What Every Indian Must Know about KG-D6 Gas Basin

The KG-D6 Gas Basin has been in the news lately. Most people know that the basin is a source of highly prizes natural that is of immense value. Also, in an energy-deficient country like India, any source of petroleum or allied products in the same industry are critical to preserve the energy balance and ensure that adequate supply of the same is constant.

Reliance Industries Limited has taken up the mantle of extracting gas from the KG-D6 Basin. Exploration and Production (E & P) is rather uncertain industry domain. While various scientific means are present to evaluate and estimate the output from a well, in reality, things can go wrong. As a result, it’s a risky domain to venture into. To offset the risk, the Government of India partners with various Oil & Gas companies and chalks out a Production Sharing Contract (PSC).

The presentation below showcases all that you need to know about the gas from the KG-D6 Gas Basin. Not only that, it gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire working of the Oil & Gas Industry. In a world where energy resources, especially fossil fuels are perhaps more valuable than gold, it’s imperative to understand where petroleum, gas and other fossil fuels come from and how they’re extracted.


Setting the Record Straight:

Certain bodies acting with perhaps vested interest have leveled dire accusations against RIL and its Managing Director and Chairman Mukesh Ambani specifically about the gas pricing. The presentation addresses this very issue. It’s obvious that RIL has not colluded with any political party and hasn’t interfered in the processes and working of the Oil Ministry.


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