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Reliance “Trends” a Growth Path

February 19, 2010

Reliance Trends, the retail chain that offers quality and fashionable clothing at low prices, is chalking out major expansion plans. The apparel arm of Reliance Retail is all set to expand its current base of 16 stores across the country to 155 by 2012 across 90 cities. Arun Sirdeshmukh, Chief Executive Reliance Trends says “You will see now and for the next two years, our growth rate would be far higher than any apparel retailer in the market.” According to senior company officials, with their incredible price offering, Reliance Trends is all set to revolutionize the apparel industry in India.

Conceived nearly two years ago, Reliance Trends’ mission is: to offer the common man quality and fashionable clothing at remarkably low prices. And although the company has had a slow start so far, it now plans to move ahead aggressively. Mr. Sirdeshmukh says that in the last year they have worked hard to create a blueprint for the next three years. From three stores in 2007-08 they moved to 10 in 2008-09 and by March 2010 they will have 21 stores. “Reliance Trends is probably the only format/retailer that has not closed down a single store during the slowdown,” he informs.

The main focus of Reliance Trends is affordability. At every stage of making a garment, they try and save every rupee without compromising on the quality. Right from sourcing raw materials to choosing business partners and designing, pricing is kept in the forefront. The biggest business for Reliance Trends is from the private labels and nearly 60 per cent of revenue comes from the private brands. Besides this Reliance Trends also stocks leading national and international brands.

Among the many exciting offerings from Reliance Trends are First Class jeans at just Rs 199. An anti-wrinkle business suit which costs around Rs 4,500 on an average is priced at Rs 2,499 at Reliance Trends. Among others, Reliance Trends also has a collection of technology clothes. These are fragrant clothes for infant, stain-free trousers, shirts and trousers with in-built moisture management and the like.

Recently, Reliance Trends was awarded the Asia Retail Congress – Retail Marketing Campaign of the year Award. So, with this new growth plan, approach and rapid expansion is Reliance setting new “Trends”.