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Reliance Industries Introduce the CAP to Encourage Talent

April 29, 2016

Reliance Industries plans on working to create better opportunities for their employees and facilitate their growth. With regard to this, the company has two targets,the first being career rotation and the second, vertical growth of employees. This initiative is viewed as beneficial to the company in the long run.

Career acceleration program

The company has termed this talent-enhancement initiative as the Career Acceleration Program or CAP. This program aims to allow its employees to keep track of their role in the organization and their growth in the industry. This can be achieved by appearing for tests and subsequent interviews to test their scope for growth within the company. Simply put, the program allows them an opportunity to seek better avenues at Reliance.

Improving employer-employee relations

‘Step Up’ is a program that will provide employees with a mentor to guide them and equip them with skills mandatory for a higher level at the firm. This is just one of the novel ways in which the company aims to strengthen the relationship between employer and employee. The initiative comes in light of Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited upcoming 4G telecom launch, along with the release of LYF 4G mobile phones such as LYF FLAME 1, EARTH 1, Water 2.

Reliance Accelerated Leadership Program

Revisiting the past, it appears that the Career Acceleration Program is not Reliance Industries’ first attempt at a powerful talent-building program. In fact, the company rolled out a program about four years ago. It was referred to as the Reliance Accelerated Leadership Program or RALP, targeted towards the senior management.

The management had shortlisted 90 candidates to be participants under the program. Reliance Industries was aided by the renowned consulting company, McKinsey through the process.

Focus on the CAP

An executive from Reliance stressed on the immediate need to focus on CAP to draw talent into the company. “At Reliance, it is our policy to develop young leaders, so that they take on higher responsibilities at an earlier age,” said the executive.

Employee-friendly initiatives

Reliance Industries, in addition to improving the quality of its employee base, also wants to focus on ensuring convenience and well-being for them. Some of the areas that the company wants to touch upon include work-life balance, performance management and amicable relations between employer and employee.

The company views these programs as vital to its progress and aims to commit whole-heartedly towards the same.


Reliance Industries CAP to help employees grow within their respective job functions.

Reliance Industries Ltd and Star Cotspin Ltd will Work Together to Enhance Recron SHT

April 27, 2016

Reliance Industries has confirmed partnership with Bhilwara-based sewing thread exporter, Star Cotspin. Subsequently, certification by Recron SHT’s branding program will be granted to Star Cotspin. In fact, it is the sole company in north India to receive this certification. Reliance Industries, is already known to manufacture good-quality synthetic fiber in India. This fiber is sold under the brand name Recron SHT. Recron SHT is manufactured and exported widely. The manufacture of Reliance’s Recron SHT has been doing good business for a fairly long time and is considered to be one of the most durable fibers available internationally. Additionally, Star Cotspin is also renowned for its quality of synthetic sewing thread.

Agreement signed to commence the project

The consolidation was marked by signing a formal pact. This formality was completed by Gunjan Sharma, Business Head, Polyester Staple Fiber Business, RIL and S K Chajjer, CEO, Star Cotspin. On completion of the documentation, mementos are believed to have been exchanged by the two companies as a sign of partnership.

Mutual benefits

Star Cotspin and Reliance will work in conjunction to enhance the quality of Reliance Recron SHT’S fiber quality. The two companies are not strangers; they have in fact remained associates for the past few years before collaborating on this venture. Star Cotspin has been the producer of the first grey sewing thread in India. Its experience over the years, coupled with Reliance Industries’ large-scale popularity promises varied benefits for their co-manufactured product.

How they plan on doing it?

Reliance Industries tough polyester fiber will serve as the stratum while Star Cotspin’s sewing thread will be its top finish. The two materials together will ensure high durability and toughness. The final product will thereafter be co-branded and sold.

A fruitful alliance

Both Reliance Industries and Star Cotspin are excited about this partnership and also hope for it to be an enriching experience for both the companies. “This step, in our endeavor towards establishing standardized high quality sewing thread, is a vital one. We are happy that Star Cotspin, the first grey sewing thread producer in India, has chosen to partner us in this initiative that will help both companies to strengthen growth and customer trust. Star Cotspin has shown considerable growth, and have ambitious plans for the future”, said Gunjan Sharma of Reliance Industries Limited.

Star Cotspin is also expected to benefit from this venture as Reliance will aid the company in marketing and further support.The former will also be ableto work with associates and thread manufacturers to create better sewing products. Currently, the company aims to ensurethat the co-branded Recron SHT fiber generates a good customer base. Star Cotspin also intends to increase this customer acquisition towards the end of 2017.Additionally, to generate business, the company intends an expansion project of 12,000 spindles. Out of which 6000 spindles are expected to be kept aside solely for optical black and white yarn.


Reliance Industries partners with Bhilwara-based Star Cotspin for manufacturing Recron SHT.

LYF Becomes a Sponsor for Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 9

April 22, 2016

LYF, the lifestyle consumer electronics brand by Reliance Retail, has begun its marketing campaign by sponsoring two teams in the ongoing edition of the Indian Premiere League. The jerseys of two teams – Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore – will adorn the logo of LYF along with its tagline – ‘Smartphone+.’

This is the first time LYF has come out vividly with its publicity campaign by adorning its name in the sleeves of the teams’ jerseys. Even the tagline was introduced for the first time. The LYF logo will be emblazoned on the right arm of all the Mumbai Indian players, and underneath the logo will be the tagline. Last year, the spot was occupied by SAP, the multinational software firm.“The ‘Smartphone+’ tagline is to symbolize the fact that LYF is not just another brand of smartphones, but a whole ecosystem that includes Reliance Jio’s 4G services, media services such as video on demand and music, news, etc.,” reported Real Time News.

LYF has recently also released an online commercial starring Bollywood actress Kangana Ranuat and cricketers M S Dhoni and Virat Kohli among others. Released in social media on 20 April, the 45-second video is the first-ever commercial by LYF. It showcases the brand’s approach towards life-like video viewing experience and also refers to the actress’s popular 2014 film, Queen. The video has been viewed more than 13000 times and has garnered around 560 reactions.

Other than smartphones, it also has a range of 4K smart TVs which are already being sold at various Reliance Retail outlets. According to reports, LYF may venture into wearable devices. Owned by their parent company Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), it has already started pushing LYF handsets bundled with Jio SIM cards into third-party distribution networks ahead of the commencement of ‘Smartphone+’ sales. Its flagship handset, LYF Earth 1 priced at INR 19900, was launched in January 2016. Other phones in the Elements collection are LYF Water 1, LYF Water 2, LYF Wind 6, and LYF Flame 1. The general specifications of a LYF mobile are Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 4G LTE technology, dual SIM card slots, HD video and voice calling, LED display, and more.

LYF phones are available both in online and brick-and-mortar stores. Notably, they are available with exciting offers on online retailer Amazon and delivery platform Grofers. Users can purchase the gorgeous-looking smartphones from the comfort of their house.


Conclusively, looking at the way LYF is inching forward with its publicity campaign, there is no doubt about the creativity involved.

Jio’s ScanBox to Activate New Connections Within Minutes in Stores

April 19, 2016

Mukesh Ambani’s Jio looks set to launch its highly awaited 4G network soon. Jio did host an employee launch back in December 2015, but full-fledged commercial services are expected to roll out some time in 2016. Ahead of the launch, Jio seems to have taken an interesting technological route with regards to activation of SIM Cards.

Many retailers have reported the presence of a new item called, ‘Scanbox.’ These are being seen at various Reliance Digital stores across India. The box has LED lights and a small opening on the top to place the smartphone’s camera. The smartphone has an app that lets the retailers scan and attach files.

The person in charge of working on these devices has to click photos of the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) in addition to the photo ID proof. These are then uploaded directly to Reliance Jio’s servers. Once the details are uploaded, the Reliance Jio connection will be activated within minutes. This is unlike other carriers that take a few hours to activate a new connection. This is a welcome step in a country where people are very enthusiastic to get connected to the internet and embark upon their digital journey.

What’s also interesting to note is that the company has also tried with various handset makers to launch its own brand of smartphones. Titled, ‘LYF’ the 4G/LTE compatible smartphones range in price from Rupees six thousand to upwards of twenty thousand. To begin with, the Reliance Jio 4G connection will be offered with LYF-branded smartphones. However, it is not clear if the company plans to introduce standalone SIM cards anytime soon. It also has a portable Wi-Fi JioFi device that can connect to 10 devices simultaneously. Reliance Jio will also offer high bandwidth data plans at extremely low prices.

Other Digital Services

What makes Jio a unique player in the telecom space is that it’s not offering just LTE services. In addition to the highly awaited fourth generation mobile network (For which it holds pan-India license), Jio has also invested highly in other digital services such as cloud storage, on-demand music and video streaming. That’s not all, with approval from RBI for payment banks and RIL being one of those entities getting the approval for the same, we could potentially see this make an entry at some point.

New products and services are not limited just to Jio. Reliance Digital has launched LYF-branded 4K LED SMART TVs at the start of 2016. These television sets are some of the thinnest TV’s in the world and the operating system they run on is Android KitKat OS. These are priced between Rs 65,990 to Rs 199,990.

While the launch of Jio may have been delayed, the company is doing all within its powers to ensure that its customers have the best services and the best experience.


Jio’s secret weapon Scanbox will help activate new connections within minutes in Reliance Digital stores.

Reliance Brings Fashion toYour Fingertips with

April 14, 2016

Reliance has made its presence felt in the retail industry through ventures like Reliance Fresh and Reliance Retail. Reliance Industries is now looking forward to expanding its area of expertise to launch its own fashion portal Besides, customers will soon be introduced to Reliance’s new retail chain Reliance Smart.

Rise in the Demand for an Online Fashion Portal

With the boom in online shopping, the company is keen on maintaining its momentum and increasing its customer base. Ajio is a subsidiary of Reliance Retail, which is headed by Isha Ambani. The company hopes to join the e-commerce bandwagon as there is considerable scope for growth and customer engagement through this medium, as compared to simply having an offline store. In fact, the company recently unveiled its Ajio collection at the Lakme Fashion Week. The brand is expected to rope in over 200 national and international fashion brands to entice customers. This is quite impressive for a new online portal.

Riding on the Success of Past Endeavors

This is not Reliance Industry’s first major dive into the e-commerce sector, as it had previously launched, which mainly concerned itself with grocery-based purchases. Reliance’s earlier foray into the food and groceries industry was well received. So, the company has come up with a new initiative to amalgamate Reliance Super and Reliance Mart, which will ensure a wholesome and convenient shopping experience. The new retail chain will be called Reliance Smart.

Creation of an Online Electronics Portal in the Pipeline

With so much happening on the e-commerce front, Reliance’s plan of also introducing an electronic portal is underway. In fact, Reliance has already garnered considerable profits through its electronic and networking-based ventures. With regard to networking, the Jio 4G Telecom system is one of the major installments to look forward to.

Customer-Oriented Approach

According to Damodar Mall, Chief Executive Officer at Reliance Retail “For all in modern retail now, it is now quite clear what works better and what does not”. He emphasized Reliance’s intention to put its customers before anything else by studying their buying habits. This in turn could help Reliance further their business goals. Currently, there are approximately 60 Reliance Super and Reliance Mart stores that are soon be clubbed together to form Reliance Smart.

Genuine products at great discounts

One of the key strategies that the company often puts into play is that of attracting customers through discounts and reduced pricing, and their Reliance Smart initiative is no different. Reliance Smart is a foolproof way of getting maximum customer response, as the company claims to have tested this strategy in its Gujarat stores where it is believed that customers are often hard to impress. Its basic goal is to make a ‘destination market’ where customers can easily access a wide array of products without having to spend a lot.

Overseas tie-up with ABB Group

Reliance Industries, spearheaded by Mukesh Ambani, will soon collaborate with Switzerland’s ABB Group on a major digitization project. ABBs director Ulrich Spiesshofer confirmed in an interview that the two companies intend on being long-term business associates.


Reliance set to launch its e-commerce portal along with preparations to consolidate Reliance Mart and Reliance Super under Reliance Smart.

Anant Ambani Stuns His Family and Friends by Shedding 108 Kilos

April 11, 2016

Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani, stunned everybody with his makeover. He had made a self-commitment, one-and-a-half years ago, to fight off obesity-induced by medications, and he has come out victorious. The late Dhirubhai Ambani would have been very proud, as he lived up to his belief that nothing is impossible if you are focused.

Anant Ambani has lost 108 kilos in some 18 months, using safe and natural methods. He simply followed a strict diet regime and exercised daily for five to six hours. His exercise regime included a 21-km walk, followed by weight training, yoga, high-intensity cardio exercise, and functional training. He was also determined to consume only zero-sugar and follow a low-carb diet, with adequate protein and fats.

Nita Ambani is very pleased with the accomplishment of her son. She is floored by her son’s dedication after seeing him sweat it out for well over 500 days. She believes that the commitment that he has shown could be truly inspirational. As a child, Anant Ambani suffered from chronic asthma and the regime of strong medications caused considerable weight gain. Doctors had warned that losing weight would be a huge task, but it was his goal to get fit by his 21st birthday.

A wildlife enthusiast, Anant is nothing short of an inspiration and even Mr. Salman Khan, the Bollywood fitness freak is all praises for Anant Ambani’s weight transformation. Salman Khan shared a selfie with Anant on his Twitter handle and wrote, “So happy to see Anant Ambani, lots of respect n sooo happy fr him. Takes a lot of willpower to lose 108kgs in 18months.” IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla also congratulated Anant for his weight loss on Twitter.

Bollywood actors couldn’t stop themselves from going gaga over Anant Ambani’s weight loss at his birthday bash organized at Antilla.  MS Dhoni, who attended his 21st Birthday celebration, also applauded Anant for shedding 108 kgs in 18 months. Others who attended the birthday party included Hardik Pandya, Ranbir Kapor, Krunal Pandya, Aamir Khan, and Shreyas Gopal, among many others.


Anant Ambani surprises his friends and family at his 21st birthday bash by achieving weight loss of 108 kgs, using just natural methods.

Reliance Jio Plans 4G Launch at IPL and Starts Sale of SIM Cardsto Wholesale Distributors

April 5, 2016

Ahead of the eagerly awaited IPL, Reliance Jio is gearing up to push its 4G SIM cards in the LYF distribution network, for bundling with the handsets.

The SIM cards are sent to LYF retailers and will be part of a complimentary offering on purchase of LYF mobile phones and even the Mifi devices. Initially, they will carry free data allocation.

SIM cards have also been delivered to stockists all over the country, and this is the first time that the SIM cards are being supplied outside of Reliance. It is expected that retailers will get the SIMs in a day or two.

Launch at IPL

Once the SIMs reach the retailers, Jio is expected to announce the sale of LYF with a complementary connection formally, most likely at the IPL. Following the announcement, consumers will be able to buy LYF handsets with free data from retail stores.

Reliance Jio has strategically timed the launch of its 4G services to take advantage of the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League, the nation’s most watched domestic sports event.

It is no coincidence that the first IPL match to be played on 9th April 2016, Saturday,is between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiants. The match will take place at Wankhede Stadium, the home ground of Mumbai Indians. The stadium is also home turf for Mr. MukeshAmbani-led Reliance Industries and subsidiary Jio.

Mr. Mukesh Ambani won the Mumbai team of the IPL when it was first launched almost eight years ago and it is currently led by Nita Ambani and her son Akash  Ambani. Even at the last IPL, Mumbai Indians carried the logo of ‘Jio chat’, a messenger app by Reliance Industries. This year, however, the company is likely to promote LYF, the handset brand to come with Reliance Jio connections.

Staff Training at Reliance Digital

For the past one week, the staff at Reliance Digital outlets have been undergoing training to fill the customer acquisition form and upload it using special scanners. The CAFs have been set-up even at some Reliance Digital Mini stores. Some stores will have small stocks of just a 100 SIM cards to begin with. Small retailers might not be given the CAF scanning authorization and will have to use courier services.

Final Launch Date

There is speculation within the industry about the final launch date of Reliance Jio services. Company sources indicate that it will be around October or November,but distributors anticipate a release within a month’s time. 

The SIMs to be bundled with the LYF handsets will be available only through the handset shop and not at the recharge or SIM shops.

At the moment, there are some regional variations in the preparedness of Reliance Jio. While Mumbai, Kerala, Bangalore and Delhi are gearing up for the launch of the bundling offer, at other places the SIMs have not been pushed in the outlets of Reliance Digital.


Reliance Jio starts selling SIM cards to wholesale distributors and Reliance Jio is expected to announce the sale of LYF with a complementary connection formally at the IPL.