Renowned publishing house Hachette India recently tied up with Reliance Time – Out to launch Samit Basu’s latest thriller novel titled “Turbulence” which is also the Fiction Super Lead of the Year. The launch happened at the Reliance TimeOut Cunningham Road outlet and was followed by a conversation by the author with Zac O’Yeah who is the author of a popular book – “Once upon a time in Scandanavistan”.

Reliance truly wants to build up on the passion of reading and want to keep providing book lovers with the best possible material. The company also wants to give people the opportunity to meet up with their favorite authors up close and personal and to get a feel of the book before they pick it up.

Ever wished you could have super powers? Ever wanted to wake u one day with the ability to achieve anything? Samit Basu’s latest is everything about the charm of super powers and more. The book tells us the tale of a group of people on a flight who get out of it with sudden super powers; powers that they didn’t know that they really wanted. Managing these powers is a task that brings with it several challenges. As they are being tracked down by the proverbial evil anti-hero, these ‘Superheroes’ have to fight against the odds and learn to channel their powers in a way that will help them stand up against evil. The book brings with it nail biting action that claims to keep readers hooked on right from the first page, to the last.

Samit Basu is renowned for his wacky stories and his ability to provide readers with something that hasn’t been read or experienced before. He has written several novels and screenplays; most of which have gained fame and popularity amongst readers across several age groups. Reliance TimeOut has definitely unearthed a gem in the literary world.


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