Mukesh Ambani Offers Advice to Entrepreneurs at the Nasscom Forum and Also Highlights Corporate Lessons Taught by His Father

The Nasscom Leadership Forum, 2017 held in Mumbai witnessed a number of well-known personalities in attendance. Among them was the Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Mukesh Ambani. He took the opportunity to share his views on entrepreneurship at the event.

Ways to operate a successful business

The well-known industrialist spoke about the importance of being more careful while handling investors’ money compared to one’s own. He also stated that receiving support from the right team and focusing on long-term growth instead of immediate financial returns could contribute towards successful entrepreneurship.

Mukesh Ambani’s corporate journey

At the Nasscom Forum, Mukesh Ambani shed light on his journey as an entrepreneur besides sharing with the audience important factors that helped shape him into a successful industrialist. Mukesh Ambani mentioned that it was his father, Dhirubhai Ambani, who taught him the first lesson in business. He elaborated that his father emphasized on managerial skills. He recalled his father telling him that entrepreneurs always figure out what they eventually wish to do.

Importance of emphasizing on societal benefits

Mukesh Ambani further spoke on how an entrepreneur should first focus on identifying problems that concern them. He stated that once such issues have been identified, the solutions to the same could be found. Besides this, he emphasized that solutions to a specific problem must impact the society in a positive way instead of being solely focused on the financial returns. Mukesh Ambani added that RIL constantly aims to direct its operations in a way that benefits society. According to him, concentrating mainly on financial gains may not help an entrepreneur find solutions to problems that he is truly passionate about.

Using failures as stepping stones to success

Mukesh Ambani also gave advice on how failure in business should be used as a means to learning from past mistakes. He added that failures are completely normal and one should not be disheartened over them or go to the extent of giving up on a long-cherished dream.

With regard to running a business successfully, Mukesh Ambani stated that ensuring a team realizes the leader’s vision is important. Since an entrepreneur influences the team to a large extent, Mukesh Ambani believes that it is crucial for the leader to be optimistic. He added that entrepreneurs play an important role by spreading positive energy, which is a mark of a good corporate leader.

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At the Nasscom Leadership Forum, 2017, Mukesh Ambani spoke about entrepreneurial lessons he learnt from his father. He also gave advice to entrepreneurs regarding ways through which they could make their business succeed.


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