Jio Set to Enter the Automobile Telematics Industry with the Launch of a New Device

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio’s 4G services have garnered a positive response across the country, with the brand drawing close to 72.4 million customers on its network. The telecom operator, however, intends to keep up the progress and continue to develop its services. Jio will now be making a foray into automobiles telematics by launching a device, which will be capable of sending alerts to the driver and controlling certain functions of a vehicle.

Device to control functions in car

The device to be launched by Jio could update the driver about details like battery and fuel with the help of a mobile application. The device will also have a host of other features. It would be capable of immobilizing a car during a theft, creating Wi-Fi access within the vehicle, locating its whereabouts, and even alerting the car’s owner about movements. Additionally, the owner will be able to control the car’s AC from any remote location and also receive information on how the driver is steering the vehicle. As per an industry source, the device will function on a Jio SIM card.

Jio has already initiated preparations for the device’s launch by talking to several automobile companies.  As per a source, the expected price of this Jio device will either be the same as the brand’s Rs. 2,000 worth portable Wi-Fi device or lesser than that. However, various other factors are also likely to determine its pricing.

Manufacturing of the device

Initially, the hardware device is expected to be imported from China. However, Jio itself has internally developed the mobile app as well as the device. Jio’s device vendor will be manufacturing more of these devices in India post the initial roll-out.

About the JioHealthHub app

Recently, Jio launched its health and fitness app called JioHealthHub. This app will allow users to keep a check on their health by uploading data concerning their health. Additionally, they could share their lab reports, medical bills, and prescriptions with family members and care providers. Users would be able to maintain their personal medical profile as well and gain access to their health charts.

Jio has partnered with several hospitals and labs for this app. Therefore, through this app, users are able to gain access to information concerning their specific test reports for reference at any time. To further enhance the functionality of the app’s health charts, Jio will be adding more support in order to track several parameters. As per Google Play data, JioHealthHub has already witnessed around 5,000 to 10,000 downloads.

Mukesh Ambani led Jio is currently offering free data services and apps through the Jio Happy New Year Offer until 31st March 2017. Apart from JioHealthHub, the brand also has a range of other applications like JioMoney and JioMusic. JioMoney allows users to make cashless transactions, while JioMusic facilitates live music streaming and downloading.

Jio is also testing its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services in a pilot test across cities like Mumbai and New Delhi. Through this service, customers may enable home surveillance, utility management, and entertainment in an automated way.


Reliance Jio is set to launch a device, which could control various functions of a car, send alerts to the owner, locate the car, and even safeguard it during thefts.


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