Reliance Industries Ltd and Star Cotspin Ltd will Work Together to Enhance Recron SHT

Reliance Industries has confirmed partnership with Bhilwara-based sewing thread exporter, Star Cotspin. Subsequently, certification by Recron SHT’s branding program will be granted to Star Cotspin. In fact, it is the sole company in north India to receive this certification. Reliance Industries, is already known to manufacture good-quality synthetic fiber in India. This fiber is sold under the brand name Recron SHT. Recron SHT is manufactured and exported widely. The manufacture of Reliance’s Recron SHT has been doing good business for a fairly long time and is considered to be one of the most durable fibers available internationally. Additionally, Star Cotspin is also renowned for its quality of synthetic sewing thread.

Agreement signed to commence the project

The consolidation was marked by signing a formal pact. This formality was completed by Gunjan Sharma, Business Head, Polyester Staple Fiber Business, RIL and S K Chajjer, CEO, Star Cotspin. On completion of the documentation, mementos are believed to have been exchanged by the two companies as a sign of partnership.

Mutual benefits

Star Cotspin and Reliance will work in conjunction to enhance the quality of Reliance Recron SHT’S fiber quality. The two companies are not strangers; they have in fact remained associates for the past few years before collaborating on this venture. Star Cotspin has been the producer of the first grey sewing thread in India. Its experience over the years, coupled with Reliance Industries’ large-scale popularity promises varied benefits for their co-manufactured product.

How they plan on doing it?

Reliance Industries tough polyester fiber will serve as the stratum while Star Cotspin’s sewing thread will be its top finish. The two materials together will ensure high durability and toughness. The final product will thereafter be co-branded and sold.

A fruitful alliance

Both Reliance Industries and Star Cotspin are excited about this partnership and also hope for it to be an enriching experience for both the companies. “This step, in our endeavor towards establishing standardized high quality sewing thread, is a vital one. We are happy that Star Cotspin, the first grey sewing thread producer in India, has chosen to partner us in this initiative that will help both companies to strengthen growth and customer trust. Star Cotspin has shown considerable growth, and have ambitious plans for the future”, said Gunjan Sharma of Reliance Industries Limited.

Star Cotspin is also expected to benefit from this venture as Reliance will aid the company in marketing and further support.The former will also be ableto work with associates and thread manufacturers to create better sewing products. Currently, the company aims to ensurethat the co-branded Recron SHT fiber generates a good customer base. Star Cotspin also intends to increase this customer acquisition towards the end of 2017.Additionally, to generate business, the company intends an expansion project of 12,000 spindles. Out of which 6000 spindles are expected to be kept aside solely for optical black and white yarn.


Reliance Industries partners with Bhilwara-based Star Cotspin for manufacturing Recron SHT.


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