Reliance Jio Creates New Milestones with its Affordable Services

Last week, Mukesh Ambani announced that the telecom arm of Reliance Industries Limited, Reliance Jio, created a benchmark by registering 100 million subscribers in just 170 days of its launch. This achievement escalated India’s global rank in terms of broadband access.

Milestones of Reliance Jio

Post the Jio launch, the mobile data usage in India has become the highest in the world. It was recorded that Jio subscribers alone used almost the same amount of mobile data as the whole of the United States of America (USA) and 50% additional data compared to China. In January, Jio subscribers used 100 crore GB of data.

In the recent press conference, Mukesh Ambani dedicated the milestone achieved by Jio to the people who believed in the telecom company. In the initial 170 days of its launch, Jio received approximately 7 customers every second. He stated that it was the first time that any technology company in the world managed to receive such an overwhelming response.

Reliance Jio is one of the largest mobile networks in the world. It has over twice the 4G base stations in comparison to the industry.

Reliance Jio’s pricing strategy

Reliance Jio’s launch in September 2016 disrupted the value-conscious telecom market in India. The company proved that India has a large appetite for data, provided it is offered at the right price.

Earlier, telecom operators charged INR 250 per GB of data. With the Jio Prime subscription plan, the operator will charge only INR 10 per GB of data. Apart from this, Reliance Jio offers free unlimited local and national voice calls with no roaming charges, which will continue even after the free offer ends.

In an interview in 2016, Mukesh Ambani declared Jio’s voice pricing strategy. He mentioned that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Verizon told him that his country has stopped charging for voice calls since a long time. Mukesh Ambani felt it right to introduce this strategy in India, which is already being practiced across the world.

At present, voice services contribute to 70 percent of the total revenue of the telecom industry. With the introduction of Jio’s free voice calling facilities, incumbent players have been affected to a large extent.

Reliance Jio Prime plan

Reliance Jio has extended the benefits of its Happy New Year Offer with the Jio Prime plan. At a subscription fee of INR 99, Reliance Jio customers will enjoy unlimited data and voice calls by paying INR 303 every month. The Jio Prime plan will be valid from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018.

Reliance Jio’s future plans

Reliance Jio has planned to increase its data capacity by twice in the upcoming months. The company aims to cover 99 percent of the population in India with its network.

In the recent press conference, Mukesh Ambani promised “every day more value” to its users. This means that Reliance Jio will match the best-selling plans of other telecom operators and offer additional 20 percent data on them. Besides, Reliance Jio will also introduce value plans exclusively for Jio Prime members.


Reliance Jio creates a new milestone by garnering 100 million customers in just 170 days of its launch, thereby making India the highest mobile data user base in the world.


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