A new programme by RIL to nurture future leaders

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), under the guidance of its chairman Mukesh Ambani, has decided to propel a new programme under its banner that will aim at nurturing young, talented minds into becoming future leaders of the country. Accelerated Leadership Programme (ALP) is designed to develop a highly skilled and performance-oriented unit of fortified individuals who will most likely take up senior positions in the organization over the next few years.

ALP aims to target the nucleus of Reliance’s mammoth corporate establishment in an effort to ensure that the company is able to run on its super fast pace, orienting towards vertical and horizontal growth both in years to come. To achieve this goal, there is a need to ensure that the young minds of the company are trained and groomed in Reliance’s leadership ethics so as to ensure the output; in terms of production and value; both match up to Reliance’s ambitious initiative. As the company pursues its next phase of growth, the ALP would form the heart of this enterprise.

ALP is different from any other management training programme since it is directed towards a niche of experienced and high-performing professionals between the age group of 27 and 34 years (as compared to programmes which focus on overall management composition); professionals who are truly capable and passionate about working in high-growth businesses. RIL said that the ALP would comprise a hands-on, two-year leadership experience that has ‘no parallel’; aimed at developing a high-caliber leadership which will lead RIL in the future.

This initiative is noteworthy for not only its directive principles but for its aspirational quality. Today, there exists a growing need to direct human resources towards the larger good; one that emphasizes long-term value addition more valuable than short lived monetary success. These leaders will lead in the forefront of global leadership in all of Reliance’s business ventures. Coming from a company that epitomizes excellence in all its form and belief, this initiative from the house of Reliance will lead the way for aspiring young, who will tomorrow form the crème of India’s leaders.


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