Reliance Foundation Emerges as a Ray of Hope to the Visually-Challenged

Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation (RF) keeps getting closer to its goal of reaching out to people with every passing day. This time the organization went another step ahead by being of assistance to Bhavesh Bhatia. Mr. Bhatia, although visually-impaired, is exemplary for the free spirit and hard work that he displays.

Helping Bhavesh become independent

Bhavesh has not let his disability come in the way of his ambitions. Sunrise Candles is testimony to the same. The entrepreneurial venture undertaken by him is a major success in the making. When quizzed about the secret to his progress, Bhavesh attributes it to Reliance Foundation. Ever since his encounter with Smt. Nita Ambani, Chairperson of the foundation, Mr. Bhatia’s life took a positive turn.

Role played by Reliance Foundation in his success

Bhavesh Bhatia believes that the foundation played an integral role in the rise of Sunrise Candles. In his words, Nita Ambani and RF lit the lives of the many employees who work at Sunrise. He further added that the assistance he received from them, not only opened his business to the world, but also helped sustain the livelihood of 250 families of visually-impaired persons. Sunrise Candles is now a growing candle-making enterprise based in Mahabaleshwar that provides employment to 230 visually-impaired individuals.

Reliance Foundation-led Drishti

Reliance Foundation’s work towards helping the visually-challenged is further fueled by its initiative Drishti. This program helps donors reach out to beneficiaries and also manages the domains of organ as well as monetary donations. While there are people who are willing to take the leap and provide the gift of eyesight to those in need, the false ceiling of superstition still prevails largely in our society which prevents them from going ahead. Drishti aims at eliminating these obstacles through awareness camps for potential donors.

Reaching out to Pratiksha

One such success story from RF’s Drishti is that of Pratiksha. The young girl who was blind from birth received help just in time from the foundation. Today she leads a normal life and is working hard towards fulfilling her ambition of becoming a doctor. Pratiksha believes in helping others just the way Reliance Foundation helped her. Her life took a miraculous turn when she received two corneal transplants which helped her see the world like never before.

Lending a helping hand

While RF’s Drishti operates the cornea program, it also simultaneously lends help to beneficiaries by giving them a confidante with whom they may share their experiences. Sanjay, an employee at Reliance Industries is one such individual, who has not only pledged to donate his eyes but also volunteered to act as a mentor to little Pratiksha.

Nita Ambani has set an example for many by pledging to donate her eyes. So far, her foundation has successfully conducted over 14,000 free corneal transplants under the Drishti program.


Reliance Foundation aids visually-impaired Bhavesh Bhatia in his candle-making business. The foundation’s Drishti program helps restore vision to the visually- challenged with free corneal transplants.


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