Reliance Jio Plans 4G Launch at IPL and Starts Sale of SIM Cardsto Wholesale Distributors

Ahead of the eagerly awaited IPL, Reliance Jio is gearing up to push its 4G SIM cards in the LYF distribution network, for bundling with the handsets.

The SIM cards are sent to LYF retailers and will be part of a complimentary offering on purchase of LYF mobile phones and even the Mifi devices. Initially, they will carry free data allocation.

SIM cards have also been delivered to stockists all over the country, and this is the first time that the SIM cards are being supplied outside of Reliance. It is expected that retailers will get the SIMs in a day or two.

Launch at IPL

Once the SIMs reach the retailers, Jio is expected to announce the sale of LYF with a complementary connection formally, most likely at the IPL. Following the announcement, consumers will be able to buy LYF handsets with free data from retail stores.

Reliance Jio has strategically timed the launch of its 4G services to take advantage of the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League, the nation’s most watched domestic sports event.

It is no coincidence that the first IPL match to be played on 9th April 2016, Saturday,is between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiants. The match will take place at Wankhede Stadium, the home ground of Mumbai Indians. The stadium is also home turf for Mr. MukeshAmbani-led Reliance Industries and subsidiary Jio.

Mr. Mukesh Ambani won the Mumbai team of the IPL when it was first launched almost eight years ago and it is currently led by Nita Ambani and her son Akash  Ambani. Even at the last IPL, Mumbai Indians carried the logo of ‘Jio chat’, a messenger app by Reliance Industries. This year, however, the company is likely to promote LYF, the handset brand to come with Reliance Jio connections.

Staff Training at Reliance Digital

For the past one week, the staff at Reliance Digital outlets have been undergoing training to fill the customer acquisition form and upload it using special scanners. The CAFs have been set-up even at some Reliance Digital Mini stores. Some stores will have small stocks of just a 100 SIM cards to begin with. Small retailers might not be given the CAF scanning authorization and will have to use courier services.

Final Launch Date

There is speculation within the industry about the final launch date of Reliance Jio services. Company sources indicate that it will be around October or November,but distributors anticipate a release within a month’s time. 

The SIMs to be bundled with the LYF handsets will be available only through the handset shop and not at the recharge or SIM shops.

At the moment, there are some regional variations in the preparedness of Reliance Jio. While Mumbai, Kerala, Bangalore and Delhi are gearing up for the launch of the bundling offer, at other places the SIMs have not been pushed in the outlets of Reliance Digital.


Reliance Jio starts selling SIM cards to wholesale distributors and Reliance Jio is expected to announce the sale of LYF with a complementary connection formally at the IPL.


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