Reliance Retail launches ‘Home Club’ – a Direct Selling initiative

Reliance Retail subsidiary Reliance Home Products has launched a door-to-door selling initiative under the name of ‘Home Club’ in an effort to improve the sales of its private brands like Sudz detergent, Amara soaps and Healthy Life food items. Now in its pilot stage, this initiative is eyeing housewives to register with the club and help sell the products in and around their social networks.

The products sold under Home Club initiative will be made available at whole sale prices, in order to exhaust existing inventory and drive demand for more. Consumers will stand a chance to purchase quality products from the house of Reliance at 30% discounts through members who themselves will earn 10% of their sales amount as commission. Such type of Direct Selling has been a popular choice for companies who wish to drive sales and create a customer base for their in-house products.

Retail experience in India has primarily been driven by word of mouth, point of purchase promotions and by way of mass advertising. While these efforts have been around and tested to their full potential, direct selling has surfaced as the latest and one of the more creative ways to market and sell a product at the same time. An initiative as the one taken by Reliance Retail is beneficiary to both the company and its customers. While the company stands to improve the sales of its in-house brand and generate a future demand for the same via personal selling, members, especially housewives, have an opportunity to make quick commission with every sale with minimum amount of investment in terms of time.

Reliance Retail had previously pioneered an effort where it tried to make its products available via its own stores and local grocers. In an improved version of the effort, this initiative hopes to bank on the ‘personal selling’ attribute and the value proposition the products come bearing with the title of Reliance.


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