Reliance Jio to Offer SIM Cards through Invite System

Reliance Jio, the telecom venture of RelianceIndustries has launched its service for employees of Reliance Industries across the country. The Mukesh Ambani-led company is testing its services so that subscribers can enjoy flawless and high-quality service at the time of its commercial launch.

Reliance Jio began deploying its service two years ago. It is expected that the company may officially roll out its services in March, this year. The financial Year 2016 – 2017 will be its first full year of commercial operations. However, the company has not yet revealed the method by which it will roll out its services.

Reliance Jio’s SIM Cards Invite

Reliance Jio is offering 4 SIM cards each to its partners, employees, and distributors. It is encouraging them to use as much data as possible, as this is the most effective way of gauging the efficiency of the network. It wants the initial 3 to 4 lakh users to use it to the maximum so that the company gets an idea of its strength.

Industry experts predict that Reliance Jio may adopt the invitation system to deploy its SIM cards. This system helps companies manage costs and customer expectations. Experts believe that Reliance Jio may stick to this strategy for the initial 3 to 4 months and ensure a seamless launch.

A marketing consultant said that the invite system is an intelligent decision for two reasons. The first being that subscribers do not feel left out. The second reason is that through this system, the company may choose to give its SIM cards to tech-savvy users. Such users help to test the network better.

He said, “But most important is the first factor, where consumers feel that they stand to get invited to join the network soon. In the world of technology, beta testing using tech-savvy, early adopters is the norm.” Many users do not mind testing the service and facing occasional issues to get early access to the network, he added.

The invite method will help Reliance Jioinitiate a smooth roll out. The company will be prepared for the load and will not be overburdened with customers from the first day.

Reliance Jio’s Call Center Contract

Reliance Jio has chosen 5 companies, namely Wipro, Concentrix, Serco, Aegis, and WNS. These may ink a pact with Reliance Jio for operating its call center and back-office. The company will then be offering services like know-your-customer, voice, and activation, among others. The industry has termed this to be one of the most lucrative contracts. Reliance Jio has decided to divide the services among 3 to 4 companies.

A spokesperson of Reliance Jio said that the company is working to establish a robust infrastructure. Its service will set new benchmarks in the country and to achieve this, the company is joining hands with other companies.

Reliance Jio will also set up a team of 300 people who will keep an eye on social media mentions. This team may be created from within the company initially and outsourced later.


Jio will adopt the invite system to offer its SIM cards for the initial 3 to 4 months.


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