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RIL gears towards 4G and plans to set up around One Lakh towers

April 24, 2012

While everybody is waiting with bated breath to experience 4G, Reliance Industries Ltd has already concocted its plan of setting up over 1,00,000 towers for handling these operations in the next three years to come. However, this move can disappoint scores of telecom operators who would have wished to be associated with RIL for the same as they plan to use their own passive infrastructure for the same by withdrawing from its ‘asset light ‘model.

The first phase of this wireless broadband project would involve its leasing around 26, 000 towers which have already attracted bids from varied tower operators. According to some sources, they have already set the ball rolling by looking out for quotes and samples for their carbon fire telecom towers from equipment vendors. With this change of plan, the outlay for their launch will double itself from the one previously settled on i.e. It may increase from $ 4 billion in 2010 to $ 8 -9 billion now.

It is also known that RIL will rent towers from the existing companies other than using its own, in case it is not able to build 1,00,000 towers according to its estimation.RIL ventured into the telecom sector after five years with the dissolution of the non- compete agreement. At present, it owns 95% stake in Infotel Broadband for which it had to pay a whopping amount of Rs. 4800 Crore. In addition, it had to also pay Rs 12,848 Crore for 20 MHz of spectrum to service 22 circles in the country, thus being the only company to do so.

Its opting for carbon towers seems to be a sensible decision as it might reduce its maintenance and base equipment needs. Besides, it is also eco- friendly and grants ease during relocation. However, they may be 25-40% more expensive than the conventional steel ones that are used. These towers have higher possibilities of being set in urban areas due to the demand being higher in these areas initially, owing to the awareness created about the same here. The present overcapacityin the towermarket is known to go down owing to the recent Supreme Court order and a few other existing companies shutting its operation owing to the poor tenacity level it has witnessed.

Indus towers has been the present largest tower company with its possession of around1,10,000 towers. With this plan put toimplementation, RIL has high chances of giving a stiff competition to Indus towers in the forthcoming years.

Three Reliance entities RPTL, RGTIL, RUPPL merge with Holding Firm RIHPL

April 16, 2012

Crisil announced the merger of three major Reliance Industries promoter group companies including RPTL (Reliance Ports and Terminals), Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure (RGTIL), Reliance Utilities and Power (RUPPL) with Reliance Industries Holding (RIHPL). All these three key entities of Reliance Industries will now be owned by the same owner. In order to prevent the setbacks that it has witnessed recently, Reliance Industries has engaged in this restructuring plan as a progressive measure.

It will require demerging of investments of all types including impaired investments involving changes in terms of recovery plans for specific preference shares. It will also enable alleviating any kind of chaos catering to cross holding of shares, loans and advances among the group companies. Crisil that had previously announced satisfactory ratings for Reliance Industries has stated that this move will not affect the aggregate external debts and cash flows for these three companies though the standalone net worth of the companies might fall.

Reliance Industries Holding was commenced with an initiative to lower the cross- holdings and simplify the entire structuring of the personal investments of Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Industries. Reliance Ports and Terminal Ltd manages importing of crude oil and petrochem export needs of RIL (Reliance Industries Ltd).

Mukesh Ambani has been the absolute owner of several companies and this merging will enable harmonizing investments of all these companies. While RIHPL has 100% ownership in RUPPL, RGTIL and PTL, it also holds direct or indirect economic interest in around 370 million RIL shares.

RPTL (Reliance Ports and Terminals), Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure (RUPPL ) and RPTL ( Reliance Ports and Terminals) have all collaborated with Reliance Industries Holding (RIHPL) in a new restructuring plan.

Real Heroes – An Ethereal Event Appreciating Real Efforts

April 4, 2012

Reliance Industries being known for bringing radical changes in the society has consistently worked towards energizing India. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance has persistently exhibited his magnanimousness by supporting innumerable causes that has enabled welfare in the society. This idealistic man strives to accomplish the most in every sphere he engages in. Supporting the common man, this business tycoon offers an entire new definition of Business Leaders.

Real heroes are another commendable event supported by Reliance Industries that recognizes and applauds ordinary people indulging in accomplishing extraordinary services initiated by CNN-IBN. This event in its 5th edition was honored by varied celebrities from diverse industries including the Master Blaster and other cricketers, politicians and renowned personalities from the film fraternity including Aamir Khan. RajdeepSardesai, Editor in chief of CNN-IBN inaugurated the event with his exemplary speech where he stated that these 24 unsung heroes from varied parts of the country may have not featured on the front page of leading newspapers but every bit of their stores surely deserve to be appreciated and applauded as a feature story. Nita Ambani enthusiastically referred to this event as an inspiring and encouraging event enabling millions to follow this path. The 24 heroes were honored for their consummate efforts categorized in distinct fields including Sports, Education &Children, Social Welfare, Environment, Women’s empowerment, Health &Disability, Youth.

The event beginning with the Sports category had the man of the event Sachin Tendulkar felicitating the awards. Vijay Barse was the first recipient of the award for the sports genre being known as the slum soccer. By transforming the biggest slum of Nagpur into sports enthusiasts, this coach organizes matches between varied slum teams and has changed life through his football. He also in a very contented tone mentioned that the cash fund of Rs 5 Lakhs that he was awarded with would be of great help to the soccer team geared to the event in Mexico mentored by him. Irfan Ahmed who heads the Chak de movement in Dausa,Rajasthan by training and encouraging girls towards sports was the other recipient of this prestigious award in this category.

Under the category of Health & Disability, Bertha G Dhakkar was lauded for her undying spirit towards promoting education for the visually challenged students with herself being one. She served as a torchbearer for scores of blind students and made them feel enlightened.SheebaAmeer empathized with the pain of helpless parents who are unable to afford treatment of their kids when her daughter was being diagnosed for cancer and served to be a living example for turning adversity into opportunity. Captain NavinGulia depicting the true spirit of a soldier has made efforts to transform lives of street children in Agha since the time he was paralyzed a few years back.

RK Vishwajit Singh through his physical training at KhoyathongPoelmLeikai,Imphal has been able to reform lives of drug addicts and others indulging in violence. Along with physical training, he has also been engaging them in yoga and meditation and consequentially transforming the state into a better and peaceful place. ManjuSinghania and Joe Meghovan Chopra are two friends who were being honored for their determination and passion towards their support for autistic kids.

Besides, there were other notable heroes being awarded for their exceptional services. This Real hero’s event celebrated the indomitable spirit of these true citizens of the country.