Reliance Retail recruits Sanjay Mehra for its E-commerce Venture

The retail arm of Reliance Industries has brought Sanjay Mehra on board as the Chief Executive of its fashion and lifestyle e-commerce venture. The Mukesh Ambani-led company informed this to its employees through an internal e-mail.

Mehra has a wide experience of 25 years in retail, technology and consumer products. He has served as India Managing Director of the US-based Wolverine World Wide, which owns popular brands like Caterpillar shoes and Merrell apparels. Besides, Mr. Mehra has also worked for Nike, GAP and Motorola.

Plans of Reliance Retail

Recently, Reliance Industries indicated its plans of shifting its focus to the e-commerce business. The company said that it will be rolling out three online portals. These portals will be dedicated to grocery, fashion and lifestyle, and business-to-business verticals, respectively. The organization is also launching its 4G and telecom services, this year. With the integration of its data services and e-commerce business, the company wants to offer a differentiated experience of e-commerce in India.

Reliance Industries want to attract more and more customers for its upcoming ventures. With the help of high-speed Internet connectivity, it wants to offer anytime, anywhere shopping to people. According to Mr. Ambani, this will be achieved through Reliance Jio’s advanced Internet infrastructure and Reliance Retail’s strong physical and online retail business. He said that the model will be a “seamless integration of online and offline while innovating across superior customer experience, payment ecosystem and delivery services.” Reliance Retail will launch its fashion and lifestyle portal in 2015, only. Mr. Ambani feels that with this, new fashion trends will be introduced to the people and it will revamp the fashion of the youth in India. Its e-commerce venture of grocery,, is already in its pilot phase and has witnessed a huge success.

The other e-commerce initiative is for business-to-business ventures. The Reliance Digital Market place platform will strengthen many small retailers with a strong supplier base and differentiated product range. Besides, it will also help them to get better supply chain productivity, enhanced customer connectivity, and digital payment and credit capability.  Not only these, the most profitable company wants to push up its retail business through offline stores, as well. Reliance Retail has its presence in 200 cities, which it wants to increase by adding more 700 cities in 2016.

Business of Reliance Retail

At present, Reliance Retail has more than 2,600 retail outlets in 20 states of India. Around 50,000 people are employed to run this business across the country.

In the previous year, Reliance Retail earned revenues of more than Rs. 17,000 crores. Mr. Ambani informed that the company set a record of profits worth Rs. 784 crores at an EBITDA level. Regardless of the stiff competition and challenges, Reliance Retail recorded an annual revenue growth of 31%, since the past 5 years.

Last year, Reliance Retail built 930 new stores, which means five stores per day on an average. This enabled the company to set a new worldwide record with the highest number of store openings within a year.


Sanjay Mehra has been appointed as the Chief Executive of Reliance Retail’s fashion & lifestyle ecommerce business.


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