Akash Ambani: Like father, like son

Coming from the lineage of Ambani’s, Akash Ambani has been borne into noetic greatness. By being an avid supporter of his mother’s IPL endeavor ‘Mumbai Indians’ to plunking for his father while signs important deals, Akash Ambani is surely making his presence felt in the Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) empire.
The eldest son of Mukesh and Nita Ambani, Akash Ambani has always ingested an inclination towards attaining the eruditeness that goes into work at one of India’s largest private sector enterprises. And being a part of this supremely reputed company, whose name stands synonymous to ideals of trust and value, is no short of being desirous for anyone. Genetically, he has inherited probably one of the best chromosomal count; given that the names of his father and grandfather are the yard stick for any businessman’s and his business’s valuation. But with an added stroke of creative insight from his mother and a philanthropist streak from both the parents; Akash Ambani, perhaps, is the ideal combination of virtues.
Lately, he has been a part of Reliance Industries Limited’s most crucial ventures, and there could not have been a more apt occasion to let it be known that Mukesh Ambani has begun grooming RIL’s heir under his own patronage. He was present at the signing of RIL-BP deal just last week; one of India’s biggest FDI deals to be signed so far. His first major outing in the world of bids and business was in the last edition of IPL 4 last year. On his break from Brown’s, he was present along with mother Nita at the ‘Mumbai Indians’ table at the players’ auction held in Mumbai. It was Akash who had gotten up and walked up to the auction dais with the sealed envelope containing the bid for Kieron Pollard. Thebid-a reported $ 2.75 million.
Akash finished his schooling from the Dhirubhai Ambani International School which is run by his mother Nita Ambani. He has been always taken an avid interest in various extra-curricular activities like cricket right from his childhood. His mother once quoted saying that she makes sure her children stay rooted. “There are two views of life, the helicopter view and the one you get when you get down into the water for a real feel– swim in it,” Nita Ambani had once said.
This 19 year old heir to the Reliance empire, may catch the green in the eye of many youngsters, but Akash Ambani has for long maintained that he understands the responsibility he has on his shoulders. Another onus for him would be to match up to the likes of his father; a difficult task indeed. But this ambitious and aspirational one is sure to follow suit just like his father did after his grandfather Dhirubhai Ambani left for heavenly abode. He has the genetics to help him gain knowledge of all the business that there is but he has his own inspired instinct to guide him to the better.


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