Jio’s Preview Offer Now Available on Vivo, HTC, and Intex

Reliance Jio is one of the emerging smart phone brands offering superior smart phone devices, 4G LTE services, and a range of other facilities. The brand has not yet launched its 4G services commercially, but through its preview launch, it has already garnered an impressive customer base. The offer which was earlier only available to smart phone brands like LYF, Samsung, and Panasonic, has now been extended to brands like HTC, Vivo, and Intex as well.

Tie-up with 19 brands

Jio now has a tie-up with around 19 4G mobile brands according to a source. Users of these brands can now experience free high-speed 4G connectivity for three months with this preview offer. The services range everything from HD voice calling, video calling, data facilities, messaging, to even Jio applications which can be easily accessed using their free Jio SIM card. Users who want to avail of the preview offer can walk into a nearby Reliance affiliated store like Digital Xpress Mini or Digital Xpress. Once they purchase any smart phone that is offered under the preview scheme, they will receive the free Jio SIM along with it.

Marketing strategy to expand user base

Earlier, Reliance Jio’s preview offer was only available to employees, acquaintances and other associates. But in order to extend its reach, the company has now opened it to others as well. Reliance Jio’s goal of giving users the access to a rich digital ecosystem through the varied range of services has gained momentum because of its innovative marketing strategies that also includes the Jio preview offer.

Morgan Stanley report

A recent report by merchant banker Morgan Stanley also revealed that Jio is expected to make enormous profits by the next financial year, thereby garnering around 40 million subscribers and drawing in revenue worth two billion dollars. It further stated that the telecom company would also experience a positive cash flow by FY19-20.

The merchant banker also added that the company’s revenue market share in the next financial year would include 19% in data and 2% in voice, which would sum up to a total share of 6%, with average revenue per user being Rs. 300. It also stated that Reliance Jio has spent a whopping 21 billion dollars towards the telecom project and that the launch is almost underway. Morgan Stanley elaborated on Jio’s spectrum bands stating that it intends to raise the total project capital expense for the telecom company to more than ten percent, if it considers a spectrum expenditure of 1.5 billion dollars in the upcoming auction.

The future seems bright for Reliance Industries, as per sources from Morgan Stanley, who predicted that RIL would commission projects worth 50 billion dollars around March 2017. The merchant banker feels that Reliance Jio has made tremendous progress with regard to its much-awaited launch of 4G in India, having already garnered a data capacity market share of 20 percent.


Reliance Jio has now made its 4G preview offer available to smart phone brands like Vivo, Intex, and HTC.


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