Mukesh Ambani: Envisioning a better India

As he turned 54 on 19th of April, Mukesh Ambani and his vigor continue to run on full throttle without any plans of slowing down. This dynamic leader, who steers the course of India’s largest private sector enterprise Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), has many more plans lines up for his company, for his people and for himself. Coursing a Fortune 500 company is challenge but he takes it up with much enthusiasm and flair. And as he moves on into 55th year of his life, he merely grows ever more dynamic.

There are those titles that designate him as one of the most powerful people on earth, the most dynamic CEO of India and the globe, the largest wealth creator and so on. But deep down there is only one truth that guides Mukesh Ambani into being all that he is and is perceived to be – creation of value. For many years now Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Industries Limited have been synonymous with the factor of ‘value’, for every venture he takes up it is driven in the spirit of the same. And today, he wishes to direct the same principle for the overall development of his own country and its countrymen. Shaping the future of India is an innate ambition for him. And he strongly believes that the primary goal of any business today must be for the betterment of the society – no exceptions.

India for him is divided into two perceptions- one where success and economic growth are validated reality and future is predictably bright. Yet there is the contradiction to this hope that points towards the grey governance, backward bureaucracy and lack of infrastructure that seems to stand amid the path of growth. He believes that today, it is important to have in place many disruptive polices rather than some reforms that can bring about a renaissance of its economy and renaissance of perception. Business can contribute by creating opportunities and wealth for people, shareholders and economy, which caters to not only its own growth but growth for the entire nation. And when opportunities are coined with harmonious existence through assured healthcare facilities and education, there is nothing that stops India from becoming a world super power.

The visionary in Mukesh Ambani is forever sympathetic of these aspects, for in his heart he believes that India will one day hone higher existence as a shared goal; for he believes that India has every right to win.


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