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Nita Ambani – The Person with a Mission

October 30, 2017

Nita Ambani, a person who has made contributions to education, health, sports, and also a revival of arts has received the Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puraskar, among her many achievements.

Receives the Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puraskar

Receiving the award in Delhi from the President of India was a humbling experience for Nita Ambani. She said that it was a tribute to the hard work of the Reliance Foundation and the team players. She also said that before buying the Mumbai Indians team, she was not interested in sports. However, in 2009, she went on a trip with the team to South Africa, which was her first exposure to live sports. This made her start the ‘Education For All’ initiative with Mumbai Indians and other programs for sports as well.

Indian Super League

At a global conference in 2014; the FIFA World Cup was being played live on the television. The participants at the conference started cheering for their team and she felt left out as there was no Indian team to cheer for. This time, when she came back she decided to do something for Indian football and that’s how the Indian Super League came about.

International Olympics Committee 2016

In 2016, the International Olympics Committee elected Nita Ambani as its first woman member. It was a proud moment for her as girls like Sakshi Malik, Dipa Karmakar, and PV Sindhu were playing their winning bouts at that time. She thinks that Indians should encourage girls to get into sports. According to her, India should get involved in the grassroots development of sports; otherwise, it cannot become a sporty nation.

Nita Ambani talks about work and family

When asked whether her family brings work home, she said that as her children have joined the family business, it is natural to discuss work even when they are home. She also feels that it is exciting as she is learning new things from them.

When talking about her children, she said that she has always given equal opportunities to all three. She said that she raised Isha without any distinction. She allowed her children follow their dreams.

When talking about her marriage with Mukesh Ambani and how they bond, she said that they’ve been married for 33 years and she is lucky to have someone who supports her in everything she does. Their friendship and partnership has stayed through the years.

Nita Ambani talks about the new projects

Nita Ambani feels very excited about the convention center (which will have a performing theatre) in BKC, Mumbai and the traveling museum. She said that the convention center is for the people of Mumbai and it will be completed by 2019. She also thinks that India should send the best of its arts and crafts to different countries. This is the reason why she took the Nasreen Mohamedi to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts (Met), New York.


Nita Ambani talks about family and her contribution to arts and sports for the betterment of India.

Nita Ambani Desires for India to Become a Multi-Sport Nation

October 14, 2016

Nita Ambani aims to transform the lives of millions of Indians through Reliance Foundation (RF) and various other initiatives. Her programs are aimed at devising contemporary solutions that help tackle or eradicate problems faced in the country. She has spearheaded several initiatives in the fields of healthcare, sports, and rural transformation, among others.

Nita Ambani and sports

Nita Ambani dreams of a brighter future for India, of it being wholly accepting and encouraging of multiple sport disciplines. She believes that all influential individuals like teachers, coaches, and parents should strive to instill the love of sports in children. Instead of being just another chore, sports should be integrated into the Indian school curriculum, thereby helping students to be more active and physically fit.

By focusing on multiple sports, the scope of growth and development of these children and consequently the country is widened. In order to do so, she states that there is extensive work to be done in terms of the infrastructure available in the country. This would supplement the hard work of the coaches, thereby creating an appropriate platform for talented individuals.

The field of football

Nita Ambani stated how overwhelmed she felt on the support she received for her football initiative, the Indian Super League (ISL). She said that in addition to the fan support, even the franchise owners had a competitive spirit, which contributed to the overall success of the league. On the 12th of October, 2014, the ISL helped start a football revolution in the country, and the league is now in its third run. The first of its kind, the league was the talk of the town and helped popularize the sport. Nita Ambani elaborated on a few challenges faced in the ISL, one of them being the infrastructure. She said that the team had to work a lot to prepare the football pitches and venues for matches.

The ISL’s grassroots program

The league considers its grassroots initiatives to be extremely integral to the development of football in the country. It has laid down a long-term strategic plan that will be incorporated and followed by its clubs. Reliance Foundation’s Young Champs program is also designed to scout and train young children in the sport. They will be selected and trained at an RF facility in Navi Mumbai. This unique scholarship program is a full-time one and is focused on coaching them while also ensuring they receive quality education.

Nita Ambani is paving the way for the development of different sports by working at the grassroots as well as other levels through the Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL), Reliance Foundation (RF), as well as the Indian Super League (ISL).

Nita Ambani explains that many Indian parents are wary of their children taking up sports as a profession and that this belief needs to be changed immediately. She believes that all sports can be lucrative and that by creating financially attractive opportunities in the same, Indian sports can become globally recognized.


Nita Ambani, through several initiatives and programs, is working towards transforming India into a multi-sport nation.

Nita Ambani Discusses Sports and its Role in Community Development at the Vatican

October 10, 2016

Nita Ambani, Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, is a multi-talented individual. An Indian representative at the International Olympic Committee (IOC), she aims to integrate sports into the lives of millions of Indians.

Nita Ambani is also the person behind the popular Indian Super League (ISL). It is a football league that intends to popularize the sport across India and create a unique platform for young talent. Presently in its third edition, the Hero ISL also has a grassroots initiative. Aimed at inculcating the spirit of the sport across rural towns and villages in India, the grassroots program touched the lives of more than half a million children in its first run itself.

Through her work in the foundation, Nita Ambani continues to spearhead projects that emphasize the role played by sports in the growth of the youth, enabling them to develop their leadership skills.

The Vatican Conference

A conference was held in the Vatican by the IOC and the United Nations (UN). It was hosted by Thomas Bach, President of the IOC, Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General, and Pope Francis. Nita Ambani was the Indian representative at this event, which witnessed the participation of more than 150 world leaders.

The main focus of this conference was on the role played by sport and faith, which if combined would have a greater impact on individuals belonging to different countries and walks of life.

Nita Ambani’s speech

Nita Ambani spoke about sports and humanity at this event. She explained how the field of sports is a medium of change which can help society overcome its differences and unite for a shared cause. Citing numerous case studies from Reliance Foundation’s (RF) youth engagement drives, she explained how sports can help transform the lives of people by creating new opportunities which were previously unavailable. She emphasized on sports, stating that they have the potential to help communities, countries, and consequently, the entire world.

The power of sports

Nita Ambani thanked the organizers for allowing her to speak at the ‘Sport at the Service of Humanity’ conference. She reinstated how sport is capable of fostering relations between people belonging to different religions, regions, and backgrounds.

Nita Ambani, explained how witnessing people belonging to varied ages and groups coming together to support individual players or a team is magical. She explained how sport has the unique power of creating avenues, allowing communities to cast aside their differences and come together. She said that the conference opened up her mind to newer ideas that she hopes to implement in the near future.


The ‘Sport at the Service of Humanity’ Conference held in Vatican City witnessed Nita Ambani speak about the role played by sports in the overall development of individuals belonging to different communities in India and the world.

Nita Ambani addresses a ‘Faith and Sport’ Conference held by the Vatican

October 7, 2016

Smt. Nita Ambani, Founder and Chairperson, Reliance Foundation addressed the delegates at the Sport at the Service of Humanity Conference – The First Global Conference on Faith and Sport, held by the Vatican in conjunction with the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee. The Conference was hosted by His Holiness Pope Francis, Ban Kimoon, Secretary General of the United Nations, and Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee.

This Conference held at the Vatican City, which was blessed by His Holiness Pope Francis, saw the participation of over 150 world leaders in discussion on how Sport and Faith working together can improve and enhance the lives of those who most need it in many different walks of life. Smt. Ambani was the only representative from India at the Conference.


Addressing the delegates, Smt. Ambani spoke about the impact of sport on society and its ability to transcend differences. She also shared relevant case studies from the Reliance Foundation’s many youth focused sports programmes, highlighting the transformational power of sport, not just for an individual but also for their community, country and the world.

Speaking on the side-lines of the Conference, Smt. Ambani added, “I am privileged to have had the opportunity to share my experiences at the Sport at the Service of Humanity Conference. Sport, I have observed over the years, has an ability to bring people together irrespective of their geography, ethnicity, religion or circumstance. Magical things happen on sports fields – smiles and friendships bloom over wins and losses.”

She further added, “There is a strong connection today between Faith and Sport, not just as players and spectators but across the entire community. I have seen people from different religions, people who speak different languages, of all age groups come together in support of a single team / player. This is the extraordinary ability that sport has, to multiply the power of Faith, to create human bonding, and foster positive change. I had a very enriching and insightful exchange of thoughts at the Conference, seeding some very tangible ideas which I hope to implement, going forward.”

Smt. Nita Ambani has been an enthusiastic promoter of sport in the country. She is actively involved in promoting multiple sports in India through a number of largescale grassroots initiatives, with focus on developing young talent. She has initiated and singularly driven initiatives like Education for All (EFA), Reliance Foundation Youth Sports (RFYS) Reliance Foundation Young Champs (RFYC) and the Reliance Foundation Junior NBA programme, which have together impacted the lives of more than 5.5 million children across multiple sports.

Her contribution to the growth of sports in India has been recognized as a catalyst of change across various sports through the strong grassroots programmes that will help identify and nurture new talent from across the country. Smt. Nita Ambani was recently elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). She is the first Indian woman representative and is also currently the only representative from India in the IOC.


The goal of the Sport at the Service of Humanity Conference is to create a place where thought leaders from sports, business, politics, academia, media and different religious faiths can discuss how Faith and Sport can work together to better serve humanity.

About Reliance Foundation:

Reliance Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Reliance Industries Limited, aims to play a catalytic role in addressing the nation’s development challenges through innovative and sustainable solutions. Led by Founder and Chairperson Smt. , Nita Ambani, Reliance Foundation is relentlessly working towards facilitating transformative changes to ensure overall well-being and higher quality of life for all by developing the nation’s social capital. Among India’s largest social initiatives, the Foundation is focused on addressing the nation’s development challenges in areas of Rural Transformation, Education, Health, Sports, Disaster Management, Urban Renewal, and Arts, Culture and Heritage. The Foundation’s direct, hands on approach has touched the lives of more than seven million people across India, in more than 10,500 villages and urban locations.


Nita Ambani addresses the ‘Sport at the Service of Humanity’ Conference held by the Vatican in conjunction with the UN and the IOC – The only representative from India at the Conference.

Nita Ambani’s Role as India’s Women Empowerment Crusader

October 6, 2016

Nita Ambani is a force to reckon with. The personality behind Reliance Foundation, Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL), and many other key initiatives aimed at creating newer opportunities across India, Nita Ambani is also actively working towards women empowerment.

Involved in several fields like healthcare, education, and sports, she is also responsible for Project Drishti. The project, in association with the National Association for the Blind (NAB), works to help carry out free eye donation drives and corneal transplants for visually-impaired individuals.

Gender inequality in India

Although efforts have been made to create equal avenues for women, there is still a long way to go, especially in a country like India. Patriarchy and misogyny prevent society from encouraging young women and celebrating their achievements. This is a roadblock that has prevented the country from achieving the goal of gender equality. Although India has one of the largest populations of women in the world, the opportunities do not correspond. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to uplift women belonging to marginalized communities.

Women like Nita Ambani are paving the way by creating fundamental structures that are not rigid and acting as a role model for many women. Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, Nita Ambani was a key speaker at the Women in the World India Summit 2015.

Women in the World Summit

The first Women in the World Summit in India was held on 20th November 2015 at Delhi. Nita Ambani co-hosted the event along with eminent personalities like Barkha Dutt, Shabana Azmi, Tina Brown, Prabha Narasimhan, and Anand Mahindra. The main focus of her speech was what supporting women meant to her on a personal level.

At the summit, Nita Ambani explained that supporting women was neither a part of her company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities nor a philanthropic drive. Instead, she regards it to be her duty and responsibility as an individual who has access to adequate resources. She claimed to have learnt a lot through RF’s work in rural areas, with many women from these areas who still continue to inspire her.

Nita Ambani’s dream for women in India

She believes that the present is the perfect time to decide what kind of an environment the citizens of India would like to raise their children in. The current scenario in India is unequal and unjust, especially for women. With regard to this, she asked everyone to step forward and not accept a world where women are treated unfairly.

While ending her speech, Nita Ambani  shed light on women leaders of India’s glorious past like Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, and Jhansi ki Rani. She suggested that people should draw inspiration from them and strive towards creating a world that is not just better for women but also supports all sections of society.


Nita Ambani is a major contributor to the women empowerment movement in India. Her initiatives focus on creating long-term solutions and providing employment opportunities to women, thereby helping them become self-sustainable.

Rio Olympics Medal Winners Felicitated by IOC Member Nita Ambani

October 4, 2016

Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, Nita Ambani’s recent election to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was met with much fervor in India. Besides being the first Indian woman member on the committee, she also received the privilege of distributing medals at the grand Rio Olympics.

Medal distribution at Rio Olympics

This opportunity not only gave her the chance to represent India on a global platform, but also reflected her immense interest in sports. The 400m freestyle podium winners were presented with their medals by Nita Ambani on the 8th of August 2016. Medal winners included Kathleen Ledecky, Jazz Carlin, and Leah Smith, who won gold, silver, and bronze respectively.

Nita Ambani’s role in the development of Indian sports

Nita Ambani has been actively involved in the development of sports in the country through Reliance Foundation. The foundation’s grassroots programs have extended to more than 3 million children so far. Apart from initiating grassroots programs to scout new talent for various sports like basketball and football, Nita Ambani is also the Founder of the Indian Super League (ISL). This league was started off to promote football in the country. So far, it has managed to rise in terms of mass popularity, with the league now in its third edition. Apart from this, Nita Ambani is also the owner of Indian Premier League (IPL) team, Mumbai Indians.

Election to the International Olympic Committee

Nita Ambani’s dedication towards transforming India into a multi-sport nation earned her global recognition when she was nominated and thereafter elected to the International Olympic Committee. The election ceremony took place during the 129th IOC Session at Rio. The process was completed by adhering to the recommendations of the Olympic Agenda 2020. As per its guidelines, she will hold office as member of the committee till she attains 70 years of age. Previously elected representatives from India in the IOC include Sir Dorabji Tata and Raja Randhir Singh, with the latter presently functioning as an honorary member in the International Olympic Committee.

On her election, Nita Ambani expressed her happiness at a press release by stating that she felt humbled by the gesture. She further elaborated that the opportunity was a moment of recognition for India and Indian women on an international level. Nita Ambani also spoke about her belief in sports, to aid in the development of the country’s youth. She feels that it holds the power to unite people. Post Nita Ambani’s election to the committee, she received a string of congratulatory messages from eminent personalities on various social media platforms like Twitter. Among the many who wished her on the achievement was Reliance’s Sports Division CEO, Sundar Raman.


IOC member, Nita Ambani receives the opportunity to distribute medals to winners at the Rio Olympics.

Nita Ambani and the Indian Super League

October 3, 2016

In order to extend the philanthropic reach of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Nita Ambani established Reliance Foundation (RF) in 2010. The foundation lays heavy emphasis on the role played by sports in the development of youth. As part of this belief, Nita Ambani founded Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL). FSDL is one of the core promoters of the Indian Super League (ISL), which is also the brainchild of Mrs. Ambani.

The Indian Super League

A football league backed by IMG-Reliance, Star India, and the All India Football Federation (AIFF), the ISL is a platform dedicated to showcase young football talent. Its third edition began on the 1st of October 2016. The finals of this edition will be held during the end of December 2016. The eight participating clubs in ISL belong to the cities of Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Kochi, Guwahati, and Delhi.

The Hero Indian Super League intends to modify and improve the stadiums in these eight cities. Along with this refurbishment activity, the league also relies on a grassroots development program that aims to encourage talent across India. The movement even reaches out to small towns and rural areas in order to help inculcate a multi-sport culture in India.

The league believes that once young talent is equipped with adequate resources, Indian football will not only be able to reach but also exceed global standards. Its goal is to create an Indian football team that qualifies to play at the 2016 FIFA World Cup.

Growth of the ISL

In India, the ISL led by Nita Ambani has succeeded to an extent in popularizing the sport. A premier football platform, the ISL has witnessed several high-profile players associated with it over the past two years. Popular names include Diego Forlan, Lucio, and Floren Malouda. While Diego has played for both Atletico Madrid and Manchester United, Lucio is a Brazilian World Cup winner, and Malouda has been the midfielder for Chelsea and Liverpool. Additionally, ISL fulfills its promise of encouraging new sportspersons by including new talent as well.

2016 opening ceremony

October 1st 2016 marked a star-studded opening ceremony inaugurating the Indian Super League. The chosen venue for this event was the Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium in Guwahati. Attendees included sportspersons and Bollywood stars. Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, and Jacqueline Fernandez performed along with 500 individuals at the 30-minute-long show. Spectators at this stadium were also treated to an enthralling musical session by the Shillong Chamber Choir.

With regard to co-team owners, Ranbir Kapoor, Sachin Tendulkar, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni were present along with ISL Founder and Chairperson, Nita Ambani. They own the Mumbai City, Kerala Blasters, and Chennaiyin football clubs respectively. John Abraham, owner of the NorthEast United FC also made it to the event. Additionally, Rio Olympics medal winner PV Sindhu also graced the occasion.

Nita Ambani believes that sports are a way of bringing people together in a positive and constructive manner. She explained how the ISL will enable millions of Indians to witness the growth of India as a football-friendly nation.


The Indian Super League’s third edition was inaugurated on the 1st of October 2016. Founded by Nita Ambani, the league aims to transform the field of football in India.


July 22, 2016

Mumbai, 21st July, 2016: An avid reader who is also a compulsive writer, a thought leader, often sharing her discernment at public forums, Gunjan Jain along with Penguin Random House India today launched her debut book – She Walks, She Leads in Mumbai. The book is an anthology of 24 women achievers who are at the pinnacle of their profession. The anthology is likely to be the first of its kind in the global publishing industry to feature over 150+ leaders who have authorized their presence and is likely to be in Guinness for its achievements. The first copy of the book is releasing on 15th of August 2016 and will be available at all the leading bookstores across India for Rs. 799.Nita Ambani at the Book Launch Event

Ms. Nita Ambani and Mr. Deepak Parekh supported the launch event in the city and invited their key guests for the evening. Some of the prominent faces in attendance were Mr. Shahrukh Khan, Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Ms. Isha Ambani, Mr. Anant Ambani, Mr. Akash Ambani, Ms. Anupama Chopra, Ms. Chhaya Momaya, Mr. Gautam Singhania, Ms. Nandita Das, Ms. Parmeshwar Godrej, Ms. Rajashree Birla, Mr. Subhash Chandra, Ms. Zia Mody, Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla & Ms. Chanda Kochhar etc. The evening kicked off with welcome remarks and opening speech by Ms. Nita Ambani and Mr. Ajay Piramal followed by book unveiling and book reading by Ms. Swati Piramal. This was trailed by a panel discussion with Mr. Ajay Piramal, Mr. Adi Godrej and Mr. Suhel Seth on ‘The Pursuit of Success: Do men and women do it differently?’

Nita Ambani at the launch of Book-She Walks, She Leads.jpg

She Walks, She Leads, covers 24 women across 24 chapters, each based on extensive interviews with the protagonist and enlivened with the views and comments by her professional associates, peers, friends and family members. More than 130 leading personalities from a wide range of professions have lent their voices on these featured women providing rare insights of their life and considerably enrich their stories.

Women featured in book are Ms. Nita Ambani, Ms. Sudha Murty, Ms. Priyanka Chopra, Ms. Kareena Kapoor Khan, Ms. Sania Mirza, Ms. Saina Nehwal, Ms. Indira Nooyi, Ms. Mary Kom, Ms. Parameshwar Godrej, Ms. Rajashree Birla, Ms. Yasmeen Premji, Ms. Anu Aga, Ms. Chanda Kochhar, Ms. Naina Lal Kidwai, Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Ms. Zia Mody, Ms. Swati Piramal, Ms. Shabana Azmi, Ms. Mira Nair, Ms. Anamika Khanna, Ms. Ritu Kumar, Ms. Jyotsna Darda, Ms. Shobhana Bhartia, and Ms. Indu Jain.

“I am delighted to be part of the launch of She Walks, She Leads, which is a remarkable collection of stories about Women who inspire India. I am glad to see a book that acknowledges strong women leaders and their contribution towards the society, from various walks of life like business, art, sports and media. I believe that successful women must be recognized not only because they deserve appreciation but it also encourages other women to face all odds and emerge as successful and confident personalities. Gunjan Jain has a fine ability to express the finest nuances of one’s life for inspiration for all.” Says, Deepak Parekh, Chairman, HDFC Group.

“I have always believed that women have the ability to inspire change to make the world a better place through the multiple roles they play. Gunjan has beautifully crafted different roles of 24 women achievers in her book – stories that exemplify their commitment to excellence in whatever they do and which can inspire a whole generation of women. Congratulations to every woman featured in this book.” Says, Nita Ambani, Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation. 

Nita Ambani with Shah Rukh Khan at the Book Launch.jpg

After immense hard work and meeting with connoisseurs from all walks of life, Gunjan Jain says, “I am thrilled to launch my first book. It’s always been my dream to be an author and inspire people, especially women since I was very close to my mother. Meeting with so many dynamic professionals and writing this book has been a prodigious experience all together. Interacting with the women achievers of India and learning about their stories has been of great privilege. I have immense gratitude for them to take out time from their busy schedules to make my debut book a success.”

Gunjan Jain interviewed more than 130 heads of leading businesses and corporate houses, statesmen and professional personalities who have given their personal views on the woman achiever concerned. Some of the icons who have contributed their thoughts in the book are Mukesh Ambani, Azim Premji, Narayana Murthy, Adi Godrej, Kumar Managalam Birla, Narayanan Vaghul, KV Kamath, Sunil Mittal, Raghav Bhal, Subhash Chandra, Dr Shashi Tharoor, Sanjiv Goenka, Nandan Nilekani, Dr Vishal Sikka, KV Kamath, Ronnie Screwvala, Ajay Piramal, Anand Mahindra, Cyril Shroff, Vijay Mallya, Yuvraj Singh, Sonam Kapoor, Sachin Tendulkar, Karan Johar, Shah Rukh Khan, Akash and Isha Ambani and many others.


This book is written by a debutant author on women such as Ms. Nita Ambani, Ms. Sudha Murty, Ms. Priyanka Chopra, Ms. Chanda Kochhar, Ms. Sania Mirza, Ms. Saina Nehwal, Ms. Indira Nooyi, Ms. Mary Kom and many others who inspire India.

Nita Ambani Aims to Popularize Sports in India

July 8, 2016

Nita Ambani has always led from the front when it comes to the field of sports. Be it Reliance Foundation’s grassroots level football movements, the Indian Premier League (IPL), or the Indian Super League (ISL), Nita Ambani is extremely vocal about encouraging multiple sports across the country.

Indian Super League

Although football may not be as popular as cricket in India, Mrs. Ambani said that it is surely catching up. Referring to the ISL, she explains how the quality of players who have showed interest in the league has exceeded her expectations.

Stadiums in Kolkata, Goa, Kerala, and the north east of India witnessed a fill rate of over 90%. Cities like Pune and Chennai also have many people thronging the stadiums to support their favorite ISL teams. Nita Ambani said that on average, every stadium has 27,000 individuals in attendance.

Role played by Nita Ambani

Reliance’s association with IMG grants it access to the latter’s fashion, sports, and entertainment properties. As Chairperson of the league, Nita Ambani states that the extension of the ISL season from 2.5 months to 3.5 months would be highly beneficial. She feels that this would not only help more brands get associated with ISL but also give the teams a chance to sell.

Having gained experience from working for the Reliance Industries-owned Mumbai Indians team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Nita explains how ISL team owners do not expect a break even occurring in the initial years. Since football is yet to take off massively in terms of popularity and awareness, they are happy with how things working out.

Reliance Foundation

Nita Ambani-led Reliance Foundation (RF) lays special emphasis on sports as she believes that sports can facilitate better learning and encourage young individuals to foster bonds with team mates and grow as leaders.

The foundation conducts an annual sports day with around 40,000 individuals who participate in the same. Reliance Foundation also launched the Jr. NBA Program in 2013 to promote basketball. With the help of schools, it has reached more than 8, 00,000 youngsters across the country.

Education for All initiative

Each year, the foundation involves underprivileged children from Mumbai in the IPL matches. Supported by the Education for All (EFA) initiative, several children are invited to witness a live Mumbai Indians match. In order to facilitate a good experience for differently-abled children, the foundation also makes special provisions for them.

Young Champs program

Launched in 2015, the program provides full-time training to aspiring footballers between the ages of 10 and 14 years. In the first year itself, the foundation reached out to over half a million children.

The Young Champs program is a key factor in determining the future prospect of ISL. Nita Ambani explained how the training and scouting camps at grassroots levels would help discover the hidden talent in India.


Nita Ambani’s Reliance Foundation strives to improve and enhance the state of sports in the country. Playing an integral role in Reliance’s IPL team – Mumbai Indians, has helped her manage and lead the ISL more efficiently. She believes that the encouragement of multiple sports in the country would greatly benefit India in the long run.

Reliance Foundation Emerges as a Ray of Hope to the Visually-Challenged

June 28, 2016

Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation (RF) keeps getting closer to its goal of reaching out to people with every passing day. This time the organization went another step ahead by being of assistance to Bhavesh Bhatia. Mr. Bhatia, although visually-impaired, is exemplary for the free spirit and hard work that he displays.

Helping Bhavesh become independent

Bhavesh has not let his disability come in the way of his ambitions. Sunrise Candles is testimony to the same. The entrepreneurial venture undertaken by him is a major success in the making. When quizzed about the secret to his progress, Bhavesh attributes it to Reliance Foundation. Ever since his encounter with Smt. Nita Ambani, Chairperson of the foundation, Mr. Bhatia’s life took a positive turn.

Role played by Reliance Foundation in his success

Bhavesh Bhatia believes that the foundation played an integral role in the rise of Sunrise Candles. In his words, Nita Ambani and RF lit the lives of the many employees who work at Sunrise. He further added that the assistance he received from them, not only opened his business to the world, but also helped sustain the livelihood of 250 families of visually-impaired persons. Sunrise Candles is now a growing candle-making enterprise based in Mahabaleshwar that provides employment to 230 visually-impaired individuals.

Reliance Foundation-led Drishti

Reliance Foundation’s work towards helping the visually-challenged is further fueled by its initiative Drishti. This program helps donors reach out to beneficiaries and also manages the domains of organ as well as monetary donations. While there are people who are willing to take the leap and provide the gift of eyesight to those in need, the false ceiling of superstition still prevails largely in our society which prevents them from going ahead. Drishti aims at eliminating these obstacles through awareness camps for potential donors.

Reaching out to Pratiksha

One such success story from RF’s Drishti is that of Pratiksha. The young girl who was blind from birth received help just in time from the foundation. Today she leads a normal life and is working hard towards fulfilling her ambition of becoming a doctor. Pratiksha believes in helping others just the way Reliance Foundation helped her. Her life took a miraculous turn when she received two corneal transplants which helped her see the world like never before.

Lending a helping hand

While RF’s Drishti operates the cornea program, it also simultaneously lends help to beneficiaries by giving them a confidante with whom they may share their experiences. Sanjay, an employee at Reliance Industries is one such individual, who has not only pledged to donate his eyes but also volunteered to act as a mentor to little Pratiksha.

Nita Ambani has set an example for many by pledging to donate her eyes. So far, her foundation has successfully conducted over 14,000 free corneal transplants under the Drishti program.


Reliance Foundation aids visually-impaired Bhavesh Bhatia in his candle-making business. The foundation’s Drishti program helps restore vision to the visually- challenged with free corneal transplants.