Anant Ambani’s Love for Temples and Animals

Anant Ambani, the younger son of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita Ambani, is a known personality among Indians. Be it IPL matches or his temple visits, people in the media and elsewhere nationwide always make sure to express their adoration for the young lad, who along with his twin siblings, Akash and Isha, is the heir to their father’s successfulbusiness venture, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). The 21-year old youngster is currently pursuing his studies in the US so as to help his family in the business in future. Yet it does not hinder him from indulging in pilgrimage as was evident from his recent visit to the Somnath Temple in Gujarat.

Junior Ambani, as he is lovingly called by the media, visited the temple on 19 March 2016 to offer prayers and seek blessings for his studies. Although his physical transformation drew some attention from people making them believe that he is passionate about fitness, Mr. Ambani’s real passion lies in religious activities and love for animals.However, the fact that he lost considerable amount of excess weight in just a matter of months cannot be denied. It requires some amount of grit and dedication for a person to indulge in a fitness routine and follow a strict regime consisting of exercises and a nutritional diet. It is sure that his faith in God has helped him lead a healthy lifestyle.

A staunch believer of Lord Balaji, Mr.Ambani often takes time from his busy academic schedule and visits temples to offer his prayers. Other than being religious, he is also passionate about animals, with his favorite being elephants. During his 2012 visit to Tirumala Temple in Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Ambani also donated an Iravatham, a rare light skinned pachyderm, to the temple. He had also visited Srivari Goshala and spent some time with Jyothi and Padmavati, the elephants in service of Lord Venkateswara, before leaving for Mumbai.

Also a fervent supporter of sports like his mother, Mr. Ambani often joins her for IPL matches to cheer for their home team, Mumbai Indians, who have won the tournament title twice in its decade-long run. Known among these cricket players and family as a fun-loving and jolly person, Mr. Ambani will next make a public appearance in April 2016 during the 9thedition of the cricket extravaganza. Healso accompanies his parents for some special company events and soirees.

Anant Ambani was born in 1994 as the youngest child of Mukesh and Nita Ambani. His elder siblings, Akash and Isha, help their father in running the upcoming 4G service provider, Jio, which is scheduled to launch in April 2016.


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