The Large-Scale Impact of Jio’s Revolutionary 4G-LTE Services in India

Reliance Jio’s foray into the telecom industry elevated the standard of digital services in India to a large extent. Apart from its exemplary 4G services, its competitive pricing has disrupted the market, causing other telecom operators to restructure their tariff plans and improvise their services to match up to the standards set. Jio has already crossed expectations by servicing over 50 million subscribers within only a few months of its launch. A report by Reuters even stated that Jio has exceeded current records by drawing 1000 users to its network service every minute, which almost totals up to 6 lakh subscribers every day. This is commendable since incumbent operators took more than a decade to reach this same target.

Jio’s telecom services were launched by Mukesh Ambani at a time when the Indian Government was planning the Digital India initiative. In fact the telecom company’s massive launch helped this campaign to a large extent, by allowing people from even the most remote parts of the country to avail of affordable 4G-LTE facilities and free voice calls.

Jio’s impactful entry into the telecom sector

Much of Jio’s success has been attributed to its strategic entry into the telecom field. The company launched before the wavelength auctions were held and at a time when the festival season was around the corner. Jio also had a well-structured plan about the wavelength purchase it would be making, which thereby helped the company further. It was also able to garner a large segment of users who were keen on making festive purchases and upgrading their phones as well as their network services. The welcome offer by Jio managed to achieve this effortlessly.

Affordable services and exciting offers

Jio’s low-priced 4G services were a cause of concern for rivals, but marked a happy moment for millions across the country who received the freedom to use data without worrying about the costs. Its plans were as cost-effective as Rs. 50 for every GB. To add this benefit, Jio even made voice calls free in the country, which means users will never have to pay for making calls. This consumer-oriented approach led to a rapid increase in the sales of Jio SIM cards, with people flocking to nearby Reliance Digital Stores and other outlets to get a hold of the same.

Satisfied customers and anxious competitors

Jio’s welcome offer played a very important role in helping the company build its customer base. The offer entails free unlimited data and calling services for three months till the end of 2016. What further boosted the number of Jio customers was the launch of smart phones by the company, under the brand LYF. This appealed to customers as the devices were of an excellent build-quality yet reasonably priced. Jio’s free add-on services are also expected to create a stir in the market and raise the bar for competitors.

Additionally, Reliance Jio has a range of applications including MyJio, JioTV, and many others are gaining popularity among users. In fact, many like MyJio, JioCinema, and JioNet are leading applications on the Google Play Store.


Jio’s role in the telecom industry in India and the reasons for its mass popularity.


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