Reliance Jio Introduces Transaction Option on JioChat and Plans to Integrate JioMoney with Uber

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio has joined hands with Uber to integrate its mobile wallet app, JioMoney, with the cab service. Users will soon be able to use JioMoney to pay for their Uber rides. The companies announced the partnership in a prepared statement. Currently, only Paytm is used for making Uber payments, which will continue even after JioMoney is integrated.

The Business Head of JioMoney, Anirban S. Mukherjee stated that JioMoney is an important addition to the Jio ecosystem, with the app becoming one of the most preferred options for facilitating digital transactions. According to him, JioMoney’s integration with Uber will increase the number of transactions made via the digital platform.

Madhu Kannan, Chief Business Officer (CBO) for Uber India and emerging markets said that the new JioMoney payment option will enable users to enjoy a familiar and consistent payment experience. He stated that Uber aims to boost digital solutions for Indian users through the partnership.

JioMoney’s integration with JioChat

Reliance Jio has simplified the digital payment process with the introduction of a new feature on its wallet application. The company integrated the JioMoney app with its messaging service, JioChat. Reliance Jio users will now be able to make instant online payments using JioChat.

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio announced the launch of the new feature on its official Twitter handle with a short video explaining how the service functions. The feature can be accessed by JioMoney users only.

With the integration of these two apps, JioChat has become one of the few messaging services that offer money transfer facilities via chat in India. Apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat Pay, and SnapCash offer such services outside India.

Process of using the feature

Once the JioMoney wallet is integrated with the JioChat app, users will be able to transfer money to any of their contacts. To send money, users will have to open the chat window of the person they want to transfer money to and then click on the Rupee icon to enter the amount that needs to be transferred. Users will see their JioMoney balance below the text box. A tap on the send button will complete the transaction.

Linking JioMoney with JioChat 

To enjoy the new money transfer feature, a user has to link JioMoney and JioChat. Both the apps need to have the same mobile number registered. To link the apps, the user needs to go to the account section of the JioMoney app and select ‘Payments’ option. Thereafter, he will have to click on ‘More’ and then on ‘Link’. An OTP will be sent to the registered number. The accounts will be linked once the OTP is verified.

Alternatively, a user may link the accounts directly while transferring money. After entering the amount and tapping send, an OTP will be generated. Once the OTP is authenticated, the transfer will be made and the accounts will be linked.

Users also have an option to unlink the accounts if they want to. They can do so by tapping the ‘Payments’ section of the JioMoney app and selecting ‘Unlink Account’. A click on ‘JioMoney Account’ will then unlink the services. 


Reliance Jio users will soon be able to make payments for Uber rides using the JioMoney app. Besides, the company has introduced a new feature to enable digital payments through chat by linking JioMoney and JioChat.


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