Reliance Trends moves into Kolkata market

Reliance Trends, a retail subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani run Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), has opened its first store in the city of Kolkata, marking its entry into one of India’s biggest metropolitan cities. The store, now open at Axis Mall, spans across 16,000 square feet of space and offers a wide range of products in men’s wear, women’s wear and children’s apparel and accessories category. It offers more than 100 different brands- both Indian as well as international brands – at affordable price points.
Reliance Trends is a fashion apparel and accessories specialty format from the house of Reliance, having its presence in many Indian cities and townships including cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Nashik, Indore, Chennai, Thane, Vijayawada, Baroda, Mangalore, Jaipur, Ranchi, Nagpur, Mysore and many others. Following the launch in Kolkata, Arun Sirdeshmukh, CEO, Reliance Trends, said, “We are thrilled to bring Reliance Trends to Axis Mall, New Town. We are confident this store, with the latest fashion, high quality products and affordable prices, will be welcomed by our discerning consumers.”
This store marks the 41st flagship store to be opened under the brand name. Reliance Trends, established in the year 2008, was recently rated the most preferred department store as per a survey conducted by Right Choice magazine. It received four stars for service, in-store experience, price and product quality, and five stars for having extensive product range. Offering fashion-forwards apparel and creative range of accessories at affordable prices, Reliance Trends has been able to carve for itself a niche in the urban markets within a short period of time, slowing paving its way towards the interiors. As it collaborates with leading global fashion labels and private brands, Reliance Trends is expected to hit 56 stores mark by the end of 2011.


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