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Reliance Jio Signs Contracts with Cisco for Network Expansion and AirWire for Connected Car Device

February 28, 2017

The telecom arm of Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Reliance Jio confirmed Internet Protocol (IP) converged network deal with networking major, Cisco. This has been initiated to expand its already existing multi-terabit capacity.

Cisco’s technologies for Reliance Jio

In the past, Reliance Jio claimed to be the only company in the world offering end-to-end all-IP network digital services at such a large scale. Cisco already provides IP equipment for Reliance Jio’s data centers, packet network, and security solutions.

With the new deal, Cisco’s all-IP network will assist Jio in changing the delivery of citizen services in India from transportation, financial inclusion, and utilities to healthcare, education, entertainment, and agriculture.

Cisco’s technologies like Open Network Architecture and Cloud Scale Networking form the base of Jio’s all-IP digital platform. The technologies have features of IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), spanning areas that include Security and Contact Center solutions, Data Center, and Wi-Fi.

Reliance Jio’s digital solutions

The President of Reliance Jio, Mathew Oommen announced with pride that Jio, with its affordable and inclusive broadband services, has enhanced the way people of India enjoy data in their everyday lives.

The all-IP network supports the ever-increasing data demands, thereby helping Jio in achieving its goal of providing broadband and end-to-end digital solutions for all in India.

Reliance Jio has set up the largest cloud data center in India with over 1.85 lakh miles of fiber. With Jio’s launch, India’s user data consumption has increased by 40 times per month, making it the highest across the globe. Reliance Jio has established its infrastructure and Content Delivery Network (CDN) beyond Indian boundaries into London, Singapore, New York, France, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. Jio’s direct interconnection with global carriers enables the company to offer low-latency and high-quality experience to consumers in India.

Reliance Jio’s partnership with AirWire

With the tremendous success in the telecom sector, Mukesh Ambani  led Reliance Jio is now planning to enter the automobile telematics sector. According to an official statement, the company has joined hands with US-based AirWire Technologies to manufacture AirWire Connected Car device.

This device, based on the Internet of Things (IoT) will be available for Indian customers along with Jio’s advanced 4G/Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network services. The device will cost around INR 2,000. It will offer apps and services like automobile telematics, Wi-Fi hotspot features, safety and security, and location-based apps.

The new device may be attached to car’s OBD-II port using a cable to enable Reliance Jio’s seamless 4G LTE network. It will then upload useful vehicle information for analysis over the cloud. The user may also enjoy all the important apps and services over his smart phone.

A Jio spokesperson said that the device will offer a unique driving experience to the users. Reliance Jio’s connected car initiative, Jio Car Connect, and AirWire device will revolutionize driving, maintaining, securing and owning a car.


Reliance Jio has signed an IP converged network deal with Cisco to further expand its network capacity. It has also partnered with AirWire Technologies to manufacture connected car devices.

Reliance Jio Creates New Milestones with its Affordable Services

February 27, 2017

Last week, Mukesh Ambani announced that the telecom arm of Reliance Industries Limited, Reliance Jio, created a benchmark by registering 100 million subscribers in just 170 days of its launch. This achievement escalated India’s global rank in terms of broadband access.

Milestones of Reliance Jio

Post the Jio launch, the mobile data usage in India has become the highest in the world. It was recorded that Jio subscribers alone used almost the same amount of mobile data as the whole of the United States of America (USA) and 50% additional data compared to China. In January, Jio subscribers used 100 crore GB of data.

In the recent press conference, Mukesh Ambani dedicated the milestone achieved by Jio to the people who believed in the telecom company. In the initial 170 days of its launch, Jio received approximately 7 customers every second. He stated that it was the first time that any technology company in the world managed to receive such an overwhelming response.

Reliance Jio is one of the largest mobile networks in the world. It has over twice the 4G base stations in comparison to the industry.

Reliance Jio’s pricing strategy

Reliance Jio’s launch in September 2016 disrupted the value-conscious telecom market in India. The company proved that India has a large appetite for data, provided it is offered at the right price.

Earlier, telecom operators charged INR 250 per GB of data. With the Jio Prime subscription plan, the operator will charge only INR 10 per GB of data. Apart from this, Reliance Jio offers free unlimited local and national voice calls with no roaming charges, which will continue even after the free offer ends.

In an interview in 2016, Mukesh Ambani declared Jio’s voice pricing strategy. He mentioned that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Verizon told him that his country has stopped charging for voice calls since a long time. Mukesh Ambani felt it right to introduce this strategy in India, which is already being practiced across the world.

At present, voice services contribute to 70 percent of the total revenue of the telecom industry. With the introduction of Jio’s free voice calling facilities, incumbent players have been affected to a large extent.

Reliance Jio Prime plan

Reliance Jio has extended the benefits of its Happy New Year Offer with the Jio Prime plan. At a subscription fee of INR 99, Reliance Jio customers will enjoy unlimited data and voice calls by paying INR 303 every month. The Jio Prime plan will be valid from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018.

Reliance Jio’s future plans

Reliance Jio has planned to increase its data capacity by twice in the upcoming months. The company aims to cover 99 percent of the population in India with its network.

In the recent press conference, Mukesh Ambani promised “every day more value” to its users. This means that Reliance Jio will match the best-selling plans of other telecom operators and offer additional 20 percent data on them. Besides, Reliance Jio will also introduce value plans exclusively for Jio Prime members.


Reliance Jio creates a new milestone by garnering 100 million customers in just 170 days of its launch, thereby making India the highest mobile data user base in the world.

Reliance Jio Introduces Transaction Option on JioChat and Plans to Integrate JioMoney with Uber

February 21, 2017

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio has joined hands with Uber to integrate its mobile wallet app, JioMoney, with the cab service. Users will soon be able to use JioMoney to pay for their Uber rides. The companies announced the partnership in a prepared statement. Currently, only Paytm is used for making Uber payments, which will continue even after JioMoney is integrated.

The Business Head of JioMoney, Anirban S. Mukherjee stated that JioMoney is an important addition to the Jio ecosystem, with the app becoming one of the most preferred options for facilitating digital transactions. According to him, JioMoney’s integration with Uber will increase the number of transactions made via the digital platform.

Madhu Kannan, Chief Business Officer (CBO) for Uber India and emerging markets said that the new JioMoney payment option will enable users to enjoy a familiar and consistent payment experience. He stated that Uber aims to boost digital solutions for Indian users through the partnership.

JioMoney’s integration with JioChat

Reliance Jio has simplified the digital payment process with the introduction of a new feature on its wallet application. The company integrated the JioMoney app with its messaging service, JioChat. Reliance Jio users will now be able to make instant online payments using JioChat.

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio announced the launch of the new feature on its official Twitter handle with a short video explaining how the service functions. The feature can be accessed by JioMoney users only.

With the integration of these two apps, JioChat has become one of the few messaging services that offer money transfer facilities via chat in India. Apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat Pay, and SnapCash offer such services outside India.

Process of using the feature

Once the JioMoney wallet is integrated with the JioChat app, users will be able to transfer money to any of their contacts. To send money, users will have to open the chat window of the person they want to transfer money to and then click on the Rupee icon to enter the amount that needs to be transferred. Users will see their JioMoney balance below the text box. A tap on the send button will complete the transaction.

Linking JioMoney with JioChat 

To enjoy the new money transfer feature, a user has to link JioMoney and JioChat. Both the apps need to have the same mobile number registered. To link the apps, the user needs to go to the account section of the JioMoney app and select ‘Payments’ option. Thereafter, he will have to click on ‘More’ and then on ‘Link’. An OTP will be sent to the registered number. The accounts will be linked once the OTP is verified.

Alternatively, a user may link the accounts directly while transferring money. After entering the amount and tapping send, an OTP will be generated. Once the OTP is authenticated, the transfer will be made and the accounts will be linked.

Users also have an option to unlink the accounts if they want to. They can do so by tapping the ‘Payments’ section of the JioMoney app and selecting ‘Unlink Account’. A click on ‘JioMoney Account’ will then unlink the services. 


Reliance Jio users will soon be able to make payments for Uber rides using the JioMoney app. Besides, the company has introduced a new feature to enable digital payments through chat by linking JioMoney and JioChat.

Mukesh Ambani Offers Advice to Entrepreneurs at the Nasscom Forum and Also Highlights Corporate Lessons Taught by His Father

February 20, 2017

The Nasscom Leadership Forum, 2017 held in Mumbai witnessed a number of well-known personalities in attendance. Among them was the Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Mukesh Ambani. He took the opportunity to share his views on entrepreneurship at the event.

Ways to operate a successful business

The well-known industrialist spoke about the importance of being more careful while handling investors’ money compared to one’s own. He also stated that receiving support from the right team and focusing on long-term growth instead of immediate financial returns could contribute towards successful entrepreneurship.

Mukesh Ambani’s corporate journey

At the Nasscom Forum, Mukesh Ambani shed light on his journey as an entrepreneur besides sharing with the audience important factors that helped shape him into a successful industrialist. Mukesh Ambani mentioned that it was his father, Dhirubhai Ambani, who taught him the first lesson in business. He elaborated that his father emphasized on managerial skills. He recalled his father telling him that entrepreneurs always figure out what they eventually wish to do.

Importance of emphasizing on societal benefits

Mukesh Ambani further spoke on how an entrepreneur should first focus on identifying problems that concern them. He stated that once such issues have been identified, the solutions to the same could be found. Besides this, he emphasized that solutions to a specific problem must impact the society in a positive way instead of being solely focused on the financial returns. Mukesh Ambani added that RIL constantly aims to direct its operations in a way that benefits society. According to him, concentrating mainly on financial gains may not help an entrepreneur find solutions to problems that he is truly passionate about.

Using failures as stepping stones to success

Mukesh Ambani also gave advice on how failure in business should be used as a means to learning from past mistakes. He added that failures are completely normal and one should not be disheartened over them or go to the extent of giving up on a long-cherished dream.

With regard to running a business successfully, Mukesh Ambani stated that ensuring a team realizes the leader’s vision is important. Since an entrepreneur influences the team to a large extent, Mukesh Ambani believes that it is crucial for the leader to be optimistic. He added that entrepreneurs play an important role by spreading positive energy, which is a mark of a good corporate leader.

Reliance Industries Limited is making news with its massive telecom venture, Reliance Jio. Exemplary for its customer-centric approach, Jio focuses on empowering Indians with the power of data. The telecom operator’s budget-friendly 4G services have managed to reach out to a large part of India’s population. In just a few months of its launch, Jio managed to garner more 72.4 million customers, with its subscriber-base still growing at an exponential rate.


At the Nasscom Leadership Forum, 2017, Mukesh Ambani spoke about entrepreneurial lessons he learnt from his father. He also gave advice to entrepreneurs regarding ways through which they could make their business succeed.

JioCinema Update Lets Users Download Free Content for Offline Viewing during Jio Happy Hours

February 13, 2017

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio managed to garner a whopping user base of 72.4 million within months of its launch. Besides its high-speed 4G services, the brand became popular for its premium applications, which include TV, music, or movie streaming, digital wallet, and many other apps across varying segments. Of these, JioCinema has been a top favorite app with users for its extensive library of movies available in multiple languages.

About Smart Download feature

JioCinema was recently updated to include a new feature through which users may save their favorite movies or TV shows for offline viewing. JioCinema version 1.3.3 also received bug fixes and certain enhancements were made to improve its overall performance. The feature called Smart Download enables users to simply proceed with their chosen download during Jio Happy Hours, which is a special offering under the Jio Happy New Year Offer. Jio Happy Hours includes the time slot between 2 am and 5 am, wherein users may enjoy unlimited data to download content or conduct any related task. By using this feature, users will have their preferred content ready for offline viewing.

Guide to using the Smart Download option

Users who wish to avail of this latest feature will be required to update the JioCinema app to the version 1.3.3. After updating, they could choose from various categories like music, movies, or TV shows and then click on the download option. While doing so, users will also be able to choose the video quality that ranges from low, medium, to high. Users are given two options while downloading, which include the Download Now and the Smart Download option. They will need to choose the latter to have their selected content scheduled for downloading during the Jio Happy Hours. Users will then be able to find their downloaded content in the My Downloads tab available under the main menu.

Benefits of JioCinema

For added convenience, users could filter content in the download category as well. Additionally, they may keep a track of the storage available on the app. This will help in clearing out previously viewed content in order to make space for new videos or movies. The app has a storage capacity of 4 GB, which will enable users to store their content for offline viewing. One of the best benefits of JioCinema is that users could resume watching a movie or any other video from where they last left off instead of having to play it from the start.

JioCinema has been specially designed to suit the preferences of Indian users. Content could be browsed according to category, language, or even genre. The app can also recommend movies or shows depending on users’ viewing habits. It is also available with voice search support. With its extensive services, JioCinema has now gained a position among other leading apps offering similar features.


The recently updated JioCinema version 1.3.3 allows users to download free content between Jio Happy Hours and watch it offline.

RIL to Commence Manufacturing LYF Devices in India

February 7, 2017

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has realized the long-term benefits of commencing the production of LYF-branded devices in India. The company believes that shifting the manufacturing process to India will help in the reduction of the device prices and consequently enable a wider segment of the country’s population to get access to affordable smart phones and similar items.

Production of LYF devices in India

The company has requested its Taiwanese and Chinese original device manufacturers (ODMs) partners, which include LYF handset producer Foxconn as well, to start making LYF devices like smart set-top boxes, 4G smart phones, automobile telematics devices, and home automation products within the country. A source stated that the ODM partners are required to begin the production process as per a clause in their contract, wherein they will make and assemble the devices locally. Foxconn, the largest contract manufacturer, will start with the manufacturing of VoLTE-enabled LYF devices and other vendors are expected to follow suit with respect to other devices.

The source stated that the decision to start production of devices in India is because of the pricing, which will eventually reduce once the products are made locally. If affordable handsets are made available, people will be driven to adopt the comprehensive 4G services offered by RIL’s telecom arm, Reliance Jio.

Automobile telematics and FTTH services

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio is planning to establish itself in the automobile telematics and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) segment. After the success of its 4G venture, the company is motivated to offer customers a whole new range of products. Among the major projects being tested by Jio include the automobile telematics device. This device is capable of transforming any car into a connected one. It can send alerts to the owner regarding the vehicle’s battery capacity as well as fuel levels. Additionally, it could control specific movements of the vehicle and create Wi-Fi access within the car.

Jio has spoken to several automobile companies regarding the device’s launch in the upcoming months. The automobile telematics device will mostly be priced around INR 2,000, which will make it a budget-friendly option for users. This device will be imported from China in its early stages. However, it will be manufactured in India post the initial roll-out.

Jio’s FTTH project is in its pilot phase in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Users will be able to enjoy the service in a package, which includes a smart set-top box, Power Line Communication (PLC) devices, routers, and a JioMedia share device. This range of products will allow Jio to extend its HD TV, Video on Demand (VoD) services, and JioCloud facilities to users under its home entertainment segment. This collection will also offer landline phone services.

The FTTH service will facilitate automation of homes with the installation of six to seven Smart Plugs. With this, users would easily be able to use their smart phones to control their homes. Apart from this, Jio is also planning to introduce home surveillance systems, including smart locks, smart cameras, smart doorbells, and chime alarms, besides other products.


RIL has asked its ODM partners to start production of LYF devices in India.

JioCinema Receives an Update with the Smart Download Feature

February 6, 2017

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio, the telecom arm of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has made it to the list of top telecom companies in India. As promised, the company has managed to create an entire digital ecosystem comprising data services, applications, and even automobile telematics devices.

JioCinema app update

Recently, Jio introduced an update for its entertainment application JioCinema. This update will enable users to view content and also download the same even while they are traveling. This update has been launched with a Smart Download option. Jio has also enhanced the performance of the app and even fixed certain bugs.

Through the Smart Download option, users may set their download time between 2 am and 5 am, which are the Jio Happy Hours. During this time phase, they will not incur charges for downloads. Moreover, after exceeding the maximum data usage limit, they can continue to download without worrying about any expenses.

JioCinema is among the trending Jio applications. It boasts a comprehensive library of TV shows, clips, movie trailers, music videos, and movies. These are available across a varied number of Indian languages. In other words, the app promises more than 1 lakh hours of content.

Jio Car Connect OBD device

Jio’s foray into the automobile telematics sector with a Car Connect device will also make it among the first telecom companies in India to venture into this segment. The Jio Car Connect On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) device will offer comprehensive connectivity to the car. Once the OBD device is attached to a car, it will gain access to important information regarding the vehicle. The device will function through a Jio SIM card, which will be inserted into it. On activation of data, this device will function as a hotspot, thereby letting users connect their smart phones as well.

The OBD device may be used with the Jio Car Connect app. It will enable users to receive important information about their cars like the battery, fuel, and temperature, besides other things. Users will also receive alerts regarding speed, fuel levels, and harsh brakes. Other alerts that the device is capable of sending include door alerts and even panic alerts. Door alerts will indicate users in case their vehicle’s doors are open. The OBD even has the ability to control the air conditioning system in a car. Moreover, it can record driving patterns to alert owners in case of unsafe driving patterns.

The Jio Car Connect OBD device is currently being tested before being launched for the masses. The device will most likely be launched only after the roll out of Jio DTH service and JioFiber broadband facility. JioFiber services are also being tested for their performance in various cities across India. With regard to Jio’s data service, customers are currently enjoying free Internet facilities under the Jio Happy New Year Offer valid until 31st March 2017.


The new update for JioCinema app will allow content to be downloaded by users for offline viewing even when traveling.


Jio Has Contributed over 16.2 Million Users to India’s Telecom Subscriber Base

February 3, 2017

India is experiencing a revolutionary transformation in the digital sector. The country even recorded a growth in telecom subscriber base by 21.02 million towards the end of November 2016, owing to Reliance Jio’s massive telecom venture.

Jio responsible for boost in country’s telecom subscriber base

While the number of subscribers in October 2016 was 1,102.94 million, in November 2016, this number shot up to 1,123.96 million, according to a Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) report. Therefore, as per the increase in subscribers, the monthly growth rate was recorded at 1.91%. The number of mobile subscribers in India also rose to 1,099.51 million in November 2016 as compared to the previous month’s 1,078.42 million. This large-scale increase in the number of subscribers was attributed to Jio’s active operations in the telecom sector. Mukesh Ambani led Jio has been regarded as one of the biggest contributors to the growing number of telecom customers in India, with the brand adding more than 16.2 million users in November 2016. In only three post its launch, Jio managed to increase its subscriber base to a whopping 51.87 million, owing to its effective marketing strategy and superior 4G services. The company is now a leading brand in the mobile broadband sector.

Social networking platform, Facebook, benefits from Jio

Leading social networking platform, Facebook has also benefitted from Jio’s massive 4G roll out, which was evident in the former’s fourth quarter earnings. Jio’s free 4G services led to a large number of subscribers adopting the facilities and consequently increasing their usage of apps like Facebook. In terms of user base, Facebook stated that India has been the social networking app’s strongest growth market.

David Wehner, the CFO of Facebook, revealed that the company’s growth in Asia mainly witnessed a boost because of the free data services offered by Jio in India. He stated that the promotional free offer launched by the telecom brand considerably impacted Facebook’s revenues. Jio, which was launched in September 2016, made its foray with a preview offer that gave users access to free data services and apps for three months. These services were then extended for another three months with the Jio Happy New Year Offer.  Additionally, the brand even made voice calling free for a lifetime. Jio’s marketing strategy even compelled incumbent operators to reduce their tariff plans as well.

Towards the end of the fourth quarter, Facebook recorded 165 million monthly users in India. This is being considered as the largest user base of the platform anywhere in the world after the United States. Facebook witnessed a year on year consumer base growth rate of 18%. In this regard, out of the 1.23 billion active users worldwide, 396 million have been from Asia.

Recently, a study by mobile analysis application, Smartapp, revealed that platforms like Facebook have profited the most from Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio’s telecom services. The analysis even found that ever since Jio’s free promotional offer was rolled out, the login rate for Facebook rose to 467%.


Reliance Jio’s performance in the industry has contributed largely to the total number of telecom subscribers in India, according to TRAI.