Reliance Jio Partners with Ciena and is Expected to Have 82 Percent of Users after Expiration of Free Offer

A survey by United States (US)-based brokerage, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch revealed that a majority of the existing Reliance Jio customers will continue to use the service even after the company starts charging from 1st April 2017.

Findings of the survey

82 percent of the people who were surveyed said that they will continue with their Jio connection once the free offer ends. 96 percent of the ones who responded positively said that they will subscribe to the Jio Prime plan. It was found that the INR 303 plan was the most popular choice amongst these respondents.

The INR 303 Jio Prime plan offers all the benefits of the Happy New Year offer for 28 days. These include unlimited local and national calls, free 4G data with a daily usage cap of 1 GB, free SMS services, and free national roaming, among other facilities.

The survey was conducted online in the third week of March. About 1,000 random Jio users were questioned, with the focus being on garnering a response from mid-end and high-end smart phone users.

83 percent of the total people surveyed said that the 4G network of Jio is at par with other telecom operators, with 41 percent stating it to be better. This indicates that the level of customer satisfaction is increasing for the Mukesh Ambani-led telecom company.

In Bank of America-Merrill Lynch’s last survey, which was conducted in December 2016, 50 percent of users said that Jio was their primary SIM card. This number has now gone up to 66 percent. A majority of the participants even said that Jio offers higher and better data speeds, and reported a notable improvement in its voice quality.

With reference to the survey, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch stated that Jio’s popularity will make retaining high-end customers difficult for incumbent telecom operators. It added that their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) could get strained.

Recently, Sanford C. Bernstein also conducted a survey. In that, Mukesh Ambani led Jio scored the ‘highest overall on customer loyalty’. In terms of customer service, data speeds, data coverage, convenience, and handset choice, Jio scored more than incumbent operators.

Reliance Jio’s partnership with Ciena

Reliance Jio entered into a partnership with the telecom networking solutions company, Ciena. The US-based company will help Jio in improving its data speeds and supporting the increasing customer base with multi-terabit packet-optical technology.

The new technology will enable Reliance Jio to operate at a speed as high as 200 GBPS. It will also enable Jio to accomplish its dream of pan-India 4G network coverage. The deal is estimated to be worth INR 100 crore.

Mukesh Ambani  led Reliance Jio President Jyotindra Thacker said that the partnership with Ciena will allow Jio to support a higher level of data consumption, offer enhanced services, and boost customer confidence in the brand.

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Ciena, Steve Alexander said that Jio understands the needs of the present digital environment and will meet the increasing demands of high-speed data in India.


According to a survey by Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, 82 percent of users will continue to use Jio’s services even after the company begins charging. Reliance Jio has also joined hands with Ciena to offer high-speed data and support the expanding customer base.

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