Jewels, among others.

With Toys”R”Us Indian kids will get a huge variety of toys and they can select their favorite Ninjas, super heroes and Disney princess from a wide range of toys. Toys help in proper mental and physical growth of kids. So no parent is going to say no to Toys”R”Us.