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Reliance Jio Garden offers Underground Parking at BKC

May 29, 2015

Reliance Jio Garden established at Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) offers a two-level modern underground car parking area in Mumbai. It also has a green lung spread across 13,000 square meters.The Jio Garden is set up with the joint efforts of Reliance Industries and Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority.

Personalities present at the inauguration

On Wednesday evening, the Jio Garden was inaugurated. Prominent personalities such as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis; Chairman of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani; Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, Nita Ambani; Bollywood star, Amitabh Bachchan and cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar were present at the event.

Nita Ambani expressed her delight and said, “Jio Garden is an example of our commitment to creating world-class, multi-purpose and technology-enabled public spaces for a fast growing India.”She also said that the Jio Garden is a reflection of all Mumbaikars’ dreams. While staying in a sophisticated and highly digitized city, they still are close to the beautiful nature.

Facilities in the garden

The parking lot has a capacity to accommodate around 2,000 vehicles at a time. It extends over two underground levels covering an area of 33,546 sq. meters each. The parking area has one of the best systems along with efficient level of security and safety.

The Jio Garden is a lush green area, located just above the parking lot. It resembles Fadnavis’s vision of transforming Mumbai into a completely digitized Smart City with excellent high speed 4G long term evolution (LTE) services along with driver lounges, efficient security system and public address. The attractive garden consists of multi-purpose non-toxic synthetic turf installation, which is one of the biggest in Asia. It is highly supportive of women security, too. It has a special ‘panic button’ installed on every other pillar in the complex.

Reliance Industries has plans to establish many similar gardens across the country. The plan includes creating Greenfield gardens or revamping existing ones. Local flora will be used to redesign the gardens and encourage biodiversity.

Reliance Jio’s upcoming venture

The telecom arm of Reliance Industries, Reliance Jio Infocomm, is gearing up to roll out its 4G service. It is in the final stage of preparations. It is said that the Chairman may announce the exact dates of the launch in its annual general meeting, which is to be held on 12th of June. Experts predict that the services will be launched around mid-July.

Reliance Jio will provide its services to around 2.2 crores customers. The company will offer data services along with voice and other digital services. It will make a total investment of Rs. 70,000 crores for its telecom venture. It is also working to set up the infrastructure in 880 cities and towns across India.

In its recent annual report, Reliance Industries mentioned that Reliance Jio has increased its total equivalent spectrum footprint after the March spectrum auction. Its total uplink and downlink spectrum is 751.1 MHz than the previous 597.6 MHz. With this, the company has also become the largest holder of liberalized spectrum in the country.


Reliance Jio Garden, set up at BKC, will provide a two-level underground car park for Mumbaikars.


Reliance Jio to provide Service to 2.2 Crore Mobile Numbers

May 22, 2015

The details of the developments of its upcoming telecom venture, is what makes Reliance Industries’ annual report stand out from the rest.

The developments suggest that the company may soon roll out its telecom services. Analysts and investors are of the opinion that the exact date of its launch will be announced by its Chairman, Mukesh Ambaniduring the company’s annual general meeting which will be conducted on 12th June. They have predicted the launch date to be around mid-July.

The company, in its initial stage will offer the services to 22 million mobile phone numbers across India. It will be unveiling its physical infrastructure in 880 towns and cities of the country. It had earlier announced that Reliance Jio Infocomm will make an investment of Rs. 70,000 crores to set up its telecom business.

Efforts of Reliance Industries to launch its telecom business

Reliance Industries holds the largest amount of liberalized spectrum in the country. This enables the company to roll out its much awaited 4G and other telecommunication services in every corner of the country. It can also make use of any technology to offer the services without the need to obtain fresh permission everytime.

Reliance Jio bagged broadband wireless spectrum in 2010. It is yet to launch its service through this acquired spectrum. However, the company is in the last stage of preparations to offer its telecom services including voice calling, broadband internet with high-speed 4G and digital services in varied fields like financial service, education and healthcare.

The company is aggressively working to offer efficient 4G services across the country. Ambani informed this through a letter addressed to shareholders. The letter was a part of Reliance Industries’ 2014-15 annual report. He further added, “During the year, based on our acquisition of additional spectrum, we have emerged as the largest holder of liberalized spectrum in India. This will truly be a transformational initiative that will once again validate Reliance Industries’ ability to conceive and execute large projects across the country.”

Reliance Industries was the first company that made phone calls cheaper than postcards. Five years ago, Reliance Industries took over Infotel Broadband Services, a company which acquired broadband wireless spectrum in spectrum bands of 2300 MHz in all of the 22 telecom regions of the country. This was the indication that Reliance Industries will soon make a significant impact on other telecom businesses, with its re-entry in the market.

In March, this year, the company again suggested the same. It had participated in government’s spectrum sale to win additional spectrum bands. It bought airwaves in the spectrum bands of 800 MHz and 1800 MHz in 13 areas of the country. It spent Rs. 11,000 crores for the same.

Reliance Jio has strengthened its position by increasing its total equivalent spectrum footprint. Including both uplink and downlink, it holds 751.1 MHz which earlier was 597.6 MHz, the company mentioned in its annual report.


Reliance Jio will provide its service to 22 million mobile phone numbers, as a part of its first phase of roll out.


Reliance Jio looks to team up with Chinese Phone Makers

May 15, 2015

The telecom venture of Reliance Industries, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited is in a dialogue with mobile device manufacturers of China for a tie up between their products and its 4G service. It is seeking to sell low cost phones to its customers.

Aim of the deals

With the deals, the company wants to repeat its feat of 12 years ago. In 2003, Reliance led a revolution by offering cheap phones in India. The mobile market in India was in its initial stage when Reliance gave phones as cheap as $11. This made mobile phones affordable for a larger population and the company was also able to get around 10 lakhs customers in just 10 days.

Reliance Jio is talking with companies like Xiaomi, Huawei and Gionee. A senior official of a Chinese cell phone company informed that a non-disclosure agreement between the two has been signed. Another company informed that they are in talks with Reliance Jio and may soon sign a deal.

The spokesperson of Reliance Jio said that the organization has chalked out a program to deal with varied major mobile device makers. The program will also help to ensure that in future, any phone will be released only after certification and the phones will be in complete accordance with Reliance Jio’s 4Gservice. Reliance Jio will attract customers with an upfront payment of Rs. 2,000 to 3,000 or around $30 to $45, will offer its 4G service and buy the customer’s existing mobile phone.

At present only 10% of Indians use smartphone, but a majority of them access internet through mobile phones. As per Boston Consultancy Group, internet users will grow three times in the next three years.

Reliance Jio’s preparations for 4G

Reliance Jio will be rolling out its 4G service in all the states of the country, this year. Focusing on 5,000 towns and cities, the company will cover more than 90% urban India. Besides, the company will launch its 4G service in more than 215,000 villages, as well.

Any company that bagged Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) spectrum in 2010 will have to launch its service before 31st August, 2015, covering minimum 90% of its service areas. Only Reliance Jio had won pan-India BWA in 2010. According to the rule, Department of Telecom has the authority to withdraw the radiowavesif any company missed the deadline.Spectrum auction was held in March, this year. During this period, Reliance Jio bought spectrum band of 800 MHz in 10 regions and additional 1800 MHz in 6 regions. This will benefit the company to offer efficient 4G service and voice calling services.

Last week, the company acquired loan of USD 750 million that is approximately Rs. 4,500 crores. Reliance Jio will be using the money to fund goods and services from Korean companies, Ace Technologies Corp and Samsung Electronics which are being tapped for its upcoming 4G venture.


RIL Tops Forbes List of India’s Most Powerful Companies

May 8, 2015

The Forbes annual list of the 2000 most powerful public enterprises in the world for 2015 consists of 56 Indian companies. Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries features topmost among these 56 Indian companies on the Forbes ‘Global 2000’ list for this year.

The list features the leading companies of the world and proves the leading roles of the USA and China in the present global business scenario. Continuing from last year’s trend, this year the top 10 slots in the list are shared by companies from both these countries.

The Top 5

USA retains its top position in the list with a total of 579 companies. With four of its leading banks making it to the top four of the list for the first time, China holds the second position with a contribution of 232 companies to the list. While Japan, with 218 of its companies making it to the list, slid to the third position.With a total of 95 of its companies featuring in the list, UK continues to hold its fourth position. On the other hand, France has lost its spot in the top 5, losing out to South Korea. Argentina and Cyprus make their first appearance on the list this year.

With respect to the continental ranks, Asia is in the leading position with 691 companies, followed closely by North America at 645 companies. Owing to a loss of 20 of its spots, Europe finishes third with 486 companies.

Reliance in the Lead in India

This year India has added two more companies to its last year’s count. Reliance Industries, leads the set with an overall rank of 142 on account of its $49.9 billion market value as well as sales worth $71.7 billion.

The State Bank of India follows with a 152 ranking and a market value of $33 billion. Among the other Indian companies to feature in the ‘Global 2000’ list are Oil and Natural Gas at rank 183, Tata Motors ranked 263, ICICI Bank at 283, Indian Oil at 349, HDFC Bank ranked 376, NPTC at 431, Tata Consultancy Services at 485, Axis Bank ranked 558, Infosys at 672, Bharat Petroleum at 757, Wipro at 811, Tata Steel with a ranking of 903, while Adani Enterprises with an overall rank of 944.

Improving Market Prospects

The companies featuring in this year’s Global 2000 list belong to 61 countries across the world. When combined, their revenues amount to US$ 39 trillion with profits of US$ 3 trillion. Their pooled assets are worth US$ 162 trillion, while they bear a collective market value of US$ 48 trillion. This market value, according to Forbes, shows a growth of 9% year-over-year on account of a bull market situation.The most noteworthy progress has been that of enterprises like Facebook, which leaped by more than 200 spots in this year’s list. This can be attributed to the significant rise in its revenue as well as profits.

This year’s list of Global 2000 by Forbes includes a total of 200 new entrants, some of the familiar names being travel venture Expedia and the jewellery retail company Tiffany.

With a tally of 121 positions, construction has emerged with a third place on the list with respect to industrial rankings, partly due to the increasingly optimistic economic outlook towards the industry.