Reliance Jio to Outsource Deployment of Small Cells to Local Cable Operators

The telecom arm of Reliance Industries, Reliance Jio, is preparing itself for its much-awaited 4G launch. The Mukesh Ambani-led company will be outsourcing a section of the deployment of small cells to local cable operators. The company has chosen local cable operators because of their widespread reach and high penetration in the residential regions.

Reliance Jio’s Small Cells Deployment

Reliance Jio will be administering one of the biggest deployments of small cells in the world. In regions where cable operators have limited access, the company will directly deploy the small cells.

Recently, Reliance Jio rolled out its 4G service for around 1 lakh employees of Reliance Industries and their families. It may roll out the commercial service in April, this year. At the time of launch, the company has decided to deploy a total of nearly 1.5 lakh small cells across the country.

Shailesh Abhyankar, the Associate Vice President of Transport Planning at Reliance Jio revealed that the company will adopt a combination of two models for deploying small cells. He said, “A part of the deployment would be outsourced to the local cable operators since they have access in residential areas. However, some deployment would be done directly by us.”

The deployment of small cells by Reliance Jio will help the company tackle the problem of in-building access, as it will be carrying large operations on the spectrum band of 2300 MHz and it will be challenging for Reliance Jio to achieve indoor penetration with this band.

A report suggested that Reliance Jio has already begun deploying small cells in 10 of the biggest cities of the country. These include Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata, among others. The deployment will be expedited once the company rolls out its commercial 4G network. Abhyankar informed that Reliance Jio will establish the small cells network in the coming 6 to 8 months.

Benefits of Small Cells

Small cells help to enhance coverage in regions where the traffic usage is high. They are low-powered radio access nodes, having a range of 10 meters to 2 km. They help telecom companies in offloading peak traffic.

One of the best solutions for telecom companies to deal with high traffic and heavy network usage is small cells. It also helps in tackling with issues of mobile bandwidth. Efficient deployment of small cells enables telecom operators to boost the speeds of wireless network access, enhancing coverage.

Nita Ambani’s Open-Office Plan

Following the strategy of her husband, Mukesh Ambani, Nita Ambani has also decided to introduce the cabin-less and open-office plan at her new workplace at Nariman Point. The workforce behind Indian Super League, Mumbai Indians, and the Fashion team will be working from this new office. Nita Ambani feels that this plan will enforce a synergy and enhance creativity among workers.

Being a Non-Executive, and Non-Independent Director on the Board of Reliance Industries, Nita Ambani is engaged in a number of initiatives. She is the Chairperson of the company’s philanthropic arm, Reliance Foundation.


Jio will outsource a part of small cells deployment to local cable operators.


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