Reliance Jio Preview Offer to be Available on Samsung Z2 Smart Phones

Reliance Jio is the digital arm of parent company Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). It is a comprehensive digital ecosystem offering high-speed data, HD VoLTE calling, affordable 4G smartphones, portable hotspot devices, and premium content platforms.

The Jio preview offer introduced by the company in order to encourage the testing of its network, is now applicable on the purchase of Samsung Z2 smart phones.

Preview offer

The Jio preview offer guarantees Samsung Z2 user’s access to free unlimited Jio services for 90 days. This move ensures that Jio is available for testing on over 45 smart phone models offered by the South Korean manufacturer, Samsung. In addition to unlimited Internet services and calling facilities, users can also enjoy a host of Jio applications like JioOnDemand, JioSecurity, and JioBeats.

The offer is now a part of Jio’s beta testing phase that was initially restricted to Reliance stakeholders, employees, and associates. Later, it was extended to the family and friends of Reliance affiliates as well as major partners, and vendors. Thereafter, the offer was made available to LYF, Samsung, and LG 4G smart phone users. Besides this, the offer is also valid on JioFi, which is Reliance Jio’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot device.

Samsung Z2 users

Samsung and LG smart phone users have to download the MyJio application available on Google Play Store. This would then allow them to generate a code. Samsung Z2 users may then avail of this offer by walking into any Reliance Digital, Digital Express, or Digital Xpress Mini store. Additionally, several smart phone retailers across the country also offer the same scheme.

In addition to carrying proof of identity, and proof of address, users must also carry the code generated with the help of the MyJio app in order to be able to purchase the Jio SIM cards and avail Jio’s 4G services in India.

The process

Interested individuals need to fill and submit a KYC form at any of these outlets while purchasing the device. Users should also carry photographs, address proof documents, and identity proof documents like valid PAN cards.

After purchasing a Jio SIM card, the user has to insert it into the slot and download the MyJio application. The application has an ‘Avail Offer’ button which must be tapped to download the extensive range of Jio applications.

Users have to verify their cards by calling on 1977 after which the provisionary review offer will commence. They can then avail of approximately 2GB data, 100 SMS, and 100 minutes of voice and video calling. The complete offer, however, offers unlimited access for 90 days.

Future plans

The official Twitter account of Reliance Jio, JioCare stated that although the 4G preview offer is currently limited to the aforementioned two smart phone brands, users should stay tuned in for updates.

Analysts also predicted that the extension of an offer to Samsung and LG smart phone models may hint towards the commercial launch of Jio’s telecom services on a fully operational scale across India.


Reliance Jio preview offer is extended to Samsung Z2 smart phone models.


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