Reliance Jio’s MyJio, JioChat, and JioPlay the Most Popular Apps on Google Play Store

In order to create an entire digital ecosystem, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio offers a plethora of mobile applications which enhance user experience. Some of these include JioOnDemand, JioMoney, and JioJoin.

Furthermore, analysis of the data received from Google Play Store reveals that Reliance Jio applications such as JioChat, JioPlay, and MyJio rank high on the popularity scale in terms of downloads.


MyJio allows users to manage all their Jio applications by serving as a gateway to several apps, facilitating easy access and installation. All the accounts and services related to Jio can also be conveniently managed by downloading it.


JioChat is at the apex of the Jio applications list, with over 1,000,000 downloads. It is a quality platform to facilitate messaging, voice calling, and voice as well as video conferencing. Up to five individuals can simultaneously connect on the JioChat application, through its conference service. Additionally, there are stickers, and unique emoticons for users to personalize their chatting experience. One can also share videos and pictures over the application very conveniently.


JioPlay provides users access to over 300 television channels, including more than 30 HD channels, in multiple genres and languages. With JioPlay, users can also conveniently pause live programs and resume viewing them later from where they left off. The app currently has over 100,000 downloads in the Play Store.


JioOnDemand is a comprehensive application where users may enjoy movies, movie trailers, and music videos of several artists across genres and languages. Apart from Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional movies are also available on the application. Moreover, it offers over 100,000 hours of HD programs. The application allows users to stream HD movies and shows directly onto their devices without buffering or advertisements.


Jio Join enables users to make HD voice and video calls with a Jio SIM. The application makes any smart phone VoLTE-ready, and therefore allows individuals to experience a seamless video calling experience. Furthermore, it not only facilitates app to app calling, but also allows users to make calls to other cellular devices and landlines.


A mobile wallet application, JioMoney facilitates easy payments. Users may avail of digital services which can be paid for conveniently, as well as, several discounts and schemes offered by merchants through this application.


Reliance Jio’s LYF has now become the third largest VoLTE-enabled smart phone brand in the country, having acquired a market share of 12.6%, according to a report by Cyber Media Research and Services Ltd. Recently, Reliance Jio launched LYF WIND 1 which is one of the best mobile under 10000 under the LYF brand.

Of the 42 brands that carried out shipments of smart phones, data cards and tablets, LYF was among the leading brands with a very high market share.


Reliance Jio applications like MyJio, JioChat, and JioPlay are leading applications in the Google Play Store. Jio LYF smart phones have acquired a 12.6% share in the 4G smart phone market, making LYF the 3rd largest handset provider.


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