Reliance Brings Fashion toYour Fingertips with

Reliance has made its presence felt in the retail industry through ventures like Reliance Fresh and Reliance Retail. Reliance Industries is now looking forward to expanding its area of expertise to launch its own fashion portal Besides, customers will soon be introduced to Reliance’s new retail chain Reliance Smart.

Rise in the Demand for an Online Fashion Portal

With the boom in online shopping, the company is keen on maintaining its momentum and increasing its customer base. Ajio is a subsidiary of Reliance Retail, which is headed by Isha Ambani. The company hopes to join the e-commerce bandwagon as there is considerable scope for growth and customer engagement through this medium, as compared to simply having an offline store. In fact, the company recently unveiled its Ajio collection at the Lakme Fashion Week. The brand is expected to rope in over 200 national and international fashion brands to entice customers. This is quite impressive for a new online portal.

Riding on the Success of Past Endeavors

This is not Reliance Industry’s first major dive into the e-commerce sector, as it had previously launched, which mainly concerned itself with grocery-based purchases. Reliance’s earlier foray into the food and groceries industry was well received. So, the company has come up with a new initiative to amalgamate Reliance Super and Reliance Mart, which will ensure a wholesome and convenient shopping experience. The new retail chain will be called Reliance Smart.

Creation of an Online Electronics Portal in the Pipeline

With so much happening on the e-commerce front, Reliance’s plan of also introducing an electronic portal is underway. In fact, Reliance has already garnered considerable profits through its electronic and networking-based ventures. With regard to networking, the Jio 4G Telecom system is one of the major installments to look forward to.

Customer-Oriented Approach

According to Damodar Mall, Chief Executive Officer at Reliance Retail “For all in modern retail now, it is now quite clear what works better and what does not”. He emphasized Reliance’s intention to put its customers before anything else by studying their buying habits. This in turn could help Reliance further their business goals. Currently, there are approximately 60 Reliance Super and Reliance Mart stores that are soon be clubbed together to form Reliance Smart.

Genuine products at great discounts

One of the key strategies that the company often puts into play is that of attracting customers through discounts and reduced pricing, and their Reliance Smart initiative is no different. Reliance Smart is a foolproof way of getting maximum customer response, as the company claims to have tested this strategy in its Gujarat stores where it is believed that customers are often hard to impress. Its basic goal is to make a ‘destination market’ where customers can easily access a wide array of products without having to spend a lot.

Overseas tie-up with ABB Group

Reliance Industries, spearheaded by Mukesh Ambani, will soon collaborate with Switzerland’s ABB Group on a major digitization project. ABBs director Ulrich Spiesshofer confirmed in an interview that the two companies intend on being long-term business associates.


Reliance set to launch its e-commerce portal along with preparations to consolidate Reliance Mart and Reliance Super under Reliance Smart.


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