RTG Leading to Qualitative Leaps in the Arena of Technological Transformation

To climb up to the ladder of success, innovation is the key. Every front-runnercompany prioritizes R& D to up the ante and explore new avenues for its business. Reliance Industries Limited also believes in breaking new ground in every sphere that it enters. Right from its backward integration initiatives,it has always emphasized innovation backed by R&D.

Reliance Technology Group (RTG) is RIL(Reliance Industries Limited)’s own research group that acts as a catalyst to its bolstering growth. The emphasis that it laid on extensive research has been a major reason for it facilitatingrural transformation. RTG aims to leverage the R&D activities across the organization by integrating them under one umbrella.

It focuses on discovering and tapping new technology that can strengthen its present business and enable it to extend to new businesses. With the objective of intensifying its present initiatives, RIL has set the balls rolling for creating a high-class R& T centerin Mumbai with a great infrastructure and environment that will stimulate great minds to churn out ideas.

The four major spheres that RTG encompasses include R&D, advanced technical services, supporting capital projects and building capability. RTG has enabled the refining sector to spreadout to thermal cracking and hydro processing and augment their present activity that caters to fluid catalytic cracking, processing crude and provision of advanced technical support via computational fluid dynamicsand other similar tools.

RTG corroborated its petroleum sector byfocusing on effective asset utilization, formulating new special products of different materials, developing new means of technology or additives that may facilitate cost effectiveness, working on value addition to by- product streams and cracking new ideas to enhance the efficacy of the oil business. Itintended to render advanced technology assistance to olefincrackers, polymers, fiberintermediaries, linear alkyl benzene, and polyester.

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of RIL; always believes in investing in innovative ideas and has endeavoredto encourage them. Highly skilled engineers and scientists lead this group.

The prime objective of RTGis to create value for businesses at the most affordable prices by scaling down the costs incurred in production. It intends to integrate technology across all businesses to leverage the activities. With the help of a proficient team, it intends to optimize technology in a way that it spins out great results.

With necessary assistance from ‘Reliance Innovation Council’ (RIC), it has been successful in getting hold of new ideas and the acumen required to support high-end technology activities.


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