Reliance Industries Introduce the CAP to Encourage Talent

Reliance Industries plans on working to create better opportunities for their employees and facilitate their growth. With regard to this, the company has two targets,the first being career rotation and the second, vertical growth of employees. This initiative is viewed as beneficial to the company in the long run.

Career acceleration program

The company has termed this talent-enhancement initiative as the Career Acceleration Program or CAP. This program aims to allow its employees to keep track of their role in the organization and their growth in the industry. This can be achieved by appearing for tests and subsequent interviews to test their scope for growth within the company. Simply put, the program allows them an opportunity to seek better avenues at Reliance.

Improving employer-employee relations

‘Step Up’ is a program that will provide employees with a mentor to guide them and equip them with skills mandatory for a higher level at the firm. This is just one of the novel ways in which the company aims to strengthen the relationship between employer and employee. The initiative comes in light of Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited upcoming 4G telecom launch, along with the release of LYF 4G mobile phones such as LYF FLAME 1, EARTH 1, Water 2.

Reliance Accelerated Leadership Program

Revisiting the past, it appears that the Career Acceleration Program is not Reliance Industries’ first attempt at a powerful talent-building program. In fact, the company rolled out a program about four years ago. It was referred to as the Reliance Accelerated Leadership Program or RALP, targeted towards the senior management.

The management had shortlisted 90 candidates to be participants under the program. Reliance Industries was aided by the renowned consulting company, McKinsey through the process.

Focus on the CAP

An executive from Reliance stressed on the immediate need to focus on CAP to draw talent into the company. “At Reliance, it is our policy to develop young leaders, so that they take on higher responsibilities at an earlier age,” said the executive.

Employee-friendly initiatives

Reliance Industries, in addition to improving the quality of its employee base, also wants to focus on ensuring convenience and well-being for them. Some of the areas that the company wants to touch upon include work-life balance, performance management and amicable relations between employer and employee.

The company views these programs as vital to its progress and aims to commit whole-heartedly towards the same.


Reliance Industries CAP to help employees grow within their respective job functions.


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