Mukesh Ambani: Steering RIL’s course of active Corporate Social Responsibility

An organization as big as Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), spearheaded by the dynamic global industrialist Mukesh Ambani, is expected to steer about welfare programs in favor of the community they function in. The Jamnagar facility in Gujarat developed and nurtured by Reliance Industries for over a decade is symbolic of a transition from rural to industrialized habitation, and coursing the new wave of community welfare is the corporate social responsibility team of Reliance.

The most recent act of benevolence and goodwill has come in the form of education drive that was spearheaded by representatives of Reliance Industries and local administrative body members from Jamnagar. The congregation set out to distribute school-kits, comprising of study supplies like books, pencils, compass box, school bag and more, to the children from and around the district. Around 1545 school-kits were hand-distributed by officials to 69 schools of 42 villages from nearby townships of Lalpur, Charntungi, Ragpar and Mota lakhia.

Leading by example, this drive undertaken by members of Reliance was an effort to promote education opportunities for children, especially girls. RIL has for long lent its support to the Gujarat state government’s efforts in encouraging young girls to pursue education and this time around, too, the organization put a step forward towards the noble pursuit.

Reliance’s Jamnagar facility is the largest refining complex in the world. The area was completely developed in 2008, and since then, it has reinstated Jamnagar’s presence not only in India, but world over. Spanning almost the entire length of the district, RIL has forever upheld the importance and need to adopt CSR measures in the area to support and uplift the surrounding villages and its people. Mukesh Ambani, himself, has maintained his views on a business’s contribution towards its society and its people. He firmly believes that it is a requisite of every industrial and business organization to ensure that its work is benefiting the larger good of the people and the society. That is the true measure of prosperity and growth.


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