Reliance Industries’ GenNext Hub Organizes a Roadshow in Bengaluru

May 8, 2017

‘Startup India’ initiative by the government has seen a lot of progress in making India a country having the ecosystem to support startups. The number of startups in India is expected to increase in the next few years. To help this growth, Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and Microsoft Ventures came together to form the GenNext Hub program.

GenNext Hub program

GenNext Hub program is a four-month long initiative aimed to accelerate the startup community in India. It helps startups to scale-up from a product or an idea to a successful company. It provides access to funding opportunities, technical experts, and mentors. GenNext Hub also launched a facilitating program, ‘Scalerator’ targeted to present the high-growth startups with growth opportunities.

GenNext Hub has its focus on technology startups working in the areas of retail, healthcare, telecom, media, mobile apps, messaging, financial technology, cloud services, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), or Consumer IoT. Further importance is given to technologies like machine learning, analytics, Virtual Reality (VR), deep learning, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Augmented Reality (AR).

GenNext Hub Roadshow

On 26th April 2017, the third GenNext Hub Roadshow was organized in Bengaluru. The event was organized in three tracks according to the different growth stages of the startup companies. The event saw 24 startups pitching to a panel of 11 experts across different tracks.

The first track had 15 alumni of the GenNext Hub program staging a pitch to various angel investors and venture capitalists. These companies were addressed by Naveen Asrani, Director of Startups at Microsoft, who urged them to keep customers close to the business as they are the first investors who believe in the product.

The second track consisted of RIL executives, who were pitched by high-growth startups. Senior executives from Reliance Retail, Reliance Jio, and RIL Enterprise IT and Digital Transformation were present. The startups in this track were focused in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), logistics, financial technology, nanotechnology, drones, and other technologies.

The third track saw young startups wishing to secure admission in the Summer Cohort 2017 program. These startups pitched to the experts and mentors of the GenNext Hub team.

The purpose of the GenNext Hub Roadshow was to recognize startups with potential and help them increase scalability, build a strong foundation, and expand knowledge and resources. GenNext Hub has planned to organize more roadshows in the future.

Statements of Sushil Borde

Sushil Borde, Vice President at Reliance Innovation Leadership Centre, is of the opinion that one should always challenge the norm. According to him, Mukesh Ambani led Reliance is a company that has reinvented global industries. More than just a growth story, it is an innovation story, he said. He stated that Reliance started challenging the conventional wisdom and startups should also do the same. He added that startups should remember that India is a value conscious economy and like Reliance they should develop affordable products targeted to the masses.


GenNext Hub, a partnership program between Reliance Industries and Microsoft Accelerator, helps startups boost their scalability. It recently organized a GenNext Hub Roadshow in Bengaluru to identify the potential of the startups.

Reliance Jio to Launch Advanced Products and Services in 2017

May 2, 2017

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio has hugely impacted the telecom industry since its launch in September 2016. With its free services, the company gained over 100 million subscribers in just 170 days of its launch.

The telecom company has always surprised everyone with its new offers and services. Some more services and products that Reliance Jio is likely to roll out this year are:

  1. JioMoney

The JioMoney app is already available. However, it is expected that the company will heavily promote the app, this year. Users use JioMoney for online payments and at some retail stores. According to sources, users will soon be able to use the app for metro tickets and at convenience stores. Moreover, the company will also allow users to manage all the payment receipts over the cloud.

  1. Broadband service

Reliance Jio is working to establish a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband service. It has already begun pilot project for the same. The company stated that the project would soon be expanded into other cities as well. The FTTH service will offer a speed as high as 1 Gbps to the users. As per a report, users are getting a speed ranging from 70 MB/s to 100 MB/s under the pilot project.

  1. DTH service

Reliance Jio will be launching a Direct-to-Home (DTH) TV service. The service will have more than 350 channels, including 50 HD channels. Users having Jio SIM, JioTV app, and Jio home broadband connection will be able to use the DTH service. The Reliance Jio DTH set-top box will be a hybrid device that will enable users to enjoy streaming services along with cable channels. The content will be stored on Jio’s cloud platform and subscribers will be able to watch old programs. The DTH service may also come with features like voice controls, and ability to play games on the cloud.

  1. 4G VoLTE feature phone 

Reliance Jio will be unveiling a 4G VoLTE-enabled feature phone. It is expected that the phone will have hardware buttons for varied Jio apps like JioMusic, MyJio, JioCinema, and JioTV. It is also expected that the phones will be priced between INR 999 and INR 1500.

  1. Home automation products 

Under the Reconnect brand, Reliance group will introduce a number of accessories. The company will be working on home automation products integrated with the Jio network. The technology will enable users to control the products from anywhere.

  1. Other smart products

Reliance Jio is working on the feature of watching content on one screen and continuing it on another one, seamlessly. It is making devices for the same. Moreover, the company is developing an app called Jio MediaShare, which will let users stream content on mobile phones from PC or laptop.

It is predicted that Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio will launch all the first four services and products, this year; while only some home automation and other smart products will be unveiled in 2017.


It is expected that Reliance Jio will launch advanced products and services like JioMoney upgradation, DTH service, broadband service, 4G VoLTE feature phone, home automation and other smart products in 2017.

Reliance Industries Limited Commissioned the Production from its CBM Field in Madhya Pradesh

April 25, 2017

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has commercially initiated the coal bed methane (CBM) production from its Sohagpur blocks in Madhya Pradesh. Presently, CBM produced by the Mukesh Ambani-led company is being supplied for starting the functioning of the Shahdol Phulpur Pipeline (SHPPL).

CBM production in Sohagpur

CBM production from the Sohagpur fields started on 24th March 2017. In a company statement, RIL said that the production will be increased in coming 15 to 18 months. It further stated that this will increase the output and make RIL one of the biggest unconventional natural gas producers in India.

In 2001, the first round of CBM block bidding was conducted by the Government of India. During that time, RIL obtained the license to explore two CBM blocks located next to each other. These blocks were Sohagpur (West) and Sohagpur (East) extending up to an area of 995 square kilometers. In the first phase of development, RIL drilled over 200 wells that were connected to two gas gathering stations. In the next developmental phases, RIL will drill another 600 to 800 wells and establish the required infrastructure.

Reliance Gas Pipelines Limited (RGPL) is RIL’s completely owned subsidiary. It set up the SHPPL, which runs for 302 kilometers. The pipeline makes a connection for Sohagpur CBM fields between Shahdol and State-run Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)’s Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishpur (HBJ) pipeline network at Phulpur in Uttar Pradesh. In a media release, RIL stated that the establishment of the new pipeline network enabled the CBM Gas fields to be connected to the Indian Gas Grid.

Government’s decision on CBM

RIL’s development came after the Cabinet recently decided to allow CBM producing companies to sell gas to its own subsidiaries. It also gave pricing and marketing freedom for CBM.

According to the Cabinet decision, the contractor has to establish a competitive and completely transparent process for CBM sale while revealing the market price for arm’s length sales. The contractor also needs to check that the best possible rates for gas are being quoted without any restrictive commercial practices.

In India, around 33 CBM blocks have been awarded, so far. Out of these, only four are operational. The four blocks result in a total production of nearly 1.17 million standard cubic meters per day, while the reserves in India are expected to have the capacity of around 92 trillion cubic feet.

The Indian Government is looking at ways to boost the production of CBM, which is an eco-friendly natural resource. Prior to the decision, CBM has remained trapped in coal beds.

About RIL

Mukesh Ambani led RIL is the largest private sector corporation in India. It is also one of the leading exploration and production players in the country. Its upstream business includes exploration, appraisal, development, and production.
Apart from the Sohagpur CBM blocks, RIL has domestic blocks in Panna Mukta and Tapti (PMT), Mahanadi, Krishna Godavari, Gujarat Saurashtra, Cauvery Palar, and Cambay Basin.


RIL has commercially begun coal bed methane (CBM) production from its Sohagpur blocks in Madhya Pradesh on the 24th of March 2017.

Reliance Jio Earned the Top Position in Terms of 4G Download Speed and Availability of 4G Network

April 24, 2017

The telecom arm of Reliance Industries (RIL), Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited has been creating a huge impact on the Indian telecom sector since its launch on 5th September 2016.

Reliance Jio’s download speed as per TRAI

According to a report by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), in March 2017, the average download speed of Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio was 16.48 megabit per second (Mbps). This was almost double of what its competitors offered. Theoretically, one Bollywood movie can be downloaded in around five minutes at 16 Mbps speed. TRAI gathered and calculated the data download speed on a real-time basis using its MySpeed application.

Reliance Jio’s challenge

In an advertisement campaign by a leading telecom operator, the company claimed to be ‘officially’ the fastest network in the country.

However, Reliance Jio challenged the company, after which, the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) found the claim misleading. ASCI asked the telecom company to modify or withdraw the advertisement by 11th of April 2017.  The company complied with the same.

OpenSignal report 

According to a report by OpenSignal, Reliance Jio ranked the highest in terms of availability of the 4G network. A statement said that OpenSignal’s testers found a 4G signal availability 91.6 percent of the time on Reliance Jio’s network. The company stated that Reliance Jio’s network availability was the widest and outstanding as per global standard. On the other hand, no other telecom operator in India scored more than 60 percent in OpenSignal’s 4G network availability tests.

A private company, OpenSignal conducted the survey in Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.  The survey was conducted between the period of December 2016 and February 2017. It claimed to have gathered information from 1.3 billion data points covering a total of 93,464 subscribers. 

Offers by Reliance Jio 

Since its launch in September 2016, Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio has been providing several beneficial offers to its users. Soon before the end of its free services, Reliance Jio announced the Jio Prime subscription in February 2017. The Jio Prime membership was priced at INR 99 with a validity up to 31st March 2018. Jio Prime members enjoy additional benefits as compared to non-prime members.

Even after initiating its paid services, the company successfully garnered more than 72 million subscribers. Recently, the company announced Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer, under which Jio users could enjoy unlimited data and voice calling benefits for 84 days. Jio Prime members enjoy 1 GB 4G data per day, free voice calls, SMS, and access to Jio apps on a recharge of INR 309. With a recharge of INR 509, the users enjoy 2 GB 4G data per day along with the aforementioned benefits. Non-prime members could avail of these benefits with a recharge of INR 408 or INR 608 respectively.


Reliance Jio ranked first in terms of 4G download speed as per a report by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Moreover, it also recorded the widest availability of 4G network according to a report by OpenSignal.

Jio Offers Discounts on AirAsia Flight Bookings and International Calls

April 18, 2017

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio has intensified the competition in the telecom sector since its launch. Post the announcement of its low data rates, the telecom company is now offering attractive discounts to all its users.

AirAsia offer for Jio users

Reliance Jio subscribers enjoy a 15 percent discount on AirAsia domestic and international flight bookings. Jio users may avail of the benefits using the AirAsia app. The offer is valid from 17th April 2017 up to 30th April 2017. Users may book the tickets for the travel period, 20th June 2017 to 30th September 2017. Over 72 million active Jio users would enjoy the benefits of this offer.

AirAsia stated that the discount is applicable to flights which are run by its India, Thailand, and other main units. However, it is not applicable to its Indonesia and Philippines units.

International calling offer 

Reliance Jio is offering international calls at a price as low as INR 3 per minute. Jio users may avail of this offer by opting for the ‘rate-cutter plan’, which is priced at INR 501.

It allows Jio users to make calls at INR 3 per minute to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Brazil, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Austria, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium, French Guinea, Malta, Luxembourg, Morocco, Andorra, Mongolia, Portugal, Romania, and Puerto Rico. Besides, the company is also offering a rate of INR 4.8 per minute for international calls to Pakistan, Argentina, South Korea, Japan, France, Israel, and Denmark.

Other Reliance Jio offers

Reliance Jio gives high data speeds to its customers at affordable prices. The company has received over 100 million customers since its launch in September 2016. It has retained over 70 percent of its users after making the services paid, this year.

In February 2017, Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced the Jio Prime subscription plan. Jio Prime members enjoy added benefits on regular plans. The Jio Prime subscription was priced at INR 99.

Under the Jio Prime membership, the company offers unlimited data, unlimited local and national voice calling, free SMS services, free national roaming, and free access to Jio apps.

Recently, the company announced the ‘Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan’ offer. Under this, Reliance Jio is giving unlimited data to its users for 84 days on their first recharge. At INR 309, Jio Prime members get unlimited data with a usage cap of 1 GB per day. At INR 509, Jio Prime users get unlimited data with a usage cap of 2 GB per day. Non-prime members will also be able to access these offers by paying INR 99 extra that is at INR 408 and INR 608 respectively.

Heavy discounts by Reliance Jio have been a major concern for the incumbent players. As per a report from Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia (CLSA), revenue of Indian telecom companies has decreased for the first time since 2009 because of the success of Reliance Jio.


Reliance Jio offers a 15 percent discount on AirAisa domestic and international flight bookings to its users. Besides, the company is also offering international calls starting from INR 3 per minute.

RIL’s Dahej Petrochemical Expansion Project Receives a Green Nod

April 7, 2017

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has been given the environment clearance for debottlenecking and expanding its petrochemical plant in Dahej, Gujarat at an expense of INR 13,250 crore.

Green nod to RIL’s Dahej project

RIL’s Dahej petrochemical facility is located in the Bharuch district of Gujarat. Apart from meeting India’s demand-supply gap of petrochemicals, the company aims to expand the facility in view of their regular supply of feedstock, sufficient supply of Shale gas ethane from the United States (US), and change in the government’s policy to prioritize domestic supply over industrial sector. A senior government official stated that on the basis of Expert Appraisal Committee (Industry)’s recommendations, RIL’s expansion project has been given environmental clearance by the Environment Ministry on 3rd April 2017. He added that the expansion project will be carried out within the existing plant area of 700 hectares.

The expansion will cost around INR 13,250 crore. Apart from this, a budget of INR 400 crore will be kept aside to conserve and protect the environment.

The power required for the proposed expansion project will be generated from the existing captive power plant. The fuel utilized for the Dahej petrochemical facility expansion project will largely be ethane, off gas, and lean gas. As per the proposal, RIL’s Dahej petrochemical facility currently utilizes a mixture of propane and ethane to make downstream products and by-products.

Due to the availability of Shale gas that is imported from the US, RIL’s Dahej petrochemical facility intends to modify its feedstock ratio of ethane and propane in the gas cracker plant. This modification in feedstock mixture will lead to a higher production of ethylene.

RIL also proposed to set up new plants such as Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride (CPVC), Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM), and a dedicated Ethane storage tank.

Mukesh Ambani’s interview with Rajdeep Sardesai 

RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani had a candid interview with journalist Rajdeep Sardesai. In the interview, Mr. Ambani said that if he had the enthusiasm as infectious as that of the current generation, RIL would be ten times bigger than what it is today. He praised the young generation and said that they are aspirational.

He believes that for the youth of today, nothing is impossible.  He added that young individuals strive to find problems and solve them rather than complaining, unlike his generation.

When asked about his hobbies and if quarterly results kept him occupied, Mukesh Ambani said that he does not think much about quarterly results. He is an avid reader and visual media keeps his mind focused.

Mukesh Ambani also shared that the first thing he does in the morning is praying. He loves nature and would like to take a few days off completely unconnected in nature. Recalling the old days, Mr. Ambani said that he still regularly visits Mumbai’s Cafe Mysore, which was his favorite food joint during his college days.


RIL has received a green nod for the Dahej petrochemical facility expansion project. In an interview with Rajdeep Sardesai, Mukesh Ambani praised the youth of today.

Jio Prime Members to Enjoy More Data Benefits

March 30, 2017

Reliance Jio is set to end its ‘Happy New Year’ offer on 31st March 2017 and begin charging for its services from 1st April 2017. The competitive rates announced by Reliance Jio have led to a price war in the telecom market in India. To attract more customers, the Mukesh Ambani-led company has introduced the Jio Prime offer.

Jio Prime membership 

A Jio Prime subscriber will be able to enjoy additional data benefits than a non-Prime member. Any Jio user can enroll for Prime membership before 31st March 2017 by paying a fee of INR 99. The membership will be valid from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018.

A Jio Prime member may then choose any of the available data plans. The prepaid plans range from INR 19 having one-day validity to INR 9999 having 360 days validity. Both prepaid and postpaid customers can enjoy the benefits of Jio Prime. However, postpaid users get an option of only 3 plans, which are priced at INR 303, INR 499, and INR 999.

To subscribe to Jio Prime membership, a customer can use apps like MyJio or JioMoney, or visit any Jio store or Jio website. The telecom operator is offering a cashback of INR 50 on the subscription through the JioMoney app.

Jio plans for Prime and non-Prime users 

A regular Jio customer will get 2.5 GB of 4G data for 28 days on a recharge of INR 303 while a Jio Prime user will get unlimited data with a daily usage cap of 1 GB at the same amount. With the INR 303 monthly plan, a Prime user could enjoy all the benefits of the Happy New Year Offer. Moreover, those who recharge before 31st March 2017 will get an additional data benefit of 5 GB worth INR 201.

The daily pack of INR 19 will offer 200 MB data to Prime members as compared to 100 MB to non-Prime users. At INR 49, Prime users will get 600 MB data while non-Prime users will get 300 MB data for three days.

The next plan is priced at INR 96. In this, Prime members will get unlimited data with a daily usage cap of 1 GB while non-Prime users will get 600 MB data for a week. As the rates increase, the data gap between Prime and non-Prime users also increases. The INR 499 plan will come with a validity of 28 days and offer 56 GB with a 2 GB daily usage limit to Prime members while the latter will get 5 GB of total data.

The highest value plan costs INR 9999. Prime users will get unlimited data for 360 days with 750 GB data at 4G speed while non-Prime users will get 200 GB 4G data for 30 days at this rate.

All of the Jio plans include benefits like unlimited local and national voice calls, no national roaming, free SMS services, and free access to Jio apps.


Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio Prime members can enjoy additional data benefits as compared to non-Prime users. The registration for Prime subscription ends on 31st March 2017.

Reliance Jio Partners with Ciena and is Expected to Have 82 Percent of Users after Expiration of Free Offer

March 23, 2017

A survey by United States (US)-based brokerage, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch revealed that a majority of the existing Reliance Jio customers will continue to use the service even after the company starts charging from 1st April 2017.

Findings of the survey

82 percent of the people who were surveyed said that they will continue with their Jio connection once the free offer ends. 96 percent of the ones who responded positively said that they will subscribe to the Jio Prime plan. It was found that the INR 303 plan was the most popular choice amongst these respondents.

The INR 303 Jio Prime plan offers all the benefits of the Happy New Year offer for 28 days. These include unlimited local and national calls, free 4G data with a daily usage cap of 1 GB, free SMS services, and free national roaming, among other facilities.

The survey was conducted online in the third week of March. About 1,000 random Jio users were questioned, with the focus being on garnering a response from mid-end and high-end smart phone users.

83 percent of the total people surveyed said that the 4G network of Jio is at par with other telecom operators, with 41 percent stating it to be better. This indicates that the level of customer satisfaction is increasing for the Mukesh Ambani-led telecom company.

In Bank of America-Merrill Lynch’s last survey, which was conducted in December 2016, 50 percent of users said that Jio was their primary SIM card. This number has now gone up to 66 percent. A majority of the participants even said that Jio offers higher and better data speeds, and reported a notable improvement in its voice quality.

With reference to the survey, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch stated that Jio’s popularity will make retaining high-end customers difficult for incumbent telecom operators. It added that their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) could get strained.

Recently, Sanford C. Bernstein also conducted a survey. In that, Mukesh Ambani led Jio scored the ‘highest overall on customer loyalty’. In terms of customer service, data speeds, data coverage, convenience, and handset choice, Jio scored more than incumbent operators.

Reliance Jio’s partnership with Ciena

Reliance Jio entered into a partnership with the telecom networking solutions company, Ciena. The US-based company will help Jio in improving its data speeds and supporting the increasing customer base with multi-terabit packet-optical technology.

The new technology will enable Reliance Jio to operate at a speed as high as 200 GBPS. It will also enable Jio to accomplish its dream of pan-India 4G network coverage. The deal is estimated to be worth INR 100 crore.

Mukesh Ambani  led Reliance Jio President Jyotindra Thacker said that the partnership with Ciena will allow Jio to support a higher level of data consumption, offer enhanced services, and boost customer confidence in the brand.

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Ciena, Steve Alexander said that Jio understands the needs of the present digital environment and will meet the increasing demands of high-speed data in India.


According to a survey by Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, 82 percent of users will continue to use Jio’s services even after the company begins charging. Reliance Jio has also joined hands with Ciena to offer high-speed data and support the expanding customer base.

Mumbai Indians Gets New Players Onboard and Offers IPL Tickets Exclusively for Jio Users

March 17, 2017

Reliance Jio is emerging as one of the biggest telecom companies in India. The company is promoting its telecom services along with a host of apps created for Jio users. One of the main ones is its mobile wallet app, JioMoney.

Mumbai Indian IPL tickets on JioMoney

Reliance Jio owner Mukesh Ambani also owns Mumbai Indians, a team of the Indian Premier League (IPL). The JioMoney app is also an official partner of the Mumbai Indians team.

From 16th March 2017, the tickets for home matches of Mumbai Indians at IPL 2017 will be exclusively available for JioMoney users. The offer will be open for the initial six days and would last until 21st March 2017. Post that, tickets will be made available for other customers as well. These bookings are for the home matches of Mumbai Indians, which will be held at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium.

The ticket price ranges from INR 800 for Sunil Gavaskar Stand to INR 8000 for Sachin Tendulkar Hospitality Stand. The prices for box tickets begin at INR 12,000 and go up to INR 30,000.

Home matches of Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians team has its home matches on 9th April with Kolkata Knight Riders, 12th April with Sunrisers Hyderabad, 16th April with Gujarat Lions, 24th April with Rising Pune Supergiants, 1st May with Royal Challengers Bangalore, 6th May with Delhi Daredevils, and 11th May with Kings XI Punjab.

The tickets for the match on 16th April won’t be available as Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation has booked the entire stadium for underprivileged children under its Education For All (EFA) initiative on that day.

New players in the team

Mumbai Indians has won the IPL twice. For 2017, the team bought 7 new players in the IPL auction. It has arranged a backup player for all the positions. The team retained the 20 players of its squad and bought new players for INR 8.2 crores. Mumbai Indians had a budget of INR 11.55 crores.

As a middle order batsman, the team got Saurabh Tiwary. It also got leg-spinner, Karn Sharma. In addition to this, the team brought onboard a foreign fast bowler, Mitchell Johnson, who had been a part of Mumbai Indians earlier. Besides, they also got an all-rounder K. Gowtham for INR 2 crores.

Akash Ambani believes that Gowtham will be an asset for the team. Other players added to the Mumbai Indians team are Sri Lankan all-rounder Asela Gunaratne, Delhi bowler Kulwant Khejroliya, and West Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Nicholas Pooran.

Mumbai Indians team for IPL 2017

The entire team of Mumbai Indians is led by its skipper Rohit Sharma. The other players include Harbhajan Singh, Parthiv Patel, Jitesh Sharma, Ambati Rayudu, Nitish Rana, Jasprit Bumrah, Mitchell McClenaghan, Shreyas Gopal, Kieron Pollard, Karn Sharma, Vinay Kumar, Hardik Pandya, Siddhesh Lad, J. Suchith, Deepak Punia, Krunal Pandya, Jos Buttler, Tim Southee, Mitchell Johnson, Lendl Simmons, Nicholas Pooran,Lasith Malinga, Asela Gunaratne, K. Gowtham, and Kulwant Khejroliya.


IPL 2017 ticket bookings for home matches of Mumbai Indians are open exclusively for JioMoney users for the initial six days.

Reliance Jio Collaborates with Paytm and Uber in Separate Deals

March 10, 2017

The telecom arm of Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Reliance Jio Infocomm, has joined hands with India’s leading e-wallet brand, Paytm, and with the global taxi-hiring service, Uber, for two separate deals.

Reliance Jio’s deal with Paytm

With the partnership between Reliance Jio and Paytm, Jio users will now be able to recharge their connections using Paytm wallet.

The service is currently available only for Jio’s prepaid users. The Noida-based company, Paytm, made the partnership official with an announcement on Twitter. The Founder of Paytm, Vijay Shekhar, addressed Reliance Jio and tweeted, “Hello @reliancejio, welcome!”

Besides Paytm, there are certain third-party websites that enable Jio users to recharge their connections. These include websites like RechargeItNow and MobiKwik.

Jio’s partnership with Uber

Reliance Jio has signed a deal with leading cab aggregator, Uber. The partnership will benefit customers of both the companies.

As a part of this association, Uber will enable its users to make payments for their rides using the JioMoney app, across the country. Users will enjoy exclusive incentives from both Uber and JioMoney when they pay for their rides using JioMoney. Both the companies said that the alliance will encourage cashless transactions while traveling and provide more mobility to Jio users.

Tariff plans offered by Jio

Reliance Jio will start charging its customers from 1st April 2017. The company has been offering free services since it launched in September 2016. In the first 170 days of its launch, the telecom operator received 100 million customers.

In a press conference held last month, Reliance Jio Chairman, Mukesh Ambani announced new Prime membership plans for users. The Prime subscription costs INR 99 and will be valid from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018. The registration for the same is open until the end of March 2017.

Under the Prime membership, Jio will be offering a number of affordable plans. Jio users will be able to extend their ‘Happy New Year’ offer at just INR 303 per month. With this, users could enjoy free unlimited data with a daily usage cap of 1 GB, free national and local voice calls, free national SMS services, free national roaming, and free access to Jio apps like JioXpressNews, JioMags, JioMusic, JioCinema, JioTV, JioChat, and JioCloud, among others.

Reliance Jio has a variety of data packs available at different rates. The packs start from INR 19 with a validity of 1 day and end at INR 9999 that is available with a validity of 360 days.

Apart from these plans, Mukesh Ambani promised that Jio will match the best-selling tariff plans of other telecom operators and provide 20 percent extra data over them. He also said that the company will announce several attractive offers for Jio Prime members.


Reliance Jio has partnered with Paytm to enable Jio users to recharge their connections using the latter’s e-wallet app. It has also partnered with Uber to enable JioMoney users to pay for their Uber rides.