India Inc. represented by the likes of Mukesh Ambani at Davos World Economic Summit

A powerful confluence of heads of state, business men from affluent enterprises, political, media and religious leaders, and NGOs from 50 different counties gather every year in the little town of Davos in Switzerland to discuss and work out world’s economic problems.
This year’s summit saw India Inc. shine out overwhelmingly as the likes of Mukesh Ambani and many other top level corporates joined in with full garrote. The Indian contingent, strong by almost 95 uber-powerful representatives, saw a team comprising of Reliance Industries Limited’s (RIL’s) Mukesh Ambani, head of India’s largest private sector holding, in addition to Nikhil Meswani, Azim Premji, Chanda Kochchar, Anand Mahindra, Sunil Mittal, Francisco D’Souza, Adi Godej and many more.
The main attraction at this year’s summit is set to be CII’s ‘India Inclusive’ campaign, which aims to raise India’s profile as a vibrant democracy, a fast-growing stable economic power, and a hub of culture and art. The campaign plans to bring the best of India in business, politics, arts and culture, social entrepreneurship, science and technology. This feat will be spearheaded by Reliance’s Mukesh Ambani.
India is very much the buzzword as every meeting; every party has Indian representatives in favorable light. The word around the summit was all about the growth stories and prospects that India hones so dearly. The USP that Indian economy is currently carrying in the eyes of global investors is suggestive of Goldilocks, where growth is high yet stable and sustainable, making it an attractive investment destination. And its growing emphasis on inclusive development is likely to aid India’s dynamism in the decades to come.
Area’s like banking food, energy and climate will be the primary focal points of renovation for India. As the chief architects of modern Indian economy join forces, it can very well be assumed that the likes of Mukesh Ambani and related associates will navigate India to a bright economic future. Even though the economy currently battles the problem of price rise and infrastructural backwardness, it is through intellectual inputs and monetary push by these mighty men that India Inc will splash ahead.


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