Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital Announces Week Long Women’s Day Offers

The Nita Ambani-led Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital at Mumbai is offering discounts on annual check-ups for women.

Week Long Women’s Day Offers

The hospital has introduced a number of packages as a part of its International Women’s Day celebrations. What’s more, the discount is not restricted to a single day, but is for an entire week. Starting from Women’s Day on Tuesday, 8th March, the offer will continue until next Tuesday, 15th March.

The hospital believes that if a woman is healthy, then her family is healthy as well. It is evident from its tagline for the offer, ‘Healthy Her. Healthier Home.’

Varied Packages

The hospital announced a range of offers. Under gynecology special offers, Sir HN Reliance Hospital has reduced theprices of the pap smear test, mammograms, and other ‘Well Women’ checks by almost half.

The ‘Well Women’ package earlier cost INR 11,500. Now its price is reduced to INR 7,500. At this price, women will have check-ups that include liver profile, diabetes evaluation, kidney profile, cardiac risk evaluation, routine urine and stool tests, lipid profile (mini), general blood work (CBC),  hormone profile, pap smear, imagining such as mammograms, and special procedures, as well as consultation.

The Special Women’s Day Package is priced at INR 3,500 as compared to the earlier INR 6,550. Under the package, women get check-ups like USG Pelvis, pap smear, mammography, Full BodyDEXA BMD, and consultation with a gynecologist.In addition to these, women get 3 vaccines of cervical cancer in a period of 6 months for INR 1,500.

Details of other special packages may be obtained from the toll-free number, 1800-221-166 or email id,

Oncology at the Hospital

Reliance Foundation Hospital has a special focus on oncology.It is associated with one of the best cancer centers in the world, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The first Indian to be a part of the Board of MD Anderson is Nita Ambani.Experts from MD Anderson are working closely with Reliance Foundation to set up a multidisciplinary cancer center at Sir H.N. Reliance Hospital.

In India, over 10 lakh people are diagnosed with cancer every year. For every 2000 cancer patients, there is only 1 oncologist. Reliance Foundation Hospital is thus focusing on cancer care. It is emphasizing the most common and fatal cancers in the country. These include cancers of the neck, genitourinary organs, breast, gastrointestinal tract, and head.

About Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital

Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital is a multi-specialty tertiary care hospital with 345 beds. Apart from oncology, it focuses on cardiac care, woman and child health, nephro-urology, orthopedics, andneurosciences. All of its rooms are designed to get sufficient and direct sunlight.

The newly-built building is of 19 floors. It includes diagnostics, emergency medical services, operation theatre complex, outpatient department, executive health check, and in-patient services. There are separate floors for day care, as well as woman and child health.There is anotherfloor dedicated to free and subsidized in-patient beds. Isolation rooms are also present on each floor.


Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital is giving discounts on annual check-ups for women under its week long offers.


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