Building all-embracing partnerships is the mantra for modern RIL

In its efforts to reach high growth levels, Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is now shifting focus towards building wholesome, long-lasting and sustainable partnerships with other business majors, as well as its customers.

Recognizing the shift in market towards sustaining fortifying relationships with customers and business partners alike, Mukesh Ambani has now steered his conglomerate to envelop this quality deeply into its systems. Moving from ‘Think Growth, Think Transformation, Think Reliance’ motto, ‘New Businesses, New Technologies, New Partnerships’ is the latest mantra that Reliance Industries has ardently taken to.

As business partners go, RIL has approached and has likewise been approached by many international companies for prospective tie-ups and joint ventures. Joint ventures with global leaders in the financial services sector like D E Shaw and American Express (AmEx) have been nearly finalized that will see RIL foraying into India’s booming financial services sector. On the other hand, the RIL-BP venture has been in the talks for many months now for being one of the most prolific deals India has seen so far; generating the largest FDI ever encountered. Having stepped into the world of telecom, global names like Verizon, AT&T, France Telecom and Alcatel Lucent have been prospectively roped in as partners in an effort to propel RIL’s entry into the sector with energized thrust and support.

As for the consumers, RIL has started conducting customer meets on a regular basis under the name of ‘Rishta’ throughout the country to promote and propel growth of its various products and also to garner feedbacks and suggestions on the same.

RIL has noted that it will be investing in technology to create new businesses of the future and product and service offerings that do not exist today in the beginning of the new decade. To fulfill this, they will focus on building sustainable partnerships to gain access to advanced technology, markets, products and competencies that will help push the vision to its realization. Powered by its latest biz mantra, global reach is not far behind for Reliance.


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